Garfidelis comes face to face with one of Skyrim's most foul creatures.

I've taken it upon myself to put my own adult comedy spin on a beloved classic cartoon, recently butchered by angry feminists at HBO. Enjoy this sneak peek. The final draft won't have this song, because I don't have the rights to it.

Skyrim's favorite fat feline sings a Christmas toon about his holiday wishes.

Sharing my apple pie filling / applesauce recipe for the upcoming holiday season.

The communists know they have wronged the American people, but, if you vote for them, again, this time will be "different".

Why you no invite Luigi to your Mario party?

Memes are great, but, make sure you get out and vote this November. Making jokes won't get the commies out if power.

Kim Spa has messy feathers and he goes to the big city for help.

A small part of a longer video. Bitchute said the file was too big, so, the full version is on Odysee and Rumble.

Marvel has seen better days. Let's pick apart their latest WTF moment.

Gloomers gonna gloom. What's up, my Gloomers? In this parody of an early Internet favorite, a family of Pokemon learn about the perils of the modern world.

Garfidelis on his many adventures across Skyrim and beyond.

The protests in Holland, simplified.

Until the issues with my videos get resolved you can also find my cartoons on Minds, Odysee, Rumble and YouTube. I try to post one or two cartoons a week.

As sung by a paper skeleton in a nuclear blast zone

School has changed a lot since we were kids

Garfidelis sees no cheese.


The latest news from the war on Uranus

Lumpy Holliday princess has a new business model and she wants to know why no one is buying.

What I think when I hear the term "Bipoc".

There will be no new water pipelines or imports of foreign water in Bidhotep's America.

Johnny Sando is sent by President Bidhotep to Uranus... At least he thinks he said Uranus. It's hard to tell sometimes... Anyway, he is here and he is going to provide military aid to the Urainian people.

Unless you go into your settings and change them so that you can see NSFW or NSFL videos, you won't even see videos with swearing, violence or other spicy content. Even if you click on the channel these videos are on, you won't see them. Without changing the settings you might as well not be on a free speech site at all.


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