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Thruster, Clean & Jerk, & Snatch. In the “Zone”, the “Flow State”, a type of “meditation”. Totally free of the mind and outside of thought; pure movement and awareness. Lifting, working out, playing my instrument, and mindfulness practices like cold and heat therapy are the ways I get in touch with who I Am.

Dr. Bruce Lipton answers What is a flu? How many people die each year from the flu? When is the flu most likely to replicate? What role does the media play in our perspective on Coronavirus?
Fear is the biggest problem!

Dr. Joe Dispenza discusses how thinking affects our lives.

Thoughts are the language of the brain. Feelings are the language of the body. How you think and how you feel creates your state of being- the frequency you carry around. The things you think about determine the energy you define yourself with. Thoughts can be positive visions of the future or rehearsals of the past.

You can choose to think differently. It is not easy. But do you really want to keep living in the troubles of the past? You can recreate your life for the best! All you need for the best version of yourself and the best version of your life is already within you. It begins with conscious breathing and gratitude for the simple things.


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"Its Just a 4 day Process!" - Dr Joe Dispenza

Dr Joe Dispenza is an international lecturer, researcher, corporate consultant, author, and educator who has been invited to speak in more than 33 countries on six continents.

You can change your life with the simplest practices of intentional focus.

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.

Just Be right here, right now.
Remember Who You Are.

Are you the person speaking, or the critic observing your speech. Dr. Peterson explains how aligning our speech with what makes us feel stronger is important and how we should do away with speech that makes us feel weaker.

"Where Are You Going" Dave Matthews Band Cover

Future Dreaming is a documentary that beautifully challenges the way you think about humanity. Filmed in Antarctica, Future Dreaming explores the narratives that drive our economic, social and political thinking and offers a new way of understanding the modern Human Condition and the affect it has on the ecosystem of our planet.

DR DAVID E MARTIN is an incredible human being!

future, global economy, collective conscious, economy, gold, precious medals, finance, environment, beauty, nature, change, ecosystem

Important scientific message on the energy field of the heart and how it creates your reality.

Special thanks to Gregg Braden for this amazing speech.

"Grey Street" by Dave Matthews Band

"Rock bottom" is that place we reach when we've been engaged in a lifestyle that is not healthy for far too long. We choose to hide behind masks of many sorts because we are afraid. What are we afraid of? How is it that we don't know a better way to deal with fear? How has the world come to this?

"Harvest Moon" by Neil Young
What a never-aging song! So happy to be able to solo over it.

Bass Guitar Solo with Zen Trembles.

Can't Help Falling In Love" 2 Bass Solo. Trying to make that bass sing!

"Alive in NY" - Original.

Music flows in by veins :)

"Mirage" by Zen Trembles.

In this episode, I talk with Josh and Katy Bishoff, Anchorage, Alaska residents, who are recent Peace Corps volunteers to Liberia.

Our conversation begins, fun and lighthearted with Josh and Katy showing me quartz and iron ore from Liberia. That takes up the first 3:30 and has a funny moment around 2:25. We begin discussing the first major topic of “The Zoe” and the Liberian concept of the “devil”. We discuss Liberian holidays, traditional medicine, and a variety of concepts and elements of Liberian culture, how Western society is affecting them, and the various effects of Liberian culture on Peace Corps volunteers. We also discuss Peace Corp’s primary goal of cultural exchange not always being adhered to by volunteers. Topics of risk mitigation, Mob justice, Traveling dangers and “The Rubberband Man” story, which you don’t want to miss. From there we move to Liberian history, Stress management in a poverty-ridden environment where traumatic events, malnutrition, and sickness are the norm; Village-talk on Donald Trump, the Liberian perspectives on America vs Korea and more.

Enzina and I discuss the question: "What is Art?" and how art impacts our lives. Enzina describes her artistic process and how perspective and educaftion affect the way an individual views artwork.

Katy and Josh discuss some of the ways being in Liberia for two years affected their perspective on life and how it changed them individually. They share their process of leaving for Liberia and learning about the culture, with key thoughts on letting go of control, Liberian colloquialisms, and how difficulty creates the opportunity for change. They also share the most impacting experiences that they will never forget. I really enjoyed this episode!

Josh mentions this documentary as a potential resource for learning about the Liberian civil war: (53:30)

I hope you enjoy episode 3 as much as I did. Josh and Katy's experience is so rich with meaning and value. We could have easily shared another two hours of information. Josh and Katy will be back after the New Year, so if you have any questions that you'd like to have answered send an email to [email protected] or, if you're listening on Anchor, leave a voice message.

"Don't Worry, Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin.
What a good song! Thanks to Mr. Bobby McFerrin :)

Some of my favorite times during a gig is in between songs when I get to improv!

Cover of "Apocalypse Lullaby" by The Wailin' Jennys
Acoustic guitar, cover song that is calming, peaceful, and healing.

Bass Guitar: Funky SOLO! I love improv on the fly between songs...MMM, gives me the chills. I am one with music and one with my instrument.

The Healing Voice (THV) Podcast: "Creating our Lives with Identity & Purpose" This is an introduction to The Healing Voice that discusses what the podcast offers and what to expect in the future. How do we create our lives with identity and purpose? And why should we? In such a complicated world, how do we begin to understand who we are and what we should do to live to our highest potential? We will take a comprehensive approach to our mental, physical, and emotional growth- mind, body, and soul. THV is a work in progress and I am excited to see how it will evolve as time goes on.

In this episode, Josh and Katy Bishoff are back. They spent two years in Liberia with the Peace Corps and have been back in the US for about 10 months, after which, they were on Episode 3 titled, “Life in and after Liberia”. In this episode we talk about life and death in Liberia. The differences between the Liberian idea of crisis and that of America. Liberians are more concerned for America than themselves. We discuss the illusion of control and fear of the unknown. How our ideas and definitions of freedom are based in the context of our lifestyles. We talk about Universal Basic Income and self-sufficiency, and we briefly touch on politics

Toward the end I mention my next book, The Identity Process and how the Ego is our greatest enemy in creating a better future. Our conversation continues on into a ramble about space exploration as an example of a common goal that could unite humanity when approached properly.
Feel free to email me at [email protected]. You can also request a free copy of my book, “Music Everywhere”, Elements & Principles of Life We’ve Been Missing. Stay tuned for the upcoming podcast titled, Bible Redefined, ““It’s Not What You Think It Is or What You’ve Been Told.” It’s going to amazing!

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We’ve all experienced the feeling of not knowing what to do next. How do we determine the correct path for our lives? In spite of all of our experiences, let-downs, heartbreaks, and failures, we are still here confronted with the hardship of knowing what to do with our lives. The Healing Voice is a place to share what it means to be totally-successful by cultivating a powerful sense of identity.

I am Lance Howard, creative content provider, musician, and author. I am here to share the journey with you on how we can improve our Total Success through Intentional Focus on identity and purpose. How we can remedy our lives to experience true self-assurance, happiness, and peace of mind. I believe can discover and express our unique power to overcome all adversity and reach our full potential.

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