The U.S. Air Force Survival kit is a military issued kit mainly for pilots and aircrew members to go inside of their flight vests. It is a neat little kit with lots of items that would be a good start or a good supplement to your kit.

Medical Module NSN: 6545-01-534-0925
Survival Module NSN: 6545-01-534-0935

The "5 C's" is a simple and effective way of breaking down 5 items that you need to survive just about anything.

For those in Southern California that are interested in survival my buddy Nathan Machain that I mentioned in the video offers training. You can find more information here:

Just an introduction to my channel.

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Here is my review of the PSKOOK Fire Piston. It is a very interesting way of starting a fire with nothing but the piston and a little bit of char cloth. This is the 3rd time I've used it and gotten a spark so this product does work.

I was not paid for the review, it's just an interesting piece of kit for you to try out. I apologize for the wind noise and the dog barking in the video.

It is available on amazon:


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Welcome to Through the Haze Survival! This channel was created to give more people the opportunity to learn and enjoy being self reliant. I will try to put out 1-2 videos a week, but no promises as I have a full time job and a family. I will cover product reviews, skills videos, and adventure/enjoying the outdoors videos. Please like/comment/subscribe and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Minds!

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