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Got it to detect wireless radio frequencies to measure the incoming and outgoing frequency of every wireless device in my house and outside in the backyard.

This video is just a brief introduction into what is tailgating and piggybacking which can be easily explained with this short video clip. It gives the impression as to how politically and social constraint police departments and the intelligence community have been screwed by the different level of community organizing since at least 9/11.

Hopefully it doesn't result a pile of smoldering rubble like the last time.

Adbusters hates captialism but sells a magazine at Chapters/Indigo that uses the capitalist model to sell itself.

Liberals are literally contradicts of themselves but fail to see in front of them even when presented.

Liberals love to contradict there enemies and make damn sure to virtue signal it front of there adversaries

Pretty simple stuff to understand

This time I just used an arp scan to discover the rogue networking devices and microwave taps made from either Arduino and Raspberry Pi boards that are fitted with different electronic components from digikey.

Hijacking cellphone towers and using it for mind control seems like something out of science fiction but in my case, it's not at least not when you know a few things about radio's, signals and frequencies. Basement dwellers who play keyboard warrior all day long can and I do believe that some have mastered the art of community mind control, but the scapegoating is pretty easy seeing as these dwellers can blame the government for these specified abuses with a few clicks of a mouse.

By the way if you think that basement dwellers are unofficial employee's of the intelligence community there is that possibility or that there is the other possibility that they know how to cheat the system well enough to give people the impression that they are, especially considering all the weed these guys smoke.

After looking at the crimestoppers tips submit website I thought that maybe the process in which the general public submits information about certain individuals committing acts of crime or terrorism in a certain community. Might have there privacy violated by an adversary who either illegally wiretaps that persons phone with commercial spyware, pirated copies of finspy or a couple of homemade IMSI catchers made with software defined radios and raspberry pi's. Obviously not be confused with Harris corporation stingrays which are used by law enforcement.

I get that the left especially in Canada wants to keep cops and spies away from know radicals and criminals for vote buying purposes. But to have the victims and witnesses of crime driven to insanity doesn't really make much sense to me. Seeing as drug dealers who are practically at the service of the Canadian Liberal and NDP party do everything they can to keep the votes flowing from non white minority classes the types who would be on the cops and spies typical watch security watch lists.

Right so I am not allowed to send biological signals with my mind sounds about as dumb as saying I shouldn't be allowed to own a landline phone or cellphone too because guess those are signaling devices too that send not only biological signals from the brain through speech but also electronic signals too. So I can see why Islamists and the left might be virtue signaling and echoing these ridiculous statements at people like me through various communication methods.

So what these virtue signaling morons really want me to do is to stop thinking, breathing, working, talking, interacting, sleeping, showering, eating, learning. progressing, using the internet, using wireless technologies, listening to sound and pressing buttons.

My cousins private property was torched by some guy from the local Muslim community back like four years ago, who obviously had to virtue signal his destruction, hatred and contempt towards white people. Because clearly as time goes on when more of these people take over neighborhoods that haven't seen the social deconstruction they bring with them means that any attempt to blame for crimes they commit against white people will be met with stiff resistance. Then any white people who are victims of Muslims crimes will have the blame shifted towards them because it would not be very diverse if non white minorities. Are castigated as criminals because the Canadian liberal and NDP party couldn't possibly buy votes from those communities if cops and spies where constantly chasing them down.

So it's blame whitey for everything, wherever and whenever possible, at least according to left way of looking at it

Aside from the plethora of those who are constantly developing new ways to do mind control on a community level with the aide of technology like mindwar patents taken from possible place on earth off the internet, from the government and corporate world. Means that real domestic and international adversaries have a means to fuck with more people in more ways than one plus the community for such a thing is bloody hard to find. I would have to go to the deep web to find those answers myself like chat rooms that are only found on Tor, I2P, encrypted chat apps telegram and signal with dedicated channels etc.

Aside from the ingenuity of the left playing with mindwar patents and putting these devices in there own homes to mess with the current world order. They do in my estimation put these devices in there own vehicles to do the exact same thing with there homes to mess with the good of the people on the street as they drive through crowded cities. These people still do make them figurative to put in the homes and vehicles of there adversaries to remotely control the minds of there adversaries potentially driving them nuts.

