The same yet again with my bionic ear and the amount strange feedback coming from walls in my house that have these devices used to project external acoustic sound waves at anyone in an enclosed space like house or other dwellings. I have done similar amounts of research where I have used my software defined radio to pick on the different levels of DB and RF feedback on a program called FreeDV where I could see the different color spectrum's read out on my screen telling me how much external acoustic sound waves where in my room whether it be my bedroom, bathroom and or computer room.

By the way I only use my bionic ear for research purposes and sound analysis only, never would I use to actually spy on some seeing as that's illegal under federal laws

Just like with yesterday's video I followed up with another thought provoking video in a slightly similar context to but focusing more on what radio waves can do to the human brain. I should note that the human brain isn't powerful enough to have a long range effect on anyone unless those brain waves are being carried by oscillating radio waves.

Can Brain Waves Interfere With Radio Waves?

It's Not Magic You Morons

It's called science, technology, reason and rationality I mean the conspiracy community is convinced that psychotronic attacks and mind control are government things. However my first hand experiences and research has uncovered that members of any community or neighborhood. Especially nobody's who can organize there own counterintelligence operations that shield the bad guys from the long arm of law by using victims of crime or witness of crime as human shields figuratively and literally.

There are other video's that I have made regarding these illegal activities where criminals will personate the authorities to keep a lid on the corruption they commit against people in large urban centers and municipalities over the country.

Hackers Will Personate The Authorities

Why Does The Left Need Anonymity?

A DIY Psychotronic Device

Western Culture Suicide

Bill C-45 Canada's weed legalization bill needs to be scrapped and repealed the minute a new federal conservative government comes into power. Because over the summer last year somebody whispered something to my ear when I was at work and told me that weed is supposed to weed guys like me out. Which tells me that the left is looking to use marijuana to depopulate people who carry unpopular political or social thoughts in there minds which screams totalitarianism and robs people of there freewill. Marijuana is not LSD by any stretch however over excess uses of the drug can cause the same effects created by LSD which takes years to show in conscious mentality of the people who use it.

Don't be fooled folks because I was at one time way back when I first ran across a guy named Darryl Anka on the internet claiming he could channel an extraterrestrial being from the constellation Orion by the name of Bashar. However after returning to the subject of channeling human consciousness and Darryl Anka it finally dawned on me as to how Darryl Anka might have been able to do this but the evidence of how he might be able pull something like this off. It's rather easy so as long as you understand how physics, radios, different applications of technology and last but not least psychdelics works to enhance the consciousness of an individual on one end of a synthesis (natural/artificial) connection to the other end with another person acting like a Tor exit node channeling out information from an encrypted network connection.

External Influences or Influencing From Foreign Consciousness Via IoT Devices

How The Left, Unions and Deep State Might Have Copied The Military’s Mindwar Patents To Make There Own Mindware Networks

Where Tempest Meets Mindwar

The Deliver Of Good Bullshit Stories

The Giza Pyramids (As A Reference To The Constellation Orion Used As A Selling Point)

How The Left, Unions and Deep State Might Have Copied The Military's Mindwar Patents To Make There Own Mindware Networks

How The Left, Unions and Deep State Might Have Copied The Military's Mindwar Patents To Make There Own Mindware Networks

Differences between technology built by the unions or individual union members versus technology built by defense contractors who have no part with the unions. The construction quality of these devices means that individual union members will use byproducts that are cheap from common hardware stores like Rona or Home Depot. Then some of these devices use computer hobby boards like raspberry pi or arduino which are fairly cheap and easy to acquire to which the electronic parts can be sourced from digikey and the SDR's come from other places on the internet that are roughly thirty to seven hundred dollars. Defense contractors source the material for the construction of there mindwar devices with the best quality parts from sources that the unions or individual union members can't access because I would think you would need a certain security clearance just put your eyes on them.

United States Law

Canadian Law

How The Left, Unions and Deep State Might Have Copied The Military’s Mindwar Patents To Make There Own Mindware Networks

United States Law

Canadian Law

How The Left, Unions and Deep State Might Have Copied The Military’s Mindwar Patents To Make There Own Mindware Networks

Bill Ottman and Mark Zuckerberg have two completely different ideas how about social networking should work. Besides the last time I ever used facebook was in November 2011 deleted my account and then stuck to using twitter until I deleted that service from my life around 2015/2016. So dear adversaries no I don't own a facebook account and stop telling me delete it unless your referring to my minds account but even then I ain't deleting shit for nobody even for you.

These homemade Mindware network devices use digital/analog ham radio, cellphone (downstream) and shortwave Wi-Fi radio bands to facilitate a level of mind control that devices used by government already do. However the construction of these devices can be easily detectable by a geiger counter and acoustimeter that can detect the high levels of RF and DB emanating from these homemade Mindware network devices.

The human race is not by any stretch of the imagination the center of the galaxy or universe, we are the rural milky way, buck tooth, cotton eye Joe civilization. That most other advanced alien civilizations if they existed would not view us as brethren but merely as animals eating ourselves or children learning how to walk for the first time.

