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Alex Jones exposes the videos of tyrannical over-enforcement by police harassing citizens for not cowering in their homes.

Alex Jones takes a call from a Big Pharma whistleblower who reveals the true dangers of the Covid-19 vaccine.
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A hard hitting documentary on the real agenda Bill Gates is pushing on the global population.

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MIRROR LINK: https://www.bitchute.com/video/pufVbTVi5O87/

As the Trump Derangement Fog clears with the final embarrassment finally over as the Senate voted to acquit President Donald Trump for a fantastical incitement smear. The Democrats now have to turn towards the mirror they have avoided for years.
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The propaganda is crumbling as the Charlottesville hoax that Biden ran on was finally revealed to a larger audience. And now Americans will be faced with the unavoidable reality of the results of the Democrat’s abhorrent tyranny.

Owen covers the shocking story of yet another nurse hurt by the COVID vaccine.
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Alex Jones breaks down how the Centers For Disease Control's own statistics reveal that a significant number of elderly people who receive COVID vaccinations die minutes, hours, days, or weeks after their inoculation.
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Jim Hoft and Joe Hoft of https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/ join The Alex Jones Show to break down their recent Twitter ban after posting video evidence of voter fraud.

breaks down the historical facts of the Theranos scam proving the motive of the medical industry to defraud the public for profit.

Self Help icon warns the public not to let COVID cult control the focus of your life.

Owen receives a call from an air force veteran who discusses the news about Biden allowing the Chinese military to do a simulated attack on USS Roosevelt.
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breaks down videos of black Americans speaking up against the authoritarian globalist great reset.
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Founder of http://oathkeepers.org Stewart Rhodes joins The Alex Jones Show to respond to the arrests in DC and how the Nation's Capitol is now a ChiCom Green Zone.
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breaks down HR-1 and Biden's new Supreme Court Packing Commission and what it means for our republic.
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Similar to Biden's self-created Office of the President Elect, President Trump has likewise created the Office of the Former President to circumvent the mainstream media and big tech censors that wish to silence his voice after his tremendous 4 years of service as Commander in Chief.
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joins guest host Owen Shroyer on The Alex Jones Show to break down the state of the collapsing Italian government as citizens reject globalism.
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Kamala Harris displays bizarre behavior immediately after getting her second dose of the coronavirus vaccine.
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The world as we know it is about to completely change unless we wake up and resist
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Owen is joined by Pastor Bruce Mejia, of First Works Baptist Church. Pastor Bruce describes the horrific bombing that took place on his church after SPLC placed a “hate group” label on them.

As President Trump departed. Populism relegated back to the majority of people who knew that the incoming President was illegitimate.

Even during the sacred Inauguration ceremony the one party rule dictatorship used the debatable term Insurrection to describe the events of January 6th.

And as the future autocrat and his Country Club members stood for the National Anthem sung by a self proclaimed Luciferian. How many out there couldn’t help but reflect back to Biden’s Army tearing down the statue of Francis Scott Key as Lady Gaga roused zero patriotism to anyone with any semblance of the totalitarian reality that had installed itself.

Alex Jones breaks down the call from former CIA Director John Brennan to purge America of anti-Democratic Party opposition.

Brian Stelter is now calling for the use of re-education camps to brainwash patriots into falling into their left-wings idealized existence, alongside all out banning and censoring of conservative media.

Greg Reese joins The Alex Jones Show from Washington DC to report on the police state lockdown currently underway ahead of the installment of globalist puppet and ChiCom agent Joe Biden.
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Q was right! In this world exclusive Alex Jones breaks down how President Trump will institute a final move and arrest all the globalist and assume a 2nd term.

My Pillow founder and CEO, Mike Lindell, sits down with RSBN for an interview to discuss the information he tried to get to President Trump ahead of the January 20th inauguration deadline.


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