Segirve är veärdlns fsnåigate lnad.

Andrew Milburn of Mozart Group confirmed that Ukrainian army is killing and torturing Russian POWs.
Ukraine is a "corrupt, fucked-up society" run by "fucked-up people" - Andrew Milburn
and some more revelations...

Russia is doing alright, and there's nothing western wishful propaganda can do about it. Sometimes I think our corrupt leaders must have been reading "the secret" and are trying wishful thinking as their strategy.
This winter, we're all going to be the Fonz!
Why would Russia want to pay for shipping and insurance for oil and gas to Europe after we blew up their Nord Stream pipeline?

Now we know why Trump refers to DeSantis as "Ron DeSanctimonious."
What is the meaning of ‘DeSanctimonious’?
According to the Cambridge dictionary, sanctimonious is an adjective to describe someone who acts as if morally better than others. Synonyms include ‘holier-than-thou’ and ‘self-righteous’. If you are a sanctimonious leader, then you are hypocritical in your piousness.
Yet another rhino and deep state plant to please the warmongering elite.

The devil is alive and well, and he's walking among us.
We have now officially passed the point at which there can be no doubt that we now live in an Orwellian dystopia.
You will eat bugs, own nothing, and be happy.

Security expert Florence Gaub explains to Markus Lanz that Russians have a different attitude towards violence and death.

There are eight billion people on the planet today, but I guess owning nothing and eating bugs isn't for everyone.

Plans to file 10 defamation lawsuits..

Biden Fetterman the democrat answer to Trump DeSantis.

What the western media refuses to talk about as we are spoon-fed deep state propaganda.

These are either crazy, stupid, or very brave men.

UK's been bad boys and are getting worried.

I wonder what this could be about.

It's actually sad that they're this far gone, but at the same time, they look very funny when trying to look serious.

What an establishment needs when it gets corrupt and its ideology gets hollow? It needs a change, a breath of fresh air to survive and get back on its track.

England's been destroying its NATO neighbors' property and has used humanitarian aid resources to terror bomb Russian aid workers.

The Intercept has dropped hard evidence in the form of text messages and documents showing the Biden Administration has been coordinating censorship efforts with Twitter, Facebook, Microsoft, and big tech to manipulate public opinion and to control narratives on racial justice, COVID, and the election in 2020.

Joe Rogan & Duncan Trussell

Forget about a green new deal when carbon dioxide gets trumped by galactic radiation. Only a nuclear war could speed things up. 
Don't worry about the World Globalist Forum; the Rotary takes everything to the next level.

How come that the search results from different search engines are totally different?
It's like if one of them were suppressing different keywords, but that would never happen. 
Because if it was, then the people who used that search engine to gain their knowledge would be living in a fairy tale that's been detached from reality.

I would love to see the fact checkers debunk this.
FALSE: The EU parliamentarian did not play the shell-shocked Ukrainian soldier; someone else did.

The situation can be characterized as tense, the general says.

After restrictions were lifted by the Swedish government, a news team from a Swedish newspaper released a drone to investigate the pipeline breach on the Nord Stream pipeline.


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