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Mythology 101
Continuation John Lash

JLL Continuation 5,6

“Zarathustra implored, to stand in naked awareness in the presence of the earth, in silent knowing, this is awesome”

John lash lectures discourse the best of

JLL continuation

Watchers from Orion Nebula, Sofia myth and legend of the gender rift. By John Lash Lamb

John Lash Lamb delivers another priceless Gem. A another glimpse into the mysteries seldom heard or read
Don’t let the picture fool you, it’s not nearly worth Mystery found in the title book "not in his image" book released this month remastered

Finer points and definitions

Findings thus far

Precious insights from Thomas Sheridan author and film writer

Dragonfly sutra by John lash lamb

John lash lamb delivers a discourse on the great reset in a series condensed lectures that saves years of study

Call to Aeon Sofia

The Scandal that is heard in every tongue, a stolen priestess from the mystery school of the divine goddess.

A revised addition to “Not in his image” by author John Lash Lamb coming September

The continuation of the story please watch part one to get caught up, Plenty more to follow

The lengendary John lash invites you to another myth reguarding " the whore of Babylon"

Author Pamala Collard

Huge body of work and learning discovered here

John Lash Gnostic lecture.

By Gnostic John Lash

Beautiful in-depth review of shifting consciousness and making magic by Author and filmmaker Thomas Sheridan

Another Brilliant commentary and visual graphics by Author and filmmaker. Thomas Sheridan takes us beyond 313 into the beautiful mind of HP Lovecraft

By Thomas Sheridan, Author and Film artist.

A brief history of the Magic unleashed in 1920s
Aleister Crowley, HP Lovecraft and the Djinn, Dream Oracles
By Author and film maker Thomas Sheridan

Esoteric wisdom regarding the significance of 3:33am
By Thomas Sheridan


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