A Dual-Purpose video being done purely for the hell of it.

Disclaimer: Comic rights go to Archie (if still around) and the respective people who've worked on it.

Either UK gets its own rating system, PEGI steps in, or expect the government to go further than intended by the populace.

BBC Cancer: https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-49661870

Game shown is Front mission Evolved.

Dark Times for Five Guys (not the Joint, though their food sucks ass)!

Note: The Image Headline's Satirical; Just clarifying for those who can't tell the difference.

GamerGate Explained (PSA Sitch): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STl7-_f4_eA

Tackling Cancel Culture (RGE): https://www.bitchute.com/video/o806AyjPMUU/

Game Shown is Duke Nukem II.

To summarize:
1. Blizzard's Inferno timeline changed to "When it's Done" (No, not going DNF, just gives me breathing Room).
2. Warcraft Episode will be up Next Week (If not, subscribers get a free $5).
3. Alot of shitting on Orcs coming up.

You had ONE JOB Piranha! ONE JOB!!!

Still Working on the Blizzard vid, just that this got me pissed.

All Moving Pictures fall under Fair Use.

"You get the gay! And You get the gay! EVERYBODY GETS THE G A Y!!!"

Apologies for this coming late, work-related stuff has kept me busy; still gonna keep this going as regularly as possible.

Any moving pictures shown fall under Fair Use, so please don't sue for I am a broke man.

My Bomb the Sky! day (7/4) present: a series being made over the span of 6 weeks!

Enjoy if Possible.

The short of it: starting next week, moving to more edited, weekly vids.

Shit-flinging and N-words will still be uncensored as usual.

This took me 2 Days to make.

Your Welcome.

Music is Liar by Queen.

When even Authoritarian States are seeing this as a Bad Idea: https://elevenews.com/2019/06/18/european-authorities-display-frontal-opposition-to-libra/

If you'd like to see more and want to help contribute, hit the Green Button Above.

Explaining my reaons for doing these videos, with some pepping of pep for motivational reasons.

Game Shown is Mafia III.

SockKeySemen needs to lay off the Viagra for a bit.

In case my stuttering is too much for you: https://www.oneangrygamer.net/2019/06/anita-sarkeesian-tries-to-weasel-into-a-consultancy-gig-on-cyberpunk-2077/86588/

Game Shown is Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Mike Pondsmith is a wonderful badass!

Game Shown is Duke Nukem II.

I love me a Dumpster Fire: https://archive.is/wZR4X

Game Shown is Mafia III.

It was so shite, the video got shortened.

Game Shown is Raptor: Call of the Shadows.

2 for the price of 1 (cause I suck that bad)!

Game Shown is Raptor: Call of the Shadows.

At this point, I'd say screw it and move to alt-tech: at least the censorship won't beat your ass down constantly.

Game Shown is Wolfenstein 3D (Obviously).

A few decent things, Bill and Ted's Cyberpunk Adventure, and a New Console (that the makers don't even know what they're making).

Game shown is Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

Todd does his thing, Id does their thing, and Commander Keen still can't get a decent remake.

Game Shown is Goodbye Galaxy.

RIP me.
Plz send help.

Bethesda, you done Fucked UP!

They took my Job, my Car, my Food, and now my Waifus!
Monsters, I tell ya!



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