Apparently that big trailer behind didn't matter

chevy truck runs a stop sign. Pulls out in front of both myself and the white Ford pickup truck. I was able to avid collision but the Ford was not so lucky.. Both partys involved was injured

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This is a good example as to how not to merge. i dont have to let merging traffic in. by law merging traffic must yeld to right of way This driver trys to force his way into traffic to save himself .05sec. He fails merisably. miner damage. when confronted his excuse is "i had my blinker on you should have stopped and let me in" well if i do that for everyone ill still be in California. Blinkers dont give you right of way.
Driver was found at fault for failing to yeld to right of way & causing an accedent.

Now I'm sure most people will say "why did you not stop and let him you asshole" and I say to you.
1 merging traffic must yield to right of way
2 thought he was gonna go up the way
3 his merge was sudden. He was deliberately trying to cut in front of me
4 that space was my buffer for incase traffic suddenly stopped and it did
5 you dont know what I'm hauling




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