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"I grew up in a military family the youngest of 5 children. We traveled the world every 2 years we would pack up and move. We were like gypsies. It made you grow up quickly but I would not have had it any other way. I am here at this time with this planet to assist the civilization to break away from it's enslavement and to free it's consciousness to think for itself and lead itself. To exist in complete harmony to be humble and in complete gratitude. To love ourselves and each other and to VALUE LIFE as the highest value in the UNIVERSE. To create value and build wealth. To expand into the universe and beyond. I am here in complete humbleness and DEEP ETERNAL LOVE to serve you all." - Jared Rand

Jared brings uplifting and enlightening messages in his guided daily meditation to many globally, and has alot to share with the world on disclosure intelligence information. He has amassed over 27 million mediators...