When it comes to radicalism from my perception not one of these individuals feels that they have to be apart of the group long enough for that lust of internal satisfaction. They will jump from one group so let's say Anonymous to the United Cyber Caliphate, rip off the Guy Fawkes mask and then done a rag on there head to hack for ISIL. Stay of for a bit then fuck off back to Anonymous or stay off the radar of authorities so on and so forth until that person goes to another group to get off on the thrill of internal satisfaction.

Hackers are a lot like arsonists, if you think about it deeply enough just by observing the actions which speaks louder than the virtue signaling or words of that person's character.

Domestic surveillance abuse is not a government thing folks in some ways it can be but it's usually it's outside the borders of most government's say like Canada for example. Most of the domestic espionage done in Canada is conducted by say Russia or an ally of Russia like Lebanon or Iran something like that because my former employers have family involved in the Lebanon defense and security directorate and there civilian intelligence outfit in Lebanon. The other part of it is organized crime and terrorism running there own quasi policing and intelligence outfits that seemly work with espionage forces like Russia or an ally of Russia like Lebanon or Iran. Sure the narrative of the western left is going to be it's the NSA or CIA fault and whatever fits the victim narrative of the day because Stockholm syndrome isn't one size fits all shoe.

It never occurred it to me that illegal, independent and resilient gang made or what should be better described as union made NGO supported Mindwar technology that I identify as Mindware. Probably uses radio modems that are harder to acquire off the white market, but can be easily purchased off the gray and black markets. Means that there is a possibility that these Mindware networks made by the groups above to torment common citizens and the government from that tormenting of the human mind with these electronic weapons. Could use things like radio modems, like common wireless IoT devices like wireless routers and cellular devices like 4G/LTE routers or GPRS mods. That connect to these Arduino uno and nano boards which serves three purposes in one WiFi hacking, voice to skull and directed energy applications on the human body.

When you grab user statistics from different websites that sell and produce software products that are somewhat on the side of iffy then you get the impression that something deeper is going on there.

These fuckers think they can hack into something that I wouldn't even conceive of doing not in a billion years even if my life depended on it. But these shitfucks build there own mindwar devices from mindwar patents found all over the internet and then connect them to a radio frequency that is seemingly inaccessible to the general public unless there stealing signals code books from somewhere maybe that's how there doing it or whatever. At that this point I'm just guesstimating but anything is possible especially when the left and there political allies dominate everything in the world especially the internet of things.

Here's how it is I was born with something called Klinefelter's syndrome I have had since I came out my mother's womb. Nobody gave it to me and it's not some government conspiracy that people with extra chromosomes exist on god's green earth. My blood type is O+ and I have RH negative blood too so enough with the shit knots about some fucking conspiracy theory that comes from the minds and mouths of social justice warriors on a power trip.

By the way I am 100% pure transgendered and bisexual, if you had copies of my medical records and you where smart enough to understand the basic principles of science then clearly would know I am inside and out versus using drugs to try to read me like a psychic or mystic.

Because standing up for your own constitutional rights including freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of thought and freedom of association is so bloody difficult nowadays given the fact that Islamist's are challenging this notion of proselytization and that you can't believe in other religions besides there own version of Islam which is fairly extremist, political and social. They keep citing there own constitution which is the quran but you see that's just religion and not law especially defined by Canadian law and values.

Hypothesis = Theory

In Canada at least where the radicalization problem is so bad the NGO's and universities have played a part in socially deconstructing Canada into at least something resembling a Islamic state by creating own there stealth mindwar state to compete with western governments. So they infiltrate the system and work it against itself to create change in there favor but obvious need to reinvent and reinnovate mindwar technology to work for them.

Hackers in my hometown have way too much time on there hands and play with radio signals fucking with everyone especially the mindwar networks in the area. Where shifting the blame of someone else's crimes is about as easy as changing the coordinates on one or more radio devices then just continuously changing the dial to mess with one or more person which is clearly the art of blackmail.


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