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The cheese must flow

Plastic surgery is the greatest

Getting in on the steamboat Willie parodies, but with a fun twist.

Now you know.

Dungeons and dysfunctional Bureaucracy

Ugandan Knuckles knows Da Wae.

If you don't enable NSFW content in your settings, you won't be able to view jokes about sex, race or anything considered offensive in this modern world and you might as well be on YouTube. Even if you are subscribed, even if you click on the page, directly, the videos won't show up. So, remember to make an account and fix your settings if you want anything real from your biscuits experience.

The Dark Brotherhood sends their best to our hero's door.

When A game developer cares more about that sweet sweet ESG money than pleasing the fans...

Important information about Yakub.

A twist on a traditional cream sauce. A great topping for Lasagne. This was a first attempt for my new cooking channel, but it is going on here, instead. I hope you like fresh, from scratch food, cooked by a fat chef, with, maybe a few too many cups of wine in him. Enjoy.

Garfidelis comes face to face with one of Skyrim's most foul creatures.

I've taken it upon myself to put my own adult comedy spin on a beloved classic cartoon, recently butchered by angry feminists at HBO. Enjoy this sneak peek. The final draft won't have this song, because I don't have the rights to it.

Skyrim's favorite fat feline sings a Christmas toon about his holiday wishes.

Sharing my apple pie filling / applesauce recipe for the upcoming holiday season.

The communists know they have wronged the American people, but, if you vote for them, again, this time will be "different".

Why you no invite Luigi to your Mario party?

Memes are great, but, make sure you get out and vote this November. Making jokes won't get the commies out if power.

Kim Spa has messy feathers and he goes to the big city for help.

A small part of a longer video. Bitchute said the file was too big, so, the full version is on Odysee and Rumble.

Marvel has seen better days. Let's pick apart their latest WTF moment.

Gloomers gonna gloom. What's up, my Gloomers? In this parody of an early Internet favorite, a family of Pokemon learn about the perils of the modern world.

Garfidelis on his many adventures across Skyrim and beyond.

The protests in Holland, simplified.


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