Mass Death At Texas Border: Over 50 Dead Illegals Found Locked In Tractor Trailer At Biden’s Lawless Border –
Alex Jones breaks down how a tractor trailer was found at the Texas border with over 50 illegal immigrants who were locked inside now deceased from the summer heat. Now, the mainstream media is covering up the cartel connection to human trafficking across the border. After appearing on Tucker Carlson's Fox news program, Drew Hernandez joins Alex Jones live via Skype to break down how the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade ruling will influence the American populace, both spiritually and culturally. Wayne Allyn Root hosts the final hour of the Alex Jones Show and publicly challenges radio show host Howard Stern to a debate, a battle of each of their ideas.

Democrat Leaders Threaten NEW Civil War Over Roe v. Wade Decision — Russia Defaults on International Debt While Biden Declares New Pandemic Imminent! -
Alex Jones presents mainstream media news clips where democrat pundits advocate for conflict between Americans with different opinions on abortion in the wake of the Supreme Court's Roe V. Wade ruling. John-Henry Westen of Life Site News joins Alex Jones live via Skype to discuss the Supreme Court's ruling on Roe V. Wade as well as the global elites' plan to wield power over every soul on the planet. After that, Ali Alexander joins Alex Jones live via Skype to discuss cyclical patterns throughout human history and how multiple cycles are converging together now which will come to an end simultaneously in the near future. Gerald Celente of TrendsResearch.com hosts the final hour of the Alex Jones Show and breaks down how Washington D.C. is a mental institution.

Nightmare Bombshell: Children Paraded With Naked Men Through Streets of Seattle — The Pedophiles Are Out of the Closet! -

Emergency Saturday Broadcast! Leftist Mob Attacks Infowars Reporters In Front Of U.S. Supreme Court In D.C.
Alex Jones goes live on this emergency Saturday broadcast to cover current events and check in live with Savanah Hernandez and Drew Hernandez from in front of the U.S. Supreme Court building in D.C.

Bloodthirsty Left Vows Vengeance After SCOTUS Overturns Roe V. Wade -
Alex Jones opens the phone lines and talks with listeners about the Supreme Courts' ruling to overturn Roe V Wade, warning how pro-abortion reactions in the coming weeks and months will influence the midterm elections. Jacob Engels joins Alex Jones live via Skype to break down how the deep state has turned on one of their own: former Dem. candidate for Florida Governor, Andrew Gillum. After that, Judge Joe Brown joins Alex Jones live via Skype to discuss the SCOTUS Roe V Wade ruling, the slow creep of socialism, and the entitlement many Americans feel as a side effect of leftist propaganda. Paul Joseph Watson hosts the final hour of the Alex Jones Show.

Must-See Edition of The Alex Jones Show! -
RED ALERT: the World Health Organization is preparing to announce a new global pandemic and attempt to enforce worldwide mandates such as masks and lockdowns. Alex Jones breaks down how a study has proven that the COVID vaccine is more likely to hurt you than help you, and it could put you in the hospital easier than the coronavirus itself. Also, Alex Jones presents video footage of Fed Chair Powell contradicting the official position of the Biden administration by asserting that inflation was high before the Ukraine war, and he claims it isn't going down any time soon. Jay Dyer of JaysAnalysis.com hosts the final hour of the Alex Jones Show and breaks down the ideology and individuals involved in the hidden luciferian side of the new world order.

Alex Jones Returns! -
Alex Jones finally makes his widely anticipated return to host his syndicated radio and television show. He opens the phone lines for listeners and breaks down the documented evidence behind the authorized release of microplastic nanoparticles into the food and water supply. Later, Leo Zagami joins Alex Jones live via Skype to expose the possible resignation of Pope Francis, the war in Ukraine, and how the appointment of a new pope will converge with the crisis in eastern Europe into an end times scenario. Kate Dalley hosts the final hour of the Alex Jones Show and talks about the reality of unidentified flying objects, suggesting what their true purpose may in fact be.

World War WOKE: Navy Races To Stop “Misgendering” People As DC Scrambles To Disarm Everyday Americans -Owen Shroyer guests hosts for Alex Jones and breaks down the latest woke training within the U.S. military- this time the Navy has prepared a video to explain how incorrect pronouns can accidentally misgender fellow service men and women. He also discusses how Russian President Putin has admitted that he is building the new world order. Wayne Allyn Root hosts the final hour of the Alex Jones Show and exposes Biden's destruction of America.

BREAKING: Supremes Flee DC Ahead of Rulings on Abortion, Gun Rights, More –Reports are pouring in that many of the justices of the highest court in the land have LEFT Washington just before the rulings on the most divisive issues in America are set to release!

Ailing Joe Biden Crashes His Bike While On Regular Weekend Vacation in Delaware, Just Like He Crashed Economy- While Joe Biden crashes his bike on another weekend getaway, media and Democrat operatives are debating how to replace him before the 2024 election and still pull off a win despite the struggling economy and record-high gas and food prices.

Great Reset: Bipartisan Push For Red Flag Gun Laws Grows As Americans Endure Collapsing Economy / Border - Owen Shroyer guest hosts for Alex Jones and breaks down the latest attempts of democrats to destroy the Constitution and the nation itself. Also, Owen Shroyer describes the signs the point to communist China preparing to invade Taiwan- similar to Russia's military operation in Ukraine. Jay Dyer hosts the final hour of the Alex Jones Show and breaks down the mass serial killer conspiracy.

Biden White House In FULL PANIC As Imminent Recession Rocks Everyday Americans –Owen Shroyer guest hosts for Alex Jones to reveal the panic taking place inside Biden's failing administration, but is this financial collapse being instigated on purpose? Alex Jones and Pete Santilli join Owen Shroyer live to break down the illegal acts committed by the January 6th committee that could lead to the ultimate end of their entire rigged show trial. Paul Joseph Watson hosts the final hour.

