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The quote from the title is at around 11:20.\nOriginal
"Scottish Affairs Committee, Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh (Scotland), 18 April 2016
First session: Professor David Bell, Royal Society of Edinburgh and Andrew MacNaughton, Population Matters Scotland (19:12)
Second session: John McAllion, Scottish Pensioners' Forum, Keith Dryburgh, Citizens Advice Scotland, Derek Young, Age Scotland, and Owen Miller, Alzheimer's Scotland (2:18:02)\"

"It is known that MacDiarmid flirted with fascism in his early thirties, when he believed it was a doctrine of the left. In two articles written in 1923, Plea for a Scottish Fascism and Programme for a Scottish Fascism, he appeared to support Mussolini's regime."\n\n
Description: "Hugh MacDiarmid was born in Langholm, Dumfriesshire in 1892. He served with the RMC in the first world war and was a co-founder of the Scottish National Party, which he ended up being expelled from for being a communist. Ironically, he also ended up being expelled from the Communist party for being a Nationalist. He is regarded as the father of the Scottish Literary Revival which saw him writing some of Scotland's most highly regarded poetry and prose in both English and Scots. In this documentary, Irish poets such as Austin Clarke, Pearse Hutchinson and John Montague give their opinions on the man and his work.
Presented and Produced by Sean Mac Réamoinn."
First Broadcast 1st December 1968 - An Irish radio documentary from RTÉ Radio 1, Ireland - Documentary on One - the home of Irish radio documentaries

Partial description from google cache:
"Final Year project for City of Glasgow BA Television 4th years 2017 on Govanhill. The opinions expressed here represent those of the interviewees and the .."

imdb description:
Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) is famous for his statement that God is dead and his provocative account of Master and Slave moralitiesand for the fact that Adolf Hitler and the Nazis claimed that Nietzsche was one of their great inspirations. Were the Nazis right to do soor did they misappropriate Nietzsches philosophy? In this documentary, Professor Stephen Hicks asks and answers the following questions: * What were the key elements of Hitler and the National Socialists political philosophy? * How did the Nazis come to power in a nation as educated and civilized as Germany? * What was Friedrich Nietzsches philosophythe philosophy of Live dangerously and That which does not kill us makes us stronger? * And to what extent did Nietzsches philosophy provide a foundation for the horrors perpetrated by the Nazis? Stephen Hicks, Ph.D., is Professor of Philosophy and Executive Director of the Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship at Rockford University, Illinois. He is the author of Explaining Postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault (Scholargy, 2004), Analyzing Arguments (W. W. Norton & Co., 2010), and articles in publications such as The Review of Metaphysics and The Wall Street Journal. More information about Dr. Hicks is available at

Lackluster anti-tump protests, indifference and even a positive welcome in some quarters. Not hearing any grand ideas from the left. 30 years is far too long in politics.
All those wonderful patriots listed, really fantastic.

This is from some TV show(I don't watch tv) called 'First Dates' on channel 4.
Some people thought it was racist, but I think it's accurate. A whole generation has been weaned on Murray Rothstein's MTV xenophilia of blacks.
Which is why I don't watch TV. I'm also trying to tone down my invective.

This video was deleted from YouTube. I don't support slavery... I do however support white South Africans and their continuing struggle.
Original title: "The Nigger Question"
Original description:
" "Or the reason why Black people suck."
NB: I make these videos for someone I love deeply, who wants to know why I believe so many strange things. A type of open letter, if you will.
Music: I Am a Man Who Will Fight for Your Honor by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ("

Not really much to say...
As a nationalist Scot, I have solidarity with nationalist Pakistanis who stay in Pakistan.
Why shouldn't I have a preference?
Don't uproot my culture.
The videos were all posted in the previous week.

"SNP's asking for independence to give it back to the EU"
"Jim Sillars the former deputy leader of the SNP spoke about why he won't be voting for Scottish independence."

