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the P.C. police have banned the English Dictionary word, why not ban others as well

World is changing, new generation think differently.


Do not trust the teacher if what he says is not logical.

Shaman, Cacao Ceremony, plant spirit.

Supermarkets made to steal your money. Processed food.

Teachers do not exists. You are the teacher. You connect with the celestial realms. What happens when you leave a teacher. A variety of teachers is important, not just one. Looking for a new teacher. Skill help consciousness.

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Plants have been here longer than us, they are conscious. We live in a multi consciousness world with other consciousness but we think we are alone.
Minds :


Look for shamans that are humble. Titles are a cultural thing, if you refer to them by title they should refer to you by title.

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Many important people, presidents, prime minister, royalty are linked to child pedophilia. Secret cameras, underage porn, child sex training, blackmail. Who now has the information, what will it be used for?????

Cyprus bishop says gay people exist due to pregnant women having anal sex.

Church of Cyprus bishop Neophytos Masouras of Morphou said this at a primary school in Akaki.
Sexuality is passed on when expectant women enjoy the act.

He said: 'It happens during the parent's intercourse or pregnancy.

'It follows an abnormal sexual act between the parents. To be more clear, anal sex.

he uses '[Saint Porphyrios] as a reference.


Thomas Guy Greenwood and Javier Correa Correa talk about indigenous art, literature, cultural art, mixing cultures

Thomas Guy Greenwood and Javier Correa Correa talk on the history of Colombia. The lies in their History. The lies now. Death of the social movements.

Dance is shamanic. Dance to communicate with entities. Dance to the Music of Time, Poussin. Transform

Modern day computer magic is found in social media platforms. Ancient magic changed the will of the people, and today social platforms are doing the same

Matisse The Dance. Can Matisse's picture act as a portal to elevate humanity. Is the Picture Shamanic. Poussin, Blake, Spirits


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Getting out of the matrix with style