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In this episode of TishTalk, I speak again with historian Matt Ehret to make sense of the turbulent events happening around the world. Matt reviews the root causes of some of the issues including the debt bubble and financial crisis, wars, political incompetence and compares the world today to other significant historical dates in the past. Matthew is the author of the "Untold History of Canada" book series along with the "Clash of the Two Americas" which are must reads. He and his wife Cynthia are co-founders of the Rising Tide Foundation and both prolific Authors.

In this episode of TishTalk, I speak with Peter Taras who is the father of six, a loving husband and a concerned citizen who stepped up and ran for PPC in Niagara Falls Riding. Peter and I discuss the power giving to PMs to appoint unelected officials, the difference between first past the post and proportional representation, the corruption in both the Liberal and Conservative parties that promote parties that work for corporations, lobbies and Big Pharma instead of communities and how the PPC's platform and vision will help protect Canadian rights and improve lives in communities across Canada as the only federal party putting Canada first. www.peoplespartyofcanada.ca

In this episode of TishTalk, I speak again with California based James Roguski about the fight to exit the corrupt WHO. He gives an update on the talks around amendments to the IHR (International Health Regulations) connected to dealing with pandemics and insights into some small wins that have occurred. We discuss current events including the fight to stop the shot and other recent geopolitical developments. If you live in Canada, please sign the petition to exit the who and bring this debate to Ottawa. I would love to take this up if elected to be the next MP of Durham in the upcoming by-election. Follow James on his Substack or screwthewho.com and support me in my by-election campaign at www.patriciaconlin.ca

In this episode of TishTalk, I speak with Shelagh McFarlane (www.shelaw.ca) about her work to uncover the fraud behind municipal governments. We discuss her work with POGG (peace, order & good governance) and how our publicly elected officials are actually working for a private corporation. We review many initiatives being taken by citizens at the local level to untangle the fraud and hold elected officials accountable to the citizens. I will be presenting a 4th time myself at an upcoming town council meeting here in Durham.

In this episode of TishTalk, I speak with Guy Crittenden about the housing crisis. We review the impact of mass unsustainable immigration on the growing homeless population and the unaffordability in rental fees for our youth. We discuss solutions and innovations that are coming in the future that will help many if allowed by municipalities who are being pushed into promoting high density homes and 15 minute cities. Guy is an editor, publisher and researcher as well as a certified Permaculture expert. Listen in to his informative presentation and share with family and friends.

In this episode of TishTalk, I speak with New Yorker Bruce de Torres. Bruce the host of Worldstage on TNT Radio.Live, and author of GOD, SCHOOL, 9/11 AND JFK: The Lies That Are Killing Us and The Truth That Sets Us Free (brucedetorres.com). He is a former actor and entrepreneur who woke up to the nature of reality over a decade ago and has gone down many rabbit holes to find truth. Bruce and I discuss his book, world events and consciousness together in this deep dive conversation.

In this episode of TishTalk, I spoke to Dr. William Makis. Dr. Makis is a Canadian physician and whistle blower who has deep expertise in cancer, radiology, and authored over 100 peer-reviewed publications. Dr. Makis tells an unbelievable story of a medical cartel that has no interest in health or care and will gladly injure or kill millions. His story is sobering for those who are just waking up to the assault on humanity but empowering as it has caused a massive shift away from the Big Pharma model. His own persecution and dedication to the truth will inspire you to step up now.

In this episode of TishTalk, I speak again with Gene Decode. Gene goes over the situation in the Middle East and how forces on both sides are working against the people to fuel a no-win war. He discusses his political, historical, military and spiritual insights and how we can promote peace together for both sides.

In this episode of TishTalk, I speak again with Constitutional lawyer Shawn Buckley (nhppa.org) on the battle to remove natural health supplements from Canadians. We review the multiple attempts by regulators in the past to push natural products into restrictive regulations and fees to bankrupt the industry both in the US and Canada by having them lumped with chemical drugs. Shawn discusses relevant cases of the past and present and talks about the importance of personal responsibility. He urges every Canadian to take peaceful and lawful action to force the withdrawal of Bill C-47 and other gross government overreaches and said doing nothing is the same as being on the wrong side of history in this spiritual battle taking place throughout the world between forces that want to subjugate every man, women and child and those who want us to claim our God given sovereignty and live in peace and prosperity.

In this episode of TishTalk, I spoke with historian Matt Ehret (the Canadian Patriot Review , Rising Tide Foundation , Author of the ‘Untold History of Canada’ book series and Clash of the Two Americas trilogy.
Matt educates us on the many historical influences in the Middle East over recent decades and further back in history. He discusses the dark anti-human forces behind all wars and why they do not want peace with the Abraham Accords isn't profitable to globalists. Matt moves to discuss the history of Germany and how many of their great thinkers and musical geniuses influenced the world until the twentieth century when the rise of Nazism took hold and the Wars destroyed the country and brought the atrocity of the Holocaust. We end with a discussion on how a form Nazism or Fascism has overtaken many Western countries.

