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Allstars with keys, and a plan

John Lash Gnostic lecture.

By Gnostic John Lash

Beautiful in-depth review of shifting consciousness and making magic by Author and filmmaker Thomas Sheridan

Another Brilliant commentary and visual graphics by Author and filmmaker. Thomas Sheridan takes us beyond 313 into the beautiful mind of HP Lovecraft

By Thomas Sheridan, Author and Film artist.

A brief history of the Magic unleashed in 1920s
Aleister Crowley, HP Lovecraft and the Djinn, Dream Oracles
By Author and film maker Thomas Sheridan

Esoteric wisdom regarding the significance of 3:33am
By Thomas Sheridan

Coin, banknotes, Philosophy.
By Author and Film maker Thomas Sheridan

Veil revealing of mastercraftory comes to life.
Brilliant phenomenal artistic expression by Author and Film maker Thomas Sheridan.

A Riveting history and Wisdom on the Essential use of SeaSalt for practical use, and Spiritual development.
Film maker and Author. Thomas Sheridan has a Spectacular show, you don’t want to miss.

Hints, Tips, and Tricks. By Author and Filmmaker Thomas Sheridan

Presentation of the Alchemy of magic, Scientific and rational mechanics, by film maker and Author Thomas Sheridan

Hear worthy lectures and shocked doctrine by Thomas Sheridan.
Author and independent film maker of, “Puzzling People”
Fullscale coming soon

Compressed Tarot by Thomas Sheridan

An Overview of the Book “The Druid Code” by Author Thomas Sheridan
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Dennis Wheatley, in-depth review by Thomas Sheridan
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This highly sought Public Speaker, Artist, and last but certainly not least, Master of ceremonies, Grand Solo Magician of are Generation, and ages to come. Arch Druid Thomas Sheridan takes on a Journey beyond 313


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