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From 1993 way back before the internet had an impact on people's individual perceptions

So if one was to examine the differences of thought existing in Islamic circles versus that of those in more Western circles who encompass Western values, philosophies and principles. Then the perceptions would garner a different result depending on circumstances of each individual whether they be suspected of terrorism related offenses or conspiracy to commit terrorism related offense. However the word terrorism is a broad statement made by officials who label things that aren't in line with the status quo. But the word used to describe terrorism which is by definition:

“The Unlawful Use Of Violence and Intimidation, Especially Against Civilians, In The Pursuit Of Political Aims.

But the unreformed religion of Islam consistently takes the above definition and applies it to every second or fourth verse in the Quran. The strange thing about the Quran is that for every peaceful passage there is a violent passage that contradictions the peaceful passage then the cycle repeats itself.

Deradicalization from the perspective of a faux moderate or an Islamist would be considered a form of radicalization from the perspective of a non Muslim or a true “non faux” moderate Muslim. Who embraces Western values, philosophies and principles on top of certain aspects of Islamic values which are peaceful and nonviolent.

Radicalization from the perspective of a non Muslim or a true “non faux” moderate Muslim would be considered a form of deradicalization from the perspective of a faux moderate or an Islamist. Who embraces Islamic values on top of certain aspects of the doctrine of armed jihad. Which means that the contradictory beliefs of faux moderates and Islamists stand to create more radicals rather than less.

It's a religion of overt peace and covert war or overt war and covert peace as someone once told me most of Islam's religious leaders are at PEACE with the "kuffar" or the non Muslims but are also at WAR with the "kuffar" or the non Muslims. So the typical statement that Islam is a religion of peace is a double ended word for war and peace or peace and war.

A better explanation can be found in dystopian science fiction novels like 1984 or animal farm written by George Orwell or Eric Blair

The Old Guy In The Video Backmasked Says I Am "Allah" and I'm Here To Save You Which Tells Me There Quite A Bit Of VLF Wave Propagation Going Through This Guy's Mind

The smallest government will always end up being the largest

The smallest government will always end up being the largest

Human right is the key towards independence, rather than being enslaved by interdependence with violates the concept of human rights

In order for transparency to occur you need a proper feedback loop to ensure government stays accountable

Equality is pro individualist and Inequality is pro collectivist

To be coerced is to be used by people not known to you who don't have your best interests at heart and only have there's interests in mind.

I stand firmly against the concept of collective group rights and prefer the ideal of individual rights. Because group supremacy enables victim mentality to which the group plays the victim card in order to give themselves a special set of rights therefore eliminating whole purpose of equality under law .

If you away take a persons right defend themselves, they will be defenseless against social parasites

Think of it like a philosophical argument between a nationalist who could be considered a individualist and a globalist who is the collectivist.

Public education beats the creativity out of kids and destroys there individuality then they are essentially mindless collectivist drones the rest of there lives.

Here's An Exercise For The SJW Left If There So Interested In Targeting Fascists, Racists and Islamophobes. They Should Just Beat The Shit Out Of Themselves Saves The Police The Time and Physical Labour To Do It For Them.

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

The Left's Thought Police Aka ANTIFA Likes To Attack The Market Place Of Ideas and Expressive Thought

The Left Creates Islamofascism Then The Left Complains About It But They Blame The Right and Islamophobia For The Problems They Invented In The First Place Because Of Islamofascism and There Partnership With Islamists.

Mirrored From The Rubin Report

Islamophobia Should Be Identified As Islamofascism Here's Why:

Moderate Non Faux Muslims Are At Peace The West and Non Muslims.

Faux Moderates and Fundamentalist Muslims Are At War With The West and Non Muslims.

The Political Right Is With Allied Moderate Non Faux Muslims Who Are At Peace With The West and Non Muslims.

The Political Left Is Allied With Faux Moderates and Fundamentalist Muslims Who Are At War With The West and Non Muslims.

The Political Left Is Studying How Islamophobic Canada Really Is But Failed To Realize That There Primarily Responsible For Protecting The Ideology That Is Practiced By Faux Moderates and Fundamentalist Muslims. That Have On Record Contributed To The Rising Tide Of Militant Islamists and Political Islam That Feeds Into Militant Islam.

The Political Right and There Allies Moderate Non Faux Muslims Have Been Accused Of Being Highly Islamophobic By The Left and The Non Fauxs Have Gotten The Finger Pointed At Them For Not Being Muslim Enough By Faux Moderates and Fundamentalist Muslims.

The Left Contributes To Islamofascism and The Right In Response To The Lefts Contribution To Islamofascism Becomes Highly Islamophobic By The Lefts Standards Because Of The Destructive Impact Of Islamofascism.

Informants Are Paid Criminals, Militants and Radicals Who Work To Create More Work For There Handlers Which Does Nothing To Prevent Criminal, Militant or Radical Activities Domestically or Internationally. The Bloggers Model Ensures A Better Result Without The Hassle Of Gangs, Islamist, Radical or Political Interferences Blocking Out Important and Crucial Information That Could Ensure Continuity Of Government Is Maintained.

What Most People Don't Understand Is The Main Style Of Training For Most Military Recruits Is Freudian Based Psychology.

Signs Of The Times Or Just More Taqiyya For The Cameras?

LSD Opens Up Dormant and Segregated Regions Of The Human Mind. However I Suspect That Under Certain Circumstances Those Who Receive Doses Of The Drug Can Be Depending On Environment They Reside Or Work In Could Very Likely Social Engineer Them To Become Psychopaths In A Slow Deliberate Fashion.


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