"Andrew Marr looks into the life of Scotland's most bothersome poet, Hugh MacDiarmid. MacDiarmid reinvented Scots as a language for serious writing, at various times called for a Scottish fascism, tried to create an independent Scottish communist utopia, and was under surveillance by MI5 for many years. During his life he was involved in plots to capture Edinburgh Castle and steal the Stone of Destiny, but he also found time for a literary life in which he would write the most powerful poetry in Scots since the days of Robert Burns and to start a Scottish renaissance that goes on to this day."
The full episode is a hour long.

"Giving evidence Ephraim Borowski, director of the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities, told Airdrie Sheriff Court he had family members who had died in the Holocaust.
It is grossly offensive, it stuns me that anyone should think it is a joke. My immediate reaction is that there is a clear distinction to be made between an off-hand remark and the amount of effort that is required to train a dog like that. I actually feel sorry for the dog. In many ways, the bit I found most offensive was the repetition of 'gas the Jews' rather than the dog itself."
Do you think they'll stop here? I don't even blame these minorities. It's a power grab and it's what I would do to take over a nation.
Would Israel tolerate this?

Happy Hanukkah.

"Through the prism of Postville, Iowa (population 1,500), this documentary examines what happens when a once homogeneous town becomes a new model for the American melting pot. This program investigates the roots of cultural misunderstanding, explores the meaning of community, showcases the manifestation of underlying racism and offers a glimpse into what might be the future of small town America."

Don't expect anything unbiased from the BBC, or the interviewees to be entirely honest.
For whatever reason there is no mention of John Beckett's(who is supposedly "racist" and "antisemitic") Jewish heritage.

Original description:
"In 1914 Norah Elam was placed in a Holloway prison cell with Emmeline Pankhurst for her involvement with the Suffragette movement. In 1940 she returned to the same prison with Diana Mosley, but this time for her involvement with the fascist movement.
James Maw explores this story and how Norah Elam's fascist philosophy grew directly out of her involvement with the suffragettes, and how subsequently the British fascist movement became largely driven by women. James tells how the first British fascist movement was founded by a woman, and that it was the leading lights of the Suffragettes who, along with Oswald Mosley, founded the British Union of Fascists.
Blackshirts targeted young women from an early age; James begins with the story of his own mother, whom - at the time working in an ink factory - they attempted to recruit when she was 16 in 1937.
Francis Beckett recounts how his mother was recruited when she was sent by the Pitman's secretarial agency to work at Mosley's headquarters and how he has been vehemently anti-fascist all his life and has worked tirelessly to clear the family name of the stigma he feels.
Angela McPherson had no idea until recently the role her own grandmother played at the very centre of the fascist movement; she had subconsciously blocked out disturbing memories of the events and stories her grandmother told her as a child, which were to affect her family until the present day.
James learns how powerful fascist women became and what the long-term effects their right-wing beliefs had on their children and grandchildren."

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imdb: "A political hack becomes President during the height of the Depression and undergoes a metamorphosis into an incorruptible statesman after a near-fatal accident."
A film designed to placate the masses with a kind of civic fascism, but it ended up being a little to close to the real thing for the Jews liking. At least that's my interpretation. The film and the people involved in it had an interesting history.

70 years on the great grandchildren of the men who fought on the allied side are still being indoctrinated into the holocaust cult.
No more state funding for white hate classes.

"Documentarian Yoav Shamir captures the frustration and humiliation that Palestinian travelers face on a routine basis as they encounter the imposing checkpoints manned by Israeli soldiers. Without narration or explanations, Shamir simply turns on his camera to record the different scenes as they unfold. For the Palestinian travelers, they never know when they will be allowed to make the journey to visit friends and family, or even make it to a hospital, while the soldiers follow their orders."

This documentary was made by a Jew and most of the talking heads are radical leftists, but it is illustrative of Jewish tribalism and political activism. The same tactics are used against right wing racial advocates(only higher up and with even more ferocity).
The truth is our greatest ally. The only way to counter Jewish tribalism is with white solidarity and only then will we be able to make fair accommodations with the other races of this world(based on nationhood).
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Debunking the myth that Mosley's fascists were the instigators of violence. Also highlights the Jewish role in Scottish Communism.
Mainstream sources(including from a Marxist Jew).

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