We finally get to deal with Scarecrow and a very large nemesis that broke the Bat.

Hey everyone. So I am here to continue with the game, and trying to build a small place, where I can connect it and make more money. I do hope I can get it done....

Alright, so we go on a hunt for Gordon. Turns out we have to save some doctors and learn of a dangerous inmate that will show us our greatest fear.

Hey everyone. Alright, so we continue with this game, as we try to find Gordon and rescue him from Harley Quinn. All while more surprises are in store.

So, after a few hiccups, I decided to bring this new region to a start. I do hope you all enjoy it, as I will continue to expand the world of Sim City 4

Hey everyone. I am re-uploading due to the lack of editing the long video. I apologize. So we are playing this game as we enter the madness of Arkham Asylum, if Batman will get out with his sanity intact or will it fall.

Disclaimer: I don't own Batman nor the main music. Danny Elfman owns the intro of the song, and the rest of the game Warner Bros.

Hey everyone, so I am noticing something really interesting. It seems that even cheating can only take you so far. XD Oh well, let's keep having fun!

Yep, just as you read it. It might be our finale...for now. Might come back in the future, for now though I will try to focus other familiar games, so stay tuned!

Hello everyone. Here is another let's play where I build more things, all while destroying things. Just some fun of it and I finally got my microphone! Yay!

Hey everyone. So I decided to release this other one. Had to use the laptops mic, which isn't the best. Hope you enjoy it as the city grows.

Hey everyone. So I managed to get a recording done, and it is glorious. Had the money cheat and decided to add all the stuff we need. Also, I won't be able to play Dead Space for a while until I get a new mic, so I might get another SimCity 4 game on a Sunday or so. So take care guys.

Hello everyone. So we started to try to cheat our way to the top, but I messed up a few times. Although we will fix that on the next gameplay.

Hey everyone, so I released this surprising video and I might expand more on it. So enjoy the video and hope to see ya maybe this week.

Hey everyone. I decided to drop this video as something to unwind and have fun.

Disclaimer: EA owns SimCity and all rights go to them.

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