The first documented video of our R&D project narrated by Dr. Amir Baserinia (ignore the 2011 miscue), Mechanical only design for determining mechanical horsepower values. Ford F150 (Chad Lambert or CAD Designer) mounted 1.2m working diameter and 1.9m height five blade Darrieus "Eggbeater" design with custom airfoil and rotor blade profiles. Team members were Valerie Hopkins (Proj./Website Admin , Content Creator), Michael Hudson (Mech. Eng.), Dr. Amir Baserinia (CFD Eng.),Chad Lambert (CAD Technologist) and me the system designer (the dude holding the anemometer on a stick in the video).

We validated the field performance of our Openfoam/Paraview CFD simulation design run on SabalCore 128 core (3.2Ghz 8GB per core) HPC Service within +-3% achieving a nice plateaued power curve with a Coefficient of Power "Cp" peak of .423 in 5.5m/s turbulent wind speed flow under 10m in height (about 3.5m above the sod field).

Mike Hudson engineered the bearing system and tilt stand, did all the FEA analysis, and then we all worked with Chad Lambert working with Melnik Resources of Stratford, Ontario, Canada to get the entire system built. As built mech. resistance analysis of the 1219 was performed/validated by Mike and Amir.

A nice break-through for Harvistor where the rotor tech has now been incorporated into TWIND Power, Mobismart and V3Wind desgns, where the field tests effectively proved 5 blades are better than the older commercialised Flowind 3 blade Darrieus. The Darwind5 1219 design has built-in rpm self regulating behaviour = overspeed protection for genset and controller due to different solidity and flow characteristics at higher speed . (Flow is cut off partly through the rotor at higher speeds limiting rpm).

Partly funded by a National Research Council grant. (Canadian Government).

Kudos to the team for pulling this off.


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