Installing a bead board section

Trying to repair the chiming

Tearing out the rest of the sheet rock

Getting more work done on the walls

Time to clean up some of this mess

Trying something new to slow down a bad roof, until i can get it replaced.

Dreary day and dreading the roof

Getting fiberglass in the walls

tearing sheet rock and a drive to the park

House paintin and a friendly kitty

Painting the back wall.

Another busy day painting the porch, and ghost app fun.

I try my favorite ghost hunting app again, and also paint the front porch.

Fun with a paranormal app

Tree trimming and improvements

Trying season style set-up and the beginning of this journey.

First mow on my dads property

picking green beans on a windy day

my ducks a Peking and Indian runner

working on the shack and trying to shore up the walls


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Making a off grid tiny house in a small town, for somemthing to do.