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Video Course: How To Build a 201 Square Foot AirCrete Tiny House Step-by-Step


Video Course: How to make AirCrete, blocks, and a dome.


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We updated the foaming machine design. The update will be added to the online video courses.

Check out this year's Alternative Building School. Includes a copy of Introduction to AirCrete, off-grid cabin step-by-step and more:

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AirCrete Student Manual:

Introduction to AirCrete Online Video Course:

Complete Off-grid 201 square foot AirCrete tiny house step-by-step - Online Video Course. Learn all the skills to make a functional comfortable home sweet home. Electric, Solar, Plumbing, Foundation, Air-conditioning, Counters, Flooring, Roofing, Water catchment, worm composting flush toilet, and more:

Our AirCrete house workshops are the most complete workshops anywhere! A complete house building course. It takes more than a shell to make a house! It takes systems like water, power, air-conditioning, and more the make a home.

These skills transfer to any type of building too!

Join us, learn life changing skills, make friends and network with like minded people.

Quite a few people are retiring and moving out of the city to downsize into a manageable affordable off-grid home. Others simply decided to not work conventional jobs and life a free lifestyle. Sometimes people just need an affordable way to live on the land.

The resent corona events reminds us all just how fragile our life & economy can be. Even if things don't fall apart now you can still have a Plan-B an vacation home for as little as $26 per square foot.

Terlingua Workshop / Alternative Building School:

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How To Build AirCrete Dome Online Video Course:

STOP, AirCrete May Not Be For You; Survey:

Worskhops for Electric Wiring, Solar, Flush Work Compost Toilet, AirCrete, an more:

AirCrete Alternative building skills survey designed to discover if you are ready to build an alternative house. Sometimes we study online but are still are lacking skills necessary for successfully completing a house. If you have never built a house from start to finish then its possible you overlooked something.

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