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The evil Dr. Madbad from Caveman Comics does standup comedy in this cartoon short. He's joined by the time traveling caveman Ug Lug. Will the audience like Ug's or Madbad's jokes the most? Will Ug drive Dr. Madbad crazy? What kind of monster will show up at the end? it's not easy for a mad scientist to do standup comedy.

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This is the official first trailer for the first book in the Caveman Comics graphic novel series, a book that is fun for everyone! The series focuses on the time traveling Ug Lug the Caveman and his family Dr. Ann Lug, formerly Dr. Ann Brainsmart, their son Dug Lug, their robotic dog Oscar, and Claw the Cat who eventually turns into a super duper kung fu ninja master.

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Claw the Kung Fu Cat does his own Ninja Cat Rap with guest parodies of Chuck Norris and a Arnold Terminator in cartoon form. Claw raps, dances, and fights using his martial arts abilities all through the video.

Background music used for Claw's rap song is Road Tripzzz by Ofshane and is found in Youtube's free music Audio Library.

Claw is a character from the Caveman Comics graphic novel series by Tim Frady that is currently on sale at Amazon.

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Lucky Cat is a cartoon character that has nothing but bad luck. In this cartoon he has to fight his TV antenna out in the cold snowy icy weather in order to see a basketball game on TV before it's over. At the same time, Lucky has to deal with his pesky neighbor from across the street named Jed. How many times can a guy, or cat I should say, fall off a roof before he gives up?

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Claw shows off his ninja fighting skills and some of his greatest martial arts moves as he battles street thugs, a mummy, and a surprise guest villain while promoting the make believe Sugar Powered Soda that only ninjas could survive drinking.

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The latest interesting thing in the news this week was PETA's stand on using animal names as insults. Turns out pigs are offended by terms like "dirty pig". This video gets Claw the Kung Fu Cat's take on the matter.

On this cartoon video we explore the type of crazy stunts they did on the Dukes of Hazzard TV show. Also, keep an eye out for the A-team Van and the Knight Rider car you all.

Claw started out life a clumsy country cat that routinely got picked on by bigger dogs until he decided to take action and start training like Rocky. The problem was he wasn't very good at training himself to fight or even training to just build muscles. Lucky for him a wise mouse named Sensei decided to train Claw in the art of Kung Fu!
This story was adapted from the graphic novel Caveman Comics Book Four. Check it out on to see what happened next.-

Ever wonder what to do if you make a ninja angry? Did you ever wonder how many ninjas does it take to change a lightbulb? Think those are silly questions? Well, watch the video for fascinating and possibly silly questions, jokes, and facts about ninjas you never dreamed of before.

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Ug just wants to fish for supper. Is that too much to ask? Maybe, because a shark wants to make him lunch instead.

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No Nos from Space do Patton Movie Parody. Shmowe No No, leader of the No Nos does his best George C. Scott doing his rendition of George S. Patton from the 1970 movie in this clip from the cartoon -

No Nos from Space are the newest funny characters created by Tim Frady author of the Caveman Comics graphic novel series starring Ug Lug.

In this video see the origin of those crazy No Nos alien monsters as they accidentally blow up their planet by leaving the stove on while they were away in their spaceship. The No No's must flee for their lives through a black hole that sends them back in time to the caveman days where dinosaurs roam the Earth. Time travel has never been so silly with these UFO traveling nuts.
These No No's have watched old television broadcasts for decades and no more about our pop culture than we do. Watch Shmowe, the leader, do an impression of George Patton from the 1970 movie and catch Joe No No revert back and forth between TV aliens like Mork from Ork and impressions of Curly from the Three Stooges.

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Expert Ninja Smelly Sam discusses how his ninja gas attack is formulated through the use of mass quantities of chili beans. He will also illustrate how this ninja self-defense or offensive smell move is done while thwarting a school bully without having to raise his hand in self-defense.

For more on Smelly Sam and his ideas on how to be a ninja check out his first hilarious book called, Smelly Sam's How to be a Ninja. It is written by Tim Frady and is sure to be a classic for years to come. - Available at Amazon - You will believe a ninja can be funny.

Tim Frady is the author responsible for the graphic novel series, Caveman Comics.

Ug Lug the Caveman takes on a giant dinosaur. There's cartoon violence and many headaches to come for Ug as he tries to attack the dinosaur with a catapult and then a helicopter. Unfortunately for Ug, the health and fitness guru dinosaur is much too smart for Ug, which isn't saying much considering Ug is...well, Ug.

Ug Lug is the main character from the Caveman Comics graphic novel series which features Ug's future wife and son, his robotic dog Oscar, and his friend, Claw the Kung Fu Ninja Cat, and lots more crazy characters. For more on Caveman Comics and Ug check out which has links directly to Amazon where you can buy Caveman Comics and other books by author Tim Frady.

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This cartoon was created with the use of Cartoon Animator 4 software that was formerly known as Crazy Talk.

This video will show you how to make your very own free Caveman Comics paper airplane. All you need is a printer to print the colorful cartoon characters on a piece of paper and then follow along as you make your plane. For the free paper airplane cartoon printout designs go here

Caveman Comics is a hilarious graphic novel series created by Tim Frady and is on sale at Amazon today!

Caveman Comics Ug Lug confronts a dinosaur during a hunting trip who sounds a little like Arnold and loves talking about bodybuilding. Ug not being the sharpest tool in the shed thinks he can turn the giant dinosaur into supper. Fun and most definitely crazy cartoon created in the spirit of classic cartoon characters of the past.

Caveman Comics is a funny graphic novel series for all ages created by Tim Frady. Check out the website for the entire book list and links to Amazon to buy for yourself. Caveman Comics is in paperback and Kindle. -

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Lucky Cat is never really that lucky. In fact, he is very unlucky so when he bought his new home, he should have really got a home inspection. Now Lucky Cat is experiencing problems with his new house you wouldn't believe in this funny cartoon short.

Lucky Cat is a cartoon cat created by Tim Frady. Lucky Cat has his own line of books at Amazon including books for younger kids on learning the alphabet - and several coloring books -

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Music by Kevin MacLeod "Fast Talkin"

Fast Talkin by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.



Ug Lug the world's funniest caveman from the Caveman Comics graphic novel series in his first cartoon finds himself under attack by a boulder. Get the latest Caveman Comics at Amazon today - Book Four
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