Hey everyone. So on this episode, I do go a bit out of tangent on the future of my Let' Plays and streaming, while I dig around. Yep, hope I find lots of goodies and such.

Also, follow Subby Gaming, as he does amazing content. I will be collaborating with him in Best Two out of Three in the future.

Thank you all!

Hey everyone. In today's Rando Games, I explore a game based on a movie sequel. It is a very surprisingly fun platform game. I didn't expected that to be quiet honest, to enjoy a platform game like this.

As before, on March, I will release the Animaniacs gameplay. And also if you like the game, let me know and I will do a gameplay in the future.

Hey everyone, so today we are exploring in Gerudo Valley and grabbing a few possible items. I use a lot of the chicken to navigate around (Yes I know it is a Cucco, but I prefer calling it chicken)

Hey everyone. On this episode, we go and unlock the powers of the Community Center and we dig some more ores. I have a feeling I came out of it far different than ever, with that weird wizard.....

Hey everyone. I decided to try this new game out for a while called Flying Dragons for the Nintendo 64. It seems to be a hybrid of RPG and Fighting elements. It's a fun game.

I will also announce that a new Let's Play for Animaniacs will be up next month. It seems to be a positive reviews and response. So let's do it!

Re-uploaded due to me suffering from boomer moment.....really.....

Hey everyone, so on this video, we explore the Lon Lon Ranch and corral some chickens. We also grab some few items and a new song.

My friend Sub's channel:

Hey everyone. Here we have the second chapter of this bad fan fiction. We explore more of Harry finally leaving his home and arriving in Hogwarts.

Aunt Petunia, Author: @TrowasGirl87
Harry, Hagrid, Dudley: Myself.

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Harry Potter music from Warner Bros.
Pictures all rights to their owners.

Hey everyone. Today, I pick up my grown parsnips, buy more seeds, and dig, dig, dig. I also visit the run down community center, where I blame more on the community than anything for leaving it how it is.

Hey everyone. Today, we explore Animaniacs for the SNES. Here we try to stop Pinky and the Brain from taking all the parts for the movie take over the world!

If you enjoyed this gameplay, let me know and I will do a let's play in the future.

Had to re-upload due to lack of commentary and wrong video.

So, the question that I have is, would I finally get the heart piece that I need or will I wasted my time and money.

Find out on this episode of Ocarina of Time!

Hey everyone. Today, we give a nice gift to the future wife, which is Penny by the way. Plus we also level up after doing a bit of work from fishing to foraging. More surprises in store next time.

This is a re-upload, due to the lack of commentary on my end. I swear I am becoming Boomer McBiden each day.

Anyways, I am here to showcase this random game that I picked out. Every Tuesday I will upload a game that is random, good, bad, obscure, etc. I play the game for at least 10-15 minutes, if you like it, let me know and I will do a let's play for it. This game is a fantasy game, but a surprise occurs.

Hello everyone. Today, we find the next piece of heart, catch some chicken for a jar, and use the jar to get the piece we need, for the wallet. I swear Boomer Dampe is going to be a nightmare for me.....

Hey everyone, today I will fish for a while and gather stuff on a rainy day. Rainy days is a good thing as this allows me to save my energy on watering the ground. Hopefully you all enjoyed it

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Okay guys and gals, we finally move forward. We leave Hyrule Castle and head to Kakariko Village to get important treasures, a new song that brings the sun (how the hell is that possible), and also hunting for more Skulltulla Tokens.

Yep, lots of stuff.

Today, Cody talks about a way to speak to other respectfully and kindly to others.

In today's episode, we find interesting treasure, all while taking care of our crops. Is it just me, or does it make you feel relaxed playing it?

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Hey everyone. Today, we meet up with the princess who caused nothing but trouble. I mean, the sweet helpless princess who needs our help. Yes, that's it!

I am here to share a message that my friend received from the Holy Spirit. This message is strong, but there is hope. Every Sunday, I will post a video of my brother in Christ and friend where he shares the message.

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Hey everyone, welcome to the first Let's Play Stardew Valley. Today we learn we inherited a piece of land from grandpappy. We start clearing some mess, all while learning about the land and the people around.

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Greetings everyone! Today we head over to Hyrule Castle to meet up with Princess Zelda. On the way, we deal with owl, a red haired girl, and sunsets.

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Hey everyone, welcome to the Rabbit Hole Fan Fiction. Today Serene and I explore one of the worse fan fictions where Harry Potter is a Christian in a Christian universe...yes really.

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The poster was found on Tumblr....yes really.

More episodes to come.

If you are interested in reading it, here it is:

Hey everyone. We finally enter inside of the Deku Tree and save him from an evil being that is killing him, all while staying alive.

Hey everyone, here we finally release another episode more. We tackle through some enemies, then face our fears against Scarecrow and we prepare ourselves to go into Killer Crock's place. Here we go!

Hey everyone, welcome to our first Let's Play of Dragon Ball Xenoverse. We see our hero being wished into the world to save the universe timeline from an unknown evil. Will our hero make it to his destiny? Will Trunks move up in position? Why am I asking all these questions?! Let's find out.

Thanks to Dragon Bae Z for the idea for it.

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