Hey everyone.

As you can see, I have dealt with some number of unexpected deaths as I try to stop the invisible bot and face off against the sultan dude. I swear, I have lost count the number of times I died.

Hey everyone. Well it is raining, so I was able to get some gardening done, and fish around. Hope you enjoyed the tranquil of piece and quietness of the music.

Hey everyone,

So on this episode, which is short, we arrive and meet with a child Goron. We learned what happened to Darunai and all of the Gorons.

I also learn a new song and I ponder on how Gorons breed and the females and such.

Hey everyone. So after a week of voting, this is the results. I am using Ninja to beat this game. I do hope you all enjoy a big guy beating up a big guy and Leatherface 2.0.

Hey everyone. On this episode, all we do is gather more resources, plant them and be ready before the rainy day catches on.

Hope you all like it!

Hey everyone. We basically explore Lake Hylia to get a few items that are in the area. A nice song for the scarecrow, a golden scale, and a couple of hearts. After that, we head over to Death Mountain to find out what is going on up there.

Hello everyone. On this reading, Harry meets Ron Weasley and his family for the first time. He discovers there is more to the school than meets the eye and also has a small talks with Albus about Christianity. It does leave the question of whys and hows.

All rights goes to the respective owners of the story, characters, and music.

Author- JeMimiWatts
Harry Potter- Dark Sharingan
Ron Weasley, The Weasleys- A bot
Albus Dumbledore- Lady Sabre

I will update on where you can follow these amazing people in time. And thank you for enjoying it.

Link to the chapter:

Well, this is it. Have to take on against this large steroid looking Gumby and then face off against the final boss.

He is tough, and you will see why.

By the way, I will leave the poll right here on the link:

It should start soon, so be patient.

Welcome all. It is the first day of Summer and that means new crops, new games, and yet same people. Hope my relationship goes up and better place crops before more adventuring.

Hey everyone, so on this episode, I go into the Bottom of the Well to obtain a very useful item early on. And then I grab an upgrade item or two.

Hey everyone, so on this episode I face off against Lucius Malfoy (with karate fighting and fireballs) and face of Jacks 2.0 (two of them!).

This particular playthrough felt a little harder for some reason. Can't explain it, but nonetheless, was a success.

Hello Everyone.

So on this episode, we are finishing the last day of Spring. I am just collecting all the stuff I need to be prepared for Summer and talk about the crazy days of our lives.

Hey everyone. On this episode, I decided to run an important errand that will reward me an important item that is useful. A lot of speeding up and finding the people.

Hey everyone. On this episode, I continue with my adventures, as I face off against a robot that actually goes invincible and then this sultan guy who can put up a fight.

Hey everyone. On this episode, I just dig around, turn in stuff and talk about my daily life.

Hey everyone. So, before we deal with the next temple, we will try to get some stuff done. I decided to try to upgrade my quiver, hunt down large Poes, and go after a missed item.

So much to do!

Hey everyone. Welcome to Ninja Warriors: Where you pick one of the three robots to stop an evil dictator. We fight cannon fodders, robots, soldiers, and other weird things.

Hey everyone. On this episode, I dig deeper into the caves and I find some very interesting treasures.....what are the odds.

Hey everyone! I'm back! How's everyone doing? So on this episode, I conclude the Forest Temple where try to take out the Poe Sisters and then face of a dangerous enemy within the Temple....

I won't be posting any new videos for a week. So enjoy some of my content I have, until the following week. Take care yall.

Hey everyone, on this episode, we explore a very swampy place. And no, we won't see Shrek, but we will meet with turtles, crocodiles, and a frogs that guard the piece of Jiggy. Plus I unlocked a new location and found a interesting secret....

Hey everyone. On this episode, I decided to upgrade another item and start digging for more stuff. I feel better after Penny rejected me....I am fine...really...

*sniffles and tries not to cry*

Hey everyone, on this episode, I finally tackle the Forest Temple: A place that looks like a church like place, with growing weeds, Stalfos and dangerous ghosts. I just cover the first part of the dungeon.

About Stalfos:

Hey everyone. On this episode, I explore Clanker's Cavern: a place where a large junk shark eats Gruntilda's trash. Hope I don't drown at all...

Hey everyone. On this episode, we do a bit of work and get things done, before the festival dance. Once it starts, I ask Penny for a nice dance together.


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