Never reveal you are human being capable of feeling empathy and has emotions to the radical left.

Greta Thunberg's message decoded.

If you believe that a bleeding-heart and left-wing guy like Russell Brand now belong to the evil white alt-right, you might want to start to consider that it’s probably you that has been brain washed by a totalitarian and radical left. Russell Brand is way on the left compared to a guy like the Dalai Lama who's considered to be a great humanitarian. So, if you want to be on the right side of history, you might want to avoid to associate with the same kind of extreme left that killed a hundred million civilian at the end of the previous century.

Huge Mandela Effect.
From the timeline I remember democrats was actually against racism. But in this timeline, they were actually the political party of the Clan.

How do you remember Joe and the democrats?
As the good guys or lying sociopaths and criminals?

Students BANNED From Public Study Center because of skin color.

What if Norm was the norm.
That would force people into start thinking!

The cult is still alive and well.
If you want to be among the righteous people, then stupid is the way to be.
Thinking and reasoning will only make you confused.

It must suck to be Joe Biden. It must be like winning a billion dollar on the lottery at age 97 when your no longer able to spend them. It's like when the dog finally catches up with the postman's car and sinks his teeth into a spinning wheel.

The globalist agenda is over!

The problem with the world today.

All Trump had to do was to step aside and watch the Democrats destroy themselves.
Joe Biden might finally have managed to cure the mainstream media from their Trump derangement syndrome.

But wait, there’s more.
Black Lives Matter might not matter to the Dems anymore!
But BLM has managed to unite the entire American senate which is something Joe Biden hasn’t managed to do.

I am so f#cking f#cked.. 😰

Boris Johnson willing to sacrifice British sailors to paint Russia as their enemy just to please the industrial military complex need to justify its own existence.

Visit the Grim Reapers for other simulations.


Solar kill shot.
Faith flipped the coin but we got lucky this time.

This video contains graphic content that might be disturbing to sensitive viewers.

Short story. The vaccine that was supposed to stay embedded in the muscle tissue of the injection in your arm as all other vaccine does has shown to be leaking into your blood stream affecting other cells all over your body. When the immune system starts to recognize the spike protein, we wanted to target it will attack the cells that are producing it, and that’s why blood cloths formations appear.
If you take yet another vaccine shot after your body has started to produce antibody’s both the lymphocytes and the antibody’s will start to attack the cells who are producing the spike proteins.
This is a mixed infection situation that has never been seen before.

Watch the whole report at

According to a letter disclosed by President Trump yesterday, Bill Barr pressed the US Attorney in Pennsylvania not to investigate the 2020 election.
In other breaking news, new data from Georgia shows that Fulton's hand count audit had a whopping 60 percent error reporting rate.

Check out Man in America at:

Dr David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich
There was no new novel Coronavirus discovered.
A comparison of the virus's genome sequence to all patent records revealed that it wasn't a novel that first appeared in 1999.
There are 120 patented pieces of evidence demonstrating that the claim 'new' is completely false!
It's a fabricated illusion.

The virus, the spike proteins, the mRNA vaccine, they're all bad news to mankind.
Almost a third of recovered Covid patients will end up back in hospital within five months and one in eight will die.

Donald J. Trump Delivers Remarks at a Rally Sponsored by Save America.
Published July 2, 2021

I wonder if the useful idiots of the left are going to wake up and stop working for the globalist agenda.

and you're next!

CNN has upgraded from Fake News to Blue Anon tinfoil activist propaganda.

Why the military industrial complex new puppet isn't as fun as the ones you find on Sesame Street.

I wonder if this would work the other way around?


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