Biden Admin Robbing Americans As Nation Braces for Energy/Food Crises - Owen Shroyer guest hosts for Alex Jones and breaks down how the Biden administration is destroying the nation's economy and managing a controlled collapse of the food and energy sectors. Rob Dew joins Owen Shroyer live in studio to break down the story behind a drag queen- who has made pedophilic statements- being kicked out of a library full of children by a band of brave patriots. Kate Dalley hosts the final hour of the Alex Jones Show.

Great Reset: Politicians Scramble To Disarm Americans Ahead Of Rigged Economic Collapse - Owen Shroyer guests hosts for Alex Jones and breaks down the latest maneuvers of the globalists' great reset agenda. Alex Jones calls into his show from the road to respond to the corporate sponsored lies force fed to the public from CNN. Roger Stone joins Owen Shroyer live via Skype to refute the latest statements from the Biden administration about the United States' economic status and reminds listeners what the price of gas was under Donald Trump. Wayne Allyn Root hosts the final hour of the Alex Jones Show and details a recent conversation he had with his old friend Donald Trump.

Global Medical Bombshell: Scientists Prove COVID Vaccine Causes Blood Clots Live On Air - Mike Adams brings his microscope to the studio and examines strange rubberband-like tissue removed from cadavers that appear to be engineered to grow inside the body. Also, a doctor who wishes to remain anonymous describes the composition and characteristics of these newly discovered tissue clots that appear in victims of SADS (sudden adult death syndrome). After that, Mike Adams is joined by Richard Hirschman, a mortician who has found an innumerable amount of clots in the blood of cadavers AFTER the COVID vaccine was distributed and administered to the public. Dr. Jane Ruby discusses how these clots are formed by self assembling nanoparticles administered in the COVID vaccines. Gerald Celente hosts the fourth and final hour.

Sunday Live: Shock Videos Show Trannies Grinding For Children In 'Family Friendly' Pride Events Across Country -

EXCLUSIVE: Hollywood-Produced Jan 6 Show Trial Exposes Deep State’s Power Grab to All Americans – Get the truth behind the Dems' sham January 6th hearings! Watch & share

US Politicians Gaining Ground on Gun Grab Laws as Globalists Rig Planet to COLLAPSE from Race Wars, Food Riots, Medical Tyranny – We are in the most volatile times in history! Stay steadfast and DO NOT let tragedy, economic ruin, pandemics and world war convince you into accepting slavery!

INVASION: One of the Largest Migrant Caravans of ALL TIME Nears US as Americans Suffer Under Biden Economy – Massive caravan planning to arrive around time Biden is supposed to end Title 42, amplifying future surges. Today’s LIVE broadcast is loaded with breaking intel on the world’s hottest events that the globalists behind the Great Reset DO NOT want you to know! Watch & share this link to win the infowar!

BREAKING: Dems Scramble to Hide Death of Former Clinton Advisor While Launching MORE Jan 6 Propaganda as Americans AWAKEN to NWO Takeover Ahead of Midterms – The same Democrats who lied about Russian collusion are now lying about the Jan 6 protests and America is NOT buying it! Watch & share this EXPLOSIVE edition of The Alex Jones Show that’s loaded with breaking news the globalists DO NOT want you to hear!

Powerful Globalist Forces Intentionally Launched a Worldwide Financial Collapse! They Must Be Stopped or Humanity Faces a NEW DARK AGE – Over 90% of nations are now under WEF control and have been positioned for monetary and cultural collapse, or what Klaus Schwab calls: The Great Reset! Tune in LIVE and learn how to stop the NWO & save yourself and your family! Today’s LIVE broadcast is loaded with breaking news about Putin’s latest missile rhetoric and what the mass shooting in Nigeria means for Democrats’ gun grab in DC! Do NOT miss this!

Putin Officially Threatens To Nuke Western Cities If NATO Continues Escalation In Ukraine

Globalist Puppet Biden’s Declaration Of War Against The 2nd Amendment Is An ACT OF TREASON, He Must Be Impeached NOW - Alex Jones presents video footage of Biden and other democrats attacking the right of American citizens to bear arms- an open act of treason against the Constitution of the United States- and he calls for the impeachment of the fraudulent 46th President of the United States. Also, Jenna Ellis, legal advisor to Donald Trump, joins Alex Jones live via Skype to discuss 2020 election fraud and Trump's future run for President in 2024. In the fourth and final hour, Jay Dyer of JaysAnalysis.com gives an overview of the once hidden history of Bilderberg and the people who called the meeting into being.
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UN/EU Public Documents CONFIRM That A Secret World Government Agency Is SPRAYING Planet’s Atmosphere With Life-Killing Biocides As Part Of A Terraforming Project Designed To Kill All Life On Earth - Alex Jones breaks down documents that reveal a secret United Nations chemtrail program in Spain which sprayed deadly pesticides over the population to supposedly help fight climate change and COVID-19. Also, Alex Jones presents a video clip from Tucker Carlson's Fox program where he exposes the authoritarian government of Canada under Justin Trudeau. Paul Joseph Watson hosts the fourth and final hour.

End of the World RED ALERT: Russia Threatens Nuclear War After US Transfers Long-Range Missiles to Ukraine While Puppet Biden Announces Plans to Overturn 2nd Amendment with Executive Orders – Today, Alex Jones will release his EXCLUSIVE interview with Mike Tyson that YouTube censors have worked tirelessly to keep from the public… until now! Do NOT miss this! Also, Roger Stone joins the broadcast to respond to the total tyranny of the Sussman verdict and what it means for future Americans who choose to fight for liberty against the embedded globalists in America’s capital.


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