Let's talk about Covid infection curves, hospitalization and.... what the devil is going on with the vaccines?


Today's one of the two days.... and the coof, of course.

We've known how to stop Covid since the summer and every month since the scientific evidence has gotten stronger. It is now a MOUNTAIN of evidence -- and is being intentionally ignored.

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With the LOVELY Sarah!

Simply put this is not just about a candidate or one state anymore.
It's something much larger.
If you pray -- now is a good time.

300,000 excess deaths? Nonsense. You can see the CLEAR dislocation in the Social Security data from the first couple of months, when Governors Cuomo, Witmer, Wolf and others stuffed the virus into nursing homes. But since then?



Thanksgrumbling day. :-)

Oh, Covid? Yeah. Egypt. Damn our government AND DOCTORS to Hell. Right now.

With Sarah! A bit glitchy on the tech, but it is what it is! Come and get it! Warning: Long, over an hour!

Not just masks -- also the reality of a Biden/Harris administration and what it is likely to do to a LOT of communities. Pay attention!

Radioactive dust particles are everywhere around us. They including particles in the same size ranges as those that can carry viruses, incidentally. Here I show you that they indeed are present all around us, that they're invisible of course, but look at what happens when you pass air through a filter. Now consider what would happen if you put the filter in THE OTHER WAY, or blew through it the other way?

Come and get it! Linked on the Ticker

Erection 2020 first, then Covidiots. Don't miss it.

For cleanly-readable copies of the Excel sheets presented, look here: https://tickerforum.org/akcs-www?post=240663

Oh now the game is afoot!


Come and get it... thoughts on the stupid, plus the fraudfest

Oh you know, it's more covid.... actually, it's a math problem -- and always was.

Discussion about the "Tennessee Stands" protest in Knoxville, with data

Third try is the charm! Lower resolution, smaller file, hopefully Bitchute doesn't just sit and grind on it this time. Boozy podcast on Covid, masks, and all other manner of BS

Another month, another blast at worthless mask mandates

The real issue? We have refused to hold the USSC to its mandate.
So now we have a circus.

I ain't buying what they're selling.

Facts are interesting things. Both Social Security and the CDC compile statistical facts -- including you odds of dying. On those facts Covid19 is of no particular concern. So says The Government, not me. Given that tell them to shove their constraints and "mask orders" up their butts.

Trump's Taxes and more on the Covid BS.


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