I'm going to get as close as I can to the debate. I've found a place near by where conservatives are gathering. I'm going to get in the middle of it and see what's going on. Man, I really wish my wife hadn't thrown out my beanie. I could use the good luck voodoo now.

It was fun but tense outside of the debates.

I just voted, early, but in person. The only chance of beating the crooked left is if enough patriots vote in person and leave no question about a clear winner.

Yes. In Nashville you can still go to a bar, listen to live music and eat and drink local favorites in 2020.

The streets of Nashville are alive, every time I come to town.

Another message from the Balor party candidate.

Vote for me or you ain't a troll.

I briefly go over the works of beloved fantasy author Robert Jordan, creator of the wheel of time series .

A great find, a scifi fantasy series by a talented but little know author. A true must read series by the woman behind Vampire the Masquerade.

Holidays, festivals, parades, gatherings and traditions. All of these things are important to the health of a nation and the development of it's youth.

One of the coolest things in Nashville is the mobile bars driving down the street.

Shopping without a mask is a beautiful thing.

So... I'm sure you are all sick of this running gag. Time to put it to bed.

Driving down broadway in Nashville, October 2020. Live music in every bar and restaurant. Everyone is having fun. It almost looks the the world never ended and the whole world isn't hiding under beds from the sniffles.

I reflect on ghost hunting in a five mile long train tunnel where 180 died in the 1800s.

The woman who became famous by playing a Greek is now outraging leftist... By playing someone who is genetically Greek.

You can't get New England, Florida, New York, Texas and California to agree on anything. Are we at the splitting point?

Honestly don't take any of what I say on this one as solid fact. This place has become.a legend in Massachusetts. It is known for barbarous treatment of the patients and was shut down and swept under the rug. The survivors have damage you wouldn't even believe unless you met them. I didn't see any ghosts on my trips to the asylum, but I could feel the creepiness and it was bad.

Pelosi and the dems are scheming. To steal the presidency. This is just my opinion, but I'm usually right... And humble. I'm very humble.

It's the perfect accessory and a key ingredient in the recipe for success. I hope you like my new beanie. It gives me the power of my spirit animal... A Thirtysomething , part Asian skate boarder, who likes to bitch about life. Gaze in awe and behold the majesty of... The beanie.

Berkshire county is known for tales involving fighting between settlers and natives and the angry spirits of those natives killed while being driven from their land.

Earlier I posted on FB about my intention to attend a Halloween festival down here in Tennessee. Rather than be happy for me, I was attacked and my page was flooded with hate from people I knew, back home in Massachusetts. They can't accept the idea that not everywhere is locked down and that some people are still living life. What can I say? If you want to hide from life, go do it. But don't force your choices on me, especially since I live in a community that has decided collectively to not support mask mandates. Life is for the living. Fear is not living.

I used to go ghost hunting a lot. In this video I recall my investigation into the legend of Camp Windigo. Full disclosure, the town of Savoy completely denies the events that led to the legend ever happened. Also, it's mostly been knocked down now and police will arrest you for trespassing if you go there.


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