Good chat with Martin Costello from the Brexit Party on the balls up that is Brexit.

Done before today's (18/10/2019) announcement of Boris' "great deal", which we predicted would be simply a rehash of Theresa May's old deal..........................

Check out Martins youtube:
and his facebook page:
and The Brexiteers channel:

Great chat with Gerard Casey bout Libertarianism Anarchy, and how it fits into this old world of ours. Topics brought up included the varying forms of anarchy, capitalism, pacifism, collectivism, the left-right paradigm, free speech, hate speech, abortion, and even about Jesus and religion, so all in all we had a good conversation!

Gerard Casey is an Irish academic who is Professor Emeritus at University College Dublin.
As well as being qualified in Philosophy ( University College Cork and University of Notre Dame), he also has degrees in Law ( University of London and University College Dublin).

Gerard mostly talks about political and economic philosophy, libertarian and anarchist viewpoints, and freedom of thought and expression.

Youtube channel: Casey in Conversation:

Libertarian Anarchy: Against the State:

Freedom's Progress?: A History of Political Thought:

Mises Institute:

Good chat with UFO expert Andrew Johnson.
Andrews website is:

Used some of Richard D Halls work. Please visit his excellent site here:

Intro song is: Hot Chocolate - No doubt about it

Great chat with Tommy Keyes, long time Super Saints fan, about St Patrick's Athletic Football Club and his return to music.

Album review and more info on Tommy Keyes music:

Article on my day out in Dublin: St Pats, football away days

Immanuel Godson:

My Streets Ireland:

Went to the Pro Life Rally for Life in Dublin, this July 2019. Met quite a few interesting people............Glenn from the Irish Yellow Vest Movement, the Count, Jay Q, Some Christians from India and Banbridge, Alistar an expert on Fluoridation..............also have included the excellent speech's from Niamh Uí Bhriain of the Life Institute and Dr Trevor Hayes a consultant obstetrician/gynaecologist in St Luke’s Hospital in Kilkenny

Count Richard Von Coudenhove kalergi:

Irish Yellow Vest Movement:

Jay Q:

The Life Institute:

Rally for Life:


Revival Movement Association:

Visit to see Athlone Town AFC V Longford Town, League of Ireland, 22.03.2019,  Athlone Town Stadium.

Game ended up 0-1 to Longford Town

Interview with John Croughan, a long time fan of Ireland's oldest team and was a well of information on all things Athlone Town FC.

Interview with Timmy from Seans Bar

Just some rambling thoughts from a man in a bog in the middle of Ireland! Turf Life!
(Filmed in July)
Bit shaky, apologies!

Music: Irish Descendants - Rattlin' Bog

Great chat with investigative reporter, Johnny Vedmore, on who Theresa May's father was and how he was scrubbed from (internet) history.
Amongst a short chat on Welsh nationalism and the Jeffrey Epstein case.

Please check out Johnny's stuff here:
Twitter: @JohnnyVedmore

And please have a listen to Johnny's excellent chat on the Richie Allen show discussing the Epstein case

Selection of some of my favourite Guinness ads.
Love the old Guinness:
Guinness Bar Crawl in Dublin:

Democracy in the Banana Republic: Joined by The Irish Megaphone, we take a look back at the most recent elections in Ireland. Viewing the European and Local election results and trying to figure out what it all means for little old Oireland.

The Irish Megaphone:

Newstalk article:

Had a nice relaxed chat with an Irish youtuber, Irish Identitarian, where we discussed what exactly Identitarianism is and what it means to Ireland. Other topics include abortion, the Irish as a tribe, the corruption in Irish politics, the green wave, the "alt right", amongst other ramblings...........

Check out his stuff at......
His youtube channel:

German Green Party:

Homeless in Dublin
Done a new tour that has come to Dublin called My Streets Ireland, and after had a nice chat with our tour guide Eddie.
My Streets Ireland:

Bell Centre in Darndale with the great Immanuel Godson to chat about his paintings, the art world, life and other musings.

Check out his youtube channel:

An acerbic look at the upcoming Irish European Parliament Elections May 2019

15:14 The South
51:12 Dublin
1:35:01 The Midlands and the North West

Myself and The Irish Megaphone get right down into the nitty gritty of the Euro Elections wading through the shite in the hope of any candidates that might stand for some good old conservative and moral values. We take a look at each of the three constituencies, Dublin, The South, and the NorthWest and Midlands, while at the same time covering controversial topics as 5G, Abortion, Freedom of Speech and more. Sadly we didn't have the chance to talk about chemtrails or flouride in the water.................but next time............

The Irish Megaphone:

As mentioned, George's friends in the EU

Great chat with the one and only Will Franken, politically incorrect comedian, satirist and contrarian. Topics include.....the state of modern day comedy, political incorrectness, The Edinburgh Fringe, Brexit and Trump, John Waters...........

Check out Will's website:

Will's Youtube channel

Twitter: @WillFranken

Nice long chat with the YouTuber, The Irish Megaphone, on the recent 15 demands sought by the protest movement, The Yellow Vests.

Check out the Irish Megaphone

Opening music kindly shared by TONY MAHONEY - PARADISE, for another of my videos but I am sure Tony wont mind me using it again. Check out his stuff here:

Great chat with Ben Scallan of Conservative Comeback Ireland, Civil Right Media, and from the new Irish political party, Irexit.
Irexit are looking to follow what UKIP achieved in the UK, and get Ireland out of the European Union.

Check out
Civil Right Media:

Conservative Comeback Ireland:

irexit freedom to prosper

Eat Sleep Work Repeat: You are a zombie
Some wise words from Richie Allen
Movie is Office Space
Underlining music: Faithless

Sean's Bar, the oldest pub in the world!
When in Athlone I popped into Sean's Bar to have a drink in the oldest pub in the world (According to the Guinness Book Of Records) and was lucky enough to have a chat with Timmy O Donovan who was kind enough to go over the history of it all to me. Some nice pints were drank too, and a drop of whiskey, all part of a good day out in the midlands town.

Sean's Bar:

A very enjoyable chat with Brian from the excellent website,, a blog dedicated to all things related to Brazil and football. (go figure!). Brian gave me the lowdown on how Brazil will do in this years World Cup in Russia and the general state of football in the South American country.

Check out Brian's website:

A very enjoyable chat with Tom, from the excellent new football fan site Worldwide Terrace Culture who over a very pleasant twenty minutes or so told me how England are going to do in this years World Cup!

Check out Worldwide Terrace Culture
on Facebook:

A very insightful talk with Sina, on the state of the Iranian national football team.
Keep up to date with all things associated with Iranian football on Sina's Twitter account, Iran Football @IranFooty, "following Iranian footballing talents around the world"

Great long chat on France's World Cup chances with Jeremy Smith from the excellent French Football Weekly online magazine and podcast show. Jeremy filled me in all I needed to know about this French football team, their manager, the players I should look out for, and the general chit chat about the state of the game in France.
Check out Jeremy's stuff:
Jeremy [email protected]
[email protected]

A very enjoyable chat with Serbian football expert Vladimir Novak, who over a very pleasant half an hour told me how Serbia are going to do in this years World Cup!

Check out Vladimir' stuff:
Twitter: Vladimir Novak @VNovak13

Great long chat with the very passionate and excited Souhail Khmira, who, amongst other things, is convinced that Tunisia will make the second rd............lets see


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