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Deceptive conditioning of modern astronomy NASA is the biggest lie known to Mankind!!! The shape of the Earth is no conspiracy we are not flying through the air like Kylie Minogue's hot pants. We are stationery stillness is underneath our feet there is no curvature. Water only levels out to its surface which it is upon. It does not curve around anything no I'm sorry it has nothing to do with the false concept of gravity either. I know it's hard for many to accept but it is what it is more or more individuals are becoming wiser to this deception from lying in NASA. The outspoken little girl puts it right on his deceptive toes of Buzz Aldrin.

Imposing an ideology of the gender debate in the shocking school system which is obsessed with transgenderism. Is inflicting heavy conditioning on its students this is getting out of hand. And should not be tolerated by anyone and should be removed from the school's ideology completely. There are only two genders and that's it FULL STOP these deranged individuals just have to deal with it. School policy is not real life school policy should never impose itself on its students with regards to the gender debate. There is no actual debate we know the truth and there is nothing that they can do about it.

Fleeing to the Orthodox Jewish communities in Israel.

Electro-transmitted waves cull kill & segregate. What does that sound like X-Files was trying to tell us something 20 years ago.

17 million deaths caused by poisonous fake covid mRNA jabs worldwide. They are still pushing the fake life-changing DNA-altering jabs in the Corporation of Great Britain.

Cockney woman using racist profanities as the Old Bill gets a Beat Down at your local dirty McDonald's.

Society Of The Golden Dawn developed in the 17th century delved deep into the secret occult shrouded with mystery & dark forces.

Child sex predator Oprah Winfrey who owns an orphanage in Africa. Weirdly explains child sex abuse to a delirious American audience.

Satanist-operated NASA has been infiltrated by Nazi scientists with open arms from The Corporation of America let's not forget that first and foremost! They are lying to you don't believe the hype about those satellites.

Owen Jones political pundit goes for the jugular. On a desperately needed saving show with deceptive Pierce Morgan. Who is scrambling for views & clicks to get paid. He/she is abrasive & annoying with no truth to his debates. It would be best for he/she to keep that mouth shut when it comes to the Israel & Palestine conflict. He/she is terrified about getting axed because of dire views. And his unlikable disingenuous personality who will do anything to stay relevant.

70 to 80 million dollars spent on Texas human trafficking facilities on the borders of Texas. The Corporation of Great Britain is showing the way for the Corporation of America. By destroying their hospitality sector by using up all of its hotels and filling them up with immigrants. Just like the UK right now as we speak no such thing as a coincidence. Sorry to say but no voting system will ever save the USA complete reform is needed nothing of value it's rotten like the UK. Voting red or blue will make no difference whatsoever the voting system is rigged. Leaders are chosen by the Cabal not selected by the public which is blatantly obvious now for everyone to see.

The judge has no integrity she means no word she speaks of, extremely conniving judge. Who knows the workings of the system and obeys it she is an enabler. Letting many child sex offenders off scot-free, for a paycheck. She profits off the misery of innocent children in America & elsewhere, like Ukraine the most corrupt country in the world. Yet many were waving Ukrainian flags with the pictures in their profiles on Facebook. WOW. Most people didn't even know where Ukraine was never mind backing its regime & its obsession with Russia. Another military operation happening, in on its knees Israel Russian China are starting to get into the swing of things. Corporation of America won't hand over the baton so after a while the baton will be just taken. Let's face it it's happened already trust me when I tell you don't believe everything that you hear when it comes to Russia & China. Most people in Europe & America are extremely conditioned and have been for centuries and that goes for some of the Truth Seekers as well in the movement.

Classic clip of ex-Disney actress China Mclain calling out satanism in Hollywood! Those demonic rituals are REAL in the satanic entertainment industry. Hope China Mclain is safe & well away from the clutches of the system which means the sewerage.

As always she looks a bit spaced out staring into the ether! Probably experiences mind control or she a clone pick one.

How ironic is Big Brother Watch highlighting dreaded facial recognition technology? It's like The Twilight Zone.

I thought that Elon Musk was going to have a boxing match with Mark Zuckerberg two demonic clones going at it in a boxing ring. Is there anything sacred anymore satanist clone Elon Musk why am I shadowband on your platform? Clones aren't needed in politics so it would be best if you keep out & switch your lane no pun intended. Nothing decent ever comes out of politics that's why it's getting completely broken down to the point where it can function in a way which is beneficial for the MANKIND! Not the Cabal.

Jabs with the murderous Hillary Clinton Foundation? Deceptive Robert F Kennedy is very good at diverting and attempting to control the news set. As his prop, to deflect this false image of him as he is extremely unauthentic and lacklustre coming across as robotic. Probably because he is constantly being programmed to project his phoney-caring image. Many Americans admire him because of the deceptive Kennedy name. Now it seems that his doing great work for the melanated Americans with regards to legalising weed he has a steak & profit in this so it looks like his the "Weed Advocate" for black America! He is desperately trying to get the black vote in for the elections. Deceitful Robert F Kennedy wants to tax marijuana he is touting for the black vote!!!

Root canal fillings & poisonous fluoride are just the tip of the iceberg! Crooked UK dentists get paid extortionate prices for every extraction of a tooth in the dentist's chair! A rabbit hole guarded by malign medical gatekeepers.

No, you should never trust your government! You should always be looking for ulterior motives instead, said straight from the horse's mouth.

Dishonest Israel is under a lot of pressure the camelback is not that strong. Satanist Netanyahu will be shredded into little pieces. Controlled opposition Epstein Island visitor Donald Trump ain't doing s*** for Israel FACTS!!! China & Russia won't let him why do you think the pathetic man is still alive PLS stop the CAP!!!

The Corporation of America had to be infiltrated in some way shape or form. Halloween refers to the day of the dead the day of the ancestors of the underworld. Which captures dark spirits & entities waiting for judgment to be passed on to a different realm dependent on the soul's karmic debt. Divine Mother Ma'at will oversee your heart's intentions weighing up your karmic against the feather of justice. Helping Ma'at with the decision of where your soul goes heaven or hell?

Paid orchestrated opposition by the evil George Soros operates & funds Antifs. Who is seen protecting drag queen story time in the cooperation of America! Where is the protection & care for the children, they are being indoctrinated by adult sexual acts & performances of drag queens!

American guy speaks his mind freely with chest about Satanist Elon Musk & his many exclusive expensive spaceship toy range. SpaceX spaceship on a journey to nowhere you cannot leave this earthy domain you cannot get past the filament above the sky FULL STOP! You've been nowhere really and truly this is why there are so many secrets regarding the sea because that's the only way out of here.

Fraud scientist lie number 3 is a big one keeping the lie of the pharmaceutical industry afloat! The world's biggest blag about natural food fruits & vegetables does not give you nutrients. We became codependent on the murderous pharmaceutical industry. The Greeks & Romans demonized Alchemy through religion which was a form of natural remedies to heal all ailments. There is a plant in Mother Nature for every disease known to Mankind. The malignant pharmaceutical industry doesn't want you to know that. Food is our medicine not pills in a bottle from your local drug dealers the local doctor & physician is the real drug movers in your area.

Wonder if the guy knows the future of the BBC it's looking bleak, but my gosh. ITV went FULL demonic on us over the past five years or so. ITV has gone very sinister in the way that it operates & programs its viewers. Child sex trafficking ring BBC has been drowning in its dirt for years now & is still able to operate unscathed it seems.


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