My stream of Vividlope, this is the first part. I like this game a lot, the early 2000s style attracted me.

It's me, TimeLierG, except in SADX! The mod can be found on my Gamebanana.

Don't worry, I'm sure the developer will fix it.

Our first australium in Team Fortress 2, this was on tour 35. I was playing with my husband Wolfie when I received the drop.

I've been doing this after I saw they (343 merchants) had a "take the knee" emote and a BLM flag in Halo MCC. Both leftists public gamertags are "A KingofSpain" and "Captain Grimy".

My countdown for the top ten creepiest RuneScape 2 songs. Music by Jagex.

0:34 - Zamorak Zoo
1:00 - Iban
1:45 - Poison Dreams
2:23 - Troubled
3:08 - Cursed
3:57 - Ice Melody
4:37 - Fear and Loathing
5:42 - Wolf Mountain
6:18 - Sad Meadow
7:10 - Melzar's Maze

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, how to get Maria's theme. Happy almost Halloween!

Anyone know how to trigger this secret?


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Welcome to my Steam profile, my name is Logan "TimeLierG" Eberly, I'm a furry purple fox that likes to create videos and games, draw art, stream older games, love my eternally with me husband Wolfie, and binge read old internet stuff (I love early 2000s internet). If you'd like to know more about my interests check my other stuff!

I have my own site that has boards and threads for video games, art, cosplay, and you can also access my own games there, it too is inspired by early 2000s internet so be prepared for nostalgia. It was made for furries but non-furs are welcome too. You can find it at www.timelierg.com !

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My 2nd Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8-d5kqYibtAgWLVMhkdnQQ

I archive all of my stuff on internet archives, feel free to archive stuff yourself if you want.

My favorite games include RuneScape 2 (2005-2006), Sonic Adventure (Dreamcast), Nights into Dreams, Sonic Gems / Mega Collection, Dark Souls, Team Fortress 2.

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