How nuts does this lady sound? Quite frankly it scares the shit out of me!!!!!

You need to share this with everyone you know!!!!

Great Rant by Owen Shroyer on Democrats trying to destroy American and how close we are to Civil War

Laura Loomer Exploring Running For Congress in Florida for 2020? I wish someone like her would run for Congress in Connecticut!!!

American's better wake up to what's going on south of the border!!!!

EMERGENCY EXLUSIVE Democrats Deep State Close To Taking Down Infowars

The War Room - August 9, 2018

I'll be uploading Alex's Shows Daily a way around the current tech purge

Real News With David Knight - Monday August 6, 2018

EXCLUSIVE!! Matt Drudge Visits the Alex Jones Show and gives a chilling prediction that is coming true as I type this...

Broward Coward County Sheriff Attends Islamic Event


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