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Jumping puzzles. Love them or hate them, they have to be done... And this is a tall one!

Pixellated mayhem!

We go and play in traffic. Don't do this at home kids!

Running round in an alien tank. If it stands still, shoot it. If it moves, shoot it till it stands still then shoot it again.

Dealing with alien controlled flashpoints, virus collection missions and the inevitable warden visit.

Dealing with an alien controlled 'hot spot', a visit by a warden and learning our first super power - Freeze Blast.

Security NPC's in SR4 wear what you might call 'strange' uniforms. I've seen them as toilets and all sorts of oddities. In this mission, we get a question mark to take down!

Racing against the clock in Saints Row 4.

Kinsey has a couple of jobs for 'The President.' We're off to Planet Zin for a change of clothing and then 'borrowing' a car to take to the local garage to customise.

The first couple of missions are a sort of tutorial where we pick up our first weapon and are introduced to part of the interface.

The third part of what serves as an introduction to SR4. We're trapped in a pleasant little town with annoyingly happy people and have to cause mayhem to escape. This is the last 'railroaded' part of the game, where you have to follow a predetermined path so, as before, no pointless commentary!

The second part of the introductory 'sequence' in Saints Row 4. This one takes place after character creation. I decided to create a female character this time. She's the president of the United States (!) when the planet is attacked by the Zin. Again, no commentary since there's no real player 'control' here - you just go where you're told, kill a few aliens and go along with it.


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I'm a gamer and I live in one of what are known as 'The Three Counties' in the UK, hence the name...
Mainly into MMO's and FPS type games so most of my videos will be from those types of activities.

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