Here is my take on the Jim Acosta incident.....yes he should have his press pass revoked for a few days. CNBC:

In this episode of Thoughts By J, I am talking about the concern I have in a social media platform that advocates for “free speech” getting no-platformed. I understand that Paypal, Stripes Inc., Google, Apple, etc. are private companies, but when do these private companies that are virtual monopolies go too far? I do not agree with the shooter or his views, but I do support the free speech he had so his views could be challenged. I just joined this last week before the shooting, and if I had found his page, I would have challenge him though I doubt I would have changed his mind.

We have to move from our extreme positions and move to the table to compromise. I know easier said than done.



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Twitter Perilous for Journalists?

Is Twitter dangerous for journalists? NBC News writer Dylan Byers seems to think so. Is it just dangerous for journalists or is it dangerous for anyone? As I read through this article it has clear tones for a left bias, but it does challenge (if vainly) some of the leftist bias. I have come to the conclusion….


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Tim Blake is being suspended from Twitter (again). The reason for avoiding a previous suspension. What as the previous suspension for? Abuse, but no specifics given. Tim's vid:

Discussing Alex Jones


n American's view on some new proposals to the UK political landscape. Sargon of Akkad: BBC News: Study: UKIP:

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Happy 4th of July or Independence Day

Just a quick rant about a discussion question in class

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