It maybe a tad boring but nothing you do with your wireless devices can actually safe guard you from the bad intentions of your adversaries especially if gangs of these punks make deliberate attempts at driving around in your neighborhood to mess with your WiFi router which connects all of your IoT devices to it. It's probably a better investment to just run cat 5, 5e and 6 cable everywhere from a switch router in a room which means no more wireless attacks which is also better for your physical and mental health.

Ware (noun)

A combining form extracted from software and hardware, occurring as the final element in words that refer to a specified kind or class of software and hardware used to create a specific level of a(ware)ness for a (dis)organizational effort.








You have to wonder if this deep state non governmental mindware technology does have some kind of program that operates it remotely like a GUI front end or if it operates as a fork of a Linux flavor like Debian or Ubuntu as I have hypothesized before on my blog a few times before.

A Possible Clue

Just like with my previous video why does the left need anonymity I pointed out how left wing journalism requires high grade encryption to there conceal sources and protect identities. But right wing journalism doesn't require high encryption to conceal there sources and protect there identities which might seem odd if you weren't paying attention to the finer details. As for this business involving the left and there development of high grade encrypted applications and software for the very things mentioned above that only does one thing which it criminalizes free of speech and expression. Because if you use too much encryption for communications means your speech is instantaneously criminalized and investigated for wrong doing even if it's something as mundane like "you want grab something to eat" sent in a text message with say Signal or Telegram.

Encryption Destroys Freedom Of Everything

Hackers Can and Will Personate Authorities

Why Does The Left Need Anonymity?

This video is more about creating a level of awareness involving the underworld of hacking and how different types of hackers can mimic and personate national security agencies to corporate security companies. Who are in the business of protecting the law abiding citizenry from various types of electronic attacks on there IoT devices from adversaries who do it for a variety of reasons from political to intellectual to seek electronic domination over citizens who couldn't tell whether or not if it was the government doing it to them or a distinct group of adversaries under the banner of ISIL or Anonymous.

Security Researcher

Null Byte

This information is not intended for the criminally minded, it is truly about education because you cannot make informed decisions unless you don't what it is your making an informed decision about.

The left hates every form of freedom that is constitutional protected from speech to press applying to the both Canada and the United States. Which means if the left is going to effectively destroy freedom of everything they will promote privacy and anonymity tools to protect it from the long arm of the law. The same class that created those very freedoms in the first place to protect itself and the citizenry from external/internal threats to it's continuity and stability as a civilized nation from total destruction. Meaning that the left needed to find a way to completely criminalize all forms of freedom by encrypting it to which national security considers encryption as a threat to the public's safety. It's essentially the means to which the left can work freedom against itself in order for it to be destroyed making way for a dystopian totalitarian Marxist/Islamist state which we see now in Europe and more recently at the UN.

Lately I have been looking at website metrics for various Linux projects ranging from operating systems to source code repositories. From what I am seeing is this rather disturbing trend of Chinese internet users being very interested in the world of open source software. Which might be a welcome sign to those who are pro communist but open source is a free speech thing and commie's don't do free speech they do more "I Fucking Decide" than cherish freedom.

Tech Republic post an article on there site about China's emergence in the open source world they predicted two years ago. That China would take on large open source projects to compete with tech giants and other countries like the United States.

Mindware vs Mindwar Technology

Had to say something about this because every blog and online news outlet I read doesn't actually use secure drop or Tor to let people drop brown envelopes on media orgs and corporations. Unless there is a hidden agenda left wants to keep from the rest of the world including say the NSA. Tells me that these white washed Soros owned NGO's have there own established network of agents plotting destruction against a perfectly healthy society

Figured I would pull out the little mini router stick it in my room with it connected to the Shaw ISP router. Then just keep on repeatedly brute forcing the router and using the dispersing radio frequency energy field created by the brute force attack. To see if it has some kind of a strange relationship to the radio dynamics of this mindwar/mindware technology. That has been plaguing my good conscience and conscious heavily for the last few years. Then pulled out an older computer of mine that has the digital amateur radio program FreeDV. To pick up on the rally scattered radio frequencies that float around in my house from inside and outside.

The results where pretty interesting and as I was typing out something on my computer changing the wordlist file. To accommodate something like a hidden message that could be broadcasted and picked up by a nearby radio attenuation device or the human brain. What sounded like a woman's voice coming out of my older computer running FreeDV told me what this WiFi radiation effect can really do. That with an open mind you can actually communicate with someone's mind on a channel dedicated to sending a internet radio attenuated signals.

I have come to realize that most of these declassified CIA mind control documents that where issued because a plethora of FOIA requests from the social justice left. They only wanted these documents to justifiably revolt against the west. Invent there own version of a mind control program on a community level to have wars between neighborhoods, flood the borders with migrants and work the system against itself. This not a government conspiracy but it's merely a political revolution carried out by Islamists and the western left/far left.

Just a side note that found interesting when I was talking with a classmate about psychedelics and dangerous it poses to a person's mental health. If someone where to give a person deliberate overdoses of say LSD it can cause that person to become clinically insane or schizophrenic and so on and so forth.


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