A waterway pedal under the footbridges on Victoria Harbour. 2011

J and I pedaling Ripple around Victoria Harbour testing the new GoPro HD video camera. Movie is compressed so quality is not nearly as good as original. Nov. 2010.

Clare applies the first of several detailing colours on two of the historic trains recently restored at The Wooden Boat Centre, Docklands Melbourne AUS.

Xmas Day 2017 we went sailing at Golden Beach, Sunshine Coast Queensland Aus. The afternoon sea breeze picked up a little more than expected as the gybe shows. We nearly had to reef.

I ignored Reuel Parker's design for the rear seat/sheets and installed a thwart, instead. After finding it impossible to steer while sitting on a thwart, I hastily installed these sheets, with storage pouch underneath. The sheets are removable so you can sit on the floor in light winds. The wooden toggle keeps the sheets from accidentally knocked upward.

Tacking up wind to get to the ramp on Jan 1, 2011. The wind wasn't strong enough to make a reef necessary but we didn't have far to go and weren't in a hurry. I wish I'd set the reef properly, notice how baggy the reefed sail is. When set correctly, the reefed sail is nearly flat.

"Tempo" is Reuel Parker's modernization of a 1906 Hooper Island Crabbing Skiff. (18-foot Chesapeake Bay Modified Sharpie Skiff). I built it from his book, "The Sharpie Book" which is interesting, informative and hard to put down.

music - “Sucette” by Lazio (AC2077) CD

Tempo pushes the limits of shallow water sailing around "Rotten Island, Ocean Grange, Victoria" (see Google Earth). No music for this video so you can hear the new bottom paint being scraped off as we plough through the mud.

Fortunately, we managed to free ourselves without having to get off the boat and push.

We headed to shore for lunch but got stopped short.

Mild conditions sailing over the x-mas break at Metung, Victoria, Australia. Only excitement was not being able to pinch to weather enough to make it around a sand bar (should of tacked). We went aground and I had to get my foot wet pushing us over the bar. We sailed out of Boxes Creek this year.

test row, test video.
Old GoPro battery was only good for a few minutes so this is the only video : (
Video is shaky because resistance was all in one plane. There was no second axis tension.
YouTube stabilized it making it just bazaar so I undid the the stabilization.

music: "De-Phazz - Who The Pop Cares?"

First raise the sail, tighten with the Down Haul, then adjust the Sprit with the Snotter.
Leave shore without hitting anything.
Tack, tack, tack out of Chinamans Creek.
Head up wind till you find a beach for lunch.
Remember that your boat weights 420kg/925lbs, wish you hadn't sailed up so hard on the beach.
Try to stay awake while boat sails itself home on a nice broad reach.
Turning downwind into Chinamans Creek boat gybes to wake you up.
Retun to port without hitting anything.
Tidy boat.
Take GPS home, plug into Google Earth and reminisce about voyage.
Condense 4 hrs of video into 3 minutes, upload to Youtube.

music: "String Vibe Plastiyc" mix from album "Turntables on the Hudson" 2004

We tack "Tempo" out of a narrow creek into open water then beach at our favorite lunch stop.

"Tempo" is a Reuel Parker drawn 1904 Hooper Island Sharpie built from "The Sharpie Book".

downtempo track is 'Swann Todd" by Fila Brazillia from album A Touch Of Cloth.

H and I went for a slow sail Sunday.

Video compilation of the 3 Pedal Canoes we built. 'Had all three in the water one day.

(changed the music so it would be allowed to play on iPhones)

Sharpie rigged, just add water. We don't like wasting time at the ramp.

We took pedal canoe "Taffy" to the Yarra. The river is low this time of year but what's a little mud.

This boat is for sale. I've got recites for $6K. Open to offers.
Custom trailer available.

Here's the way we step the mast. We were doing a little work at the Wooden Boat Centre in Melbourne AUS and videoed the process. It's not a hard as it looks.

An advantage of an free standing mast is that you can furl the main going downwind by simply letting go the main sheet, luffing the sail and dropping it. We continue under bare pole downwind to the dock.

With a shroudless rotating mast, Tempo sails without fear into unknown shallow waters. Aside from dragging the keel through the sand, which is normal for us, and a couple of jibes it was uneventful.

Nick, Taylor Dawg and 5 friends take pedal canoes Ripple, Taffy and Matchstick out for a tour of Victoria Harbour and Secret Creek.

8 days of sailing at Metung Victoria, AUS reduced to less than 4 minutes.
Music by Andreas Vollenweider until he tells me to take it down.

Experimental pedal boat #3, "Taffy" launched 11 Sept. 2011 cruses Victoria Harbour with "Ripple". Sorry about the fog forming inside the water camera case making the video blurry.

Taffy is for sale. Msg. me or see at the Wooden Boat Centre, Docklands Vic.

Taylor dog goes for another cruise in our pedal canoe, this time up Railway Canal.


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