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Came across another who seemed to feel the same way about the world that I do. However, it was an infant, a baby. Well, that's okay. At least I know I'm not alone in my confusion/wonder/shock/displeasure etc etc.

We must reach out to each other instead of turning to these non-profits who ignore input from actual people on the Spectrum.

AUTISM IS FOREVER. So-called 'symptoms' NEVER go away, some of us only learn to cover them up while in public. We are trained to behave differently. So to an uneducated outsider, we appear to be 'symptom free', while inside we are suffering even more than before our 'training'.

- Suicidal Thoughts 10 Times More Likely in Adults With Asperger’s

- Suicidal Thoughts Alarmingly Common In People With Autism

The Suicide Epidemic Among High-functioning Persons with Autism

Data is from The British Journal of Psychiatry Paper: Premature mortality in autism spectrum disorder

LINK to data:

If I had ten boxes of this pizza, I would happily eat them for every meal every day until they were gone. Sure, this is not very healthy. But, it is easy. And when I am in "Energy Save Mode", this is one of my best options to help stave off Overload. Finding food and preparing food for every &*&ing meal is extremely annoying and draining for me. This is only one of the reasons I will eat the same thing, if there is a lot of it, for every meal.

I find my physical form a cumbersome annoyance I've been stuck with. This primary dislike of physicality perhaps bleeds out into a distaste and impatience with the entire material world itself.

I think Aspies and elderly people are a lot more similar than most people would think. We both: Like routines & may get upset if it's disrupted, prefer quiet calm atmospheres with low lighting, jump or get upset at loud sounds, have little to no verbal filter, do not seem to care so much about social conventions or what people 'might think', are not fond of having a bunch of people around and prefer to be with more intimate groups, may have some sensory issues, are prone to be tired of our physical bodies and more..

Lots of Aspies can "pass" for NT, and quite well I must say. I do it so well, that when one of my Aspie traits breaks through, people think I'm completely insane rather than believe that I'm on the Autism spectrum. Several behavioral aspects of mine can give me away as being autistic, and issues surrounding food is one - especially if I start yelling about it...

Just a heads up about, and a thank you for the video "This Is Autism" from They Mighty. Happy tears!

Intellectual Death By A Thousand Cuts

Loud Laugh Alert (Just one)
BCE / CE = BCE means Before the Common Era
CE means In the Common Era
I use this form of date rather than one below

BC / AD = BC means Before Christ
AD means After Christ or Anno Domini (in the year of our lord)

Is Aspergers a real "DISORDER"? Or, is it only a disorder because people do not like the way we speak, think, and act?

Dr. Greenberg explains arbitrary nature of the DSM, by saying that Aspergers was "Uninvented" in the DSM-5.


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