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Newsom passed a law on April 1 2024 that he decided he did not have to follow himself. King Newsom should certainly be exempt from his own decrees. And it looks like he is.

This is what the city of Seattle and its people have devolved into during the past four years. What a bunch of degenerates. I get a front row seat to watch that sick godless city crash and burn. I will be sure to munch on popcorn while I watch.

It looks like my decision to move to Post Falls, Idaho is the correct one.

Video credit: News For Reasonable People YouTube channel

If Starbucks is willing to do this, clearly they do not want your money or your business if you believe in God, consider yourself a Christian, or do not worship the LGBTQ community. They must be boycotted, period, full stop. I did not visit Starbucks that often prior to hearing about this, but after hearing about it they will never receive another thin dime from me. ūüėí

They have driven up the cost of housing by as much as 30 to 40 percent in under five years. They love preaching at all of us about how we should be more tolerant and accepting of wickedness and evil. Let's see how tolerant and accepting they are while they get robbed

Don't we all just love us some Shapiro? I know I do. He is the personification of old world charm and grace.

Faggot Jay Inslee signs Senate Bill 5462 into law, requiring all schools in this state teach LGBTQIA+++--- curriculum to kids beginning at the age of five. Yes, I knew ahead of time he would gleefully sign it. Screw him and everyone who supported this bill.

A woman whose net worth is close to $100 million has some financial advice that I am sure we can all relate to!!

Update four months and one week into giving up daily coffee after 20 plus years of addiction to said substance.

The popular Christian music artist was recently forced to cut a live show short due to what was described as atrial fibrillation. As of now, he is bedridden in a hospital recovering from, apparently not his first, heart surgery since he got vaccinated.

They will just never stop, will they? The mainstream media is continuing to try to convince us all that if we are just renters, not homeowners, we should hang our heads in shame and flagellate ourselves

UPDATE : The media and the various pro LGBTQ organizations have been exposed as the pack of liars they are. Their fake narrative has fallen apart, and now the truth has come out that no, this was not an "anti trans hate crime." No, they cannot blame Ryan Walters or anyone else they hate for this now. I am sure they big mad.

My last video about Mr. Foxx was done nine months ago soon after his initial Covid vaccine injury. Now, all these months later the mainstream media claims that Foxx asked a room full of people, "Was it like this before I passed away?" Huh?

I've only seen this guy's YouTube a handful of times, but in this video, he gives us a nice little piece of clear cut Agenda 2030 propaganda. His YouTube has nearly a million subs. How much did he get paid to make this?

First, Jay Inslee slapped a $7,000 per firearm fine on every licensed gun seller who sold a firearm with more than 10 rounds in its magazine. Now, he and his cronies want to make it so expensive to operate a gun shop in this state that the majority of sellers will be driven out of business in the next two years, or they will just have to move their businesses to other locations. This really boils my blood, even though I don't even intend to stay here for much longer.

Here is Klaus Schwab, the leader of the World Economic Forum, being the consummate funnyman, working the room like only he can do.

If this guy Danica Roem is such a big baby that he stomps out of a Senate chamber simply because someone referred to him as "sir", he should be back in a kidnergarten classrroom playing with alphabet blocks.

Dr. Lewis Bruggeman, a well off, presumably millionaire professional, does not want to leave his $16 million mansion, even though there is a chance the house could literally fall off the cliff it is situated on right into the ocean. Is this greed, materialism, pride, or a combination of all three?

I am exhausted and fatigued. My body feels sore. I have stomach cramps and pains, and bizarre dreams. That is where I am at right now in my caffeine withdrawal journey. No, I do not feel horrible, but these symptoms certainly are not anything pleasant to have. Prior to quitting I had been drinking coffee since high school. For years and years I felt I could not live, work, stay awake without it. But I can.

I appreciate you taking the time to view this btw.

Maybe I should have noticed some of the warning signs that this would happen sooner, but I am not some kind of all knowing, all seeing omnipotent being, I am just a human being like anyone else.

After my family member did this to me, it appears our years long relationship is over.

Ms. Barbara Lee would like the minimum wage in California raised to $50 per hour. Under this proposal, businesses would fold, small businesses in particular. Housing costs would shoot up from $750,000 + , which is astronomically high already, into the millions, in the corrupt state of California.

This is very, very strange in my humble opinion. Also, when the young Taylor Swift fan died of "heat exhaustion" on November 17 2023, Swift then met with Ana Benevides' family afterwards, while strangely dressed in a red sparkly swimsuit, which seems a bit disrespectful. Could she not have dressed more tastefully than that during her meeting and posing for photos with them?

Jessica and Colin Stokes, a rich couple from Massachusetts, are doing the right thing. They are opening up their home and letting all the illegals come flooding in. They are doing what the politicians who let all these people sneak across the border won't ever do.

The homeless encampment known as Tent City 4 spent seven months or so in the suburb of Issaquah, a rather wealthy place. In January 2024, the residents moved out of the tents into this Motel 6 in Kirkland, WA, paid for by a nonprofit agency known as the Low Income Housing Institute. Motel 6 is the least expensive hotel we have, but it is not a terrible place. They remained there for a month before being transitioned into permanent housing. No, the mainstream media here has not told anyone this had happened. So, I drove the 15 -20 miles to the Issaquah suburb, only to find the Lutheran church was no longer hosting them. The church worker told me they had relocated to this Motel 6 in Kirkland, where I then went. I was informed by the staff and one of the residents that LIHI had placed them all into permanent housing.

This winter has been rather brutal. This is me, recording my recent findings in front of the motel 6. The most recent information I can find is from a year ago

I drank my first cup of coffee when I was in high school and for many years, like so many people, was extremely addicted to it. Late last year, I gave it up. I did so bit by bit. Starting out with mostly decaf with a bit of caf in it, to wean myself off of it slowly. Three months later, I actually made it through a day of work with no decaf at all, just hot chocolate. When a person gives up cigarettes, they must go completely cold turkey with lozenges and gum or it won't work. Done that as well.

Every now and again, I watch some of his content on YouTube. Ever since I have begun watching, I figured that since he is able to do all this traveling around the country, he must have money. Traveling is not free, after all. And, here he is asking for money so that he can buy a house. With his considerable net worth, why can he not do that? He probably wouldn't even need to take out a loan. You have money, so stop with the pretending to be broke.


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