In this episode of TishTalk, I speak again with James Roguski on the updates about the International Health Regulation Amendments, the WHO and the Pandemic Treaty, all which will give enormous unprecedented power to this corrupt one world organization. We discuss some the push back and where it is coming from and even update the situation in Canada with positive news. James encouraged everyone to share this video and visit his substack at https://jamesroguski.substack.com/p/worldwide-exit-the-who

In this episode of TishTalk, I speak with Author Donald Lee (What the Hell is going on?) about the Mind War that humanity is waking up to around the world. We cover the 5 tactics of 5th generation war that start with cancel culture to create polarization up until killing. We discuss the Mass Formation and the ways we can protect our mind from the active ways they work using technology and classic brainwashing to keep us in fear and apathy states. We end with some of the content from Donald's new book called "The Way Forward..." to choose a better path forward both individually and collectively focusing on personal power, liberty/responsibility and love.

In this episode of TishTalk, I speak with well-respected Naturopathic doctor Amandha Vollmer (https://yumnaturals.store/) on a range of health topics and hidden truths. We discuss her beliefs about parasites, viruses, detoxifying from heavy metals along with how electro-magnetic pulses are being deployed for good or harmful purposes including healing frequencies, climate warfare and directed mind control. She reviews some ways to become a healthy and sovereign person, withdrawal consent from those who have weaponized healthcare and also some tips for healing and detox.

In This must see episode with Matt Ehret, (Canadian historian, Author and founder of canadianpatriot.org) we go over a brief review of historical forces in China with a deeper discussion into how the role of Confucianism positively impacted it's culture, we discuss historical figure Sun Yat-sen and the level of impoverishment and death that China was subjected during their "century of shame". Matt talks about what Xi Jinping has done to lift China economically and how they are helping Africa and other nations with the Belt and Road Initiative. We briefly touch on many of current Psyops about China including the Chinese police stations, Chinese election interference, Huawei and end with a discussion on what is happening in Taiwan. Please watch and share Matthew's most recent mini documentary with others and visit his site to purchase his many well researched books on history and geopolitics. ⁠https://canadianpatriot.org/2023/07/16/chinese-election-interference-five-eyes-nato-and-the-ugly-truth-of-csis-a-canadian-patriot-film/⁠

In this episode of TishTalk, I review the geopolitical and political news from the world over the past few weeks including; the Republican Primary debate, Colonel Douglas MacGregor on the war in Ukraine, the coup in Niger, BRICS + summit and financial implications for the dollar, Canada's 3 provinces push back on gender ideology, more fear mongering and a personals story on why it is important in this 5GW to respond with love to those who attack or slander us (especially our families).

In this episode of TishTalk, I speak with Will Dove who started the Iron Will report along with strongandfreecanada.org to provide truthful independent media to Canada's freedom movement in 2020. Will and I discuss a range of hot topics including the WHO power grab, the situation in Canada, banking collapses, what happened in Maui Hawaii and the continued assault on our economy, health, freedoms and families. We touch on the nature of the transhumanism agenda and how specific frequencies are being used to target subconscious brain activity in the jabbed according to new research by scientist Dr. Ana Mihalcea.

In this episode of TishTalk, I speak with Dr. Mark Trozzi (drmarktrozzi.org) who has been on the frontlines of the battle to end the medical insanity happening in Canada and around the world. We discuss his experience during the Covid launch, his persecution by OCPS for treating patients with known therpeutics and the many government health policy tragedies that have occurred as a result of the censorship of truth. We review the hard data on the mandated injections and go over strategies to detox and remove spike proteins from the body and discuss ways to fight the WHO power grab and help regain global health sovereignty.

In this Episode of TishTalk, I interview Ted Kuntz, President of Vaccine Choice Canada (www.vaccinechoicecanada.ca), Author, retired psychotherapist and father of a fatally vaccine injured son. In our conversation, we covered the lies used by Big Pharma like "safe and effective" to market untested and unsafe products. We discuss the removal of informed consent, the use of shaming techniques like "anti-vaxxer" to stop open dialogue and slander critical thinkers and the importance of people waking up to natural immunity, integrated and holistic health and taking personal responsibility for their own health decisions starting with the food they eat and the toxins they are exposed to daily. Ted ends on an hopeful note about the future as we discuss a better path forward and some of his current education initiatives at VCC for parents and children.

In this episode of TishTalk, I speak with Jeanette Easton who started an alternative education system called Refound Education (www.refounded.ca). We discuss the damage being done in the government funded education that fuels hate, division and mental illness with ideologies like CRT (Critical Race Theory) and SOGI (sexual orientation and gender identity). We go over the tragic death of Principal, Richard Bilkszto who committed suicide over being called a "white supremacist" for refuting that Canada is a racist country by a student and others tragic consequences of this agenda. At the end we discuss how parents are starting to speak up and push back and how her new company is empowering non-woke teachers to connect with parents who want to exit the current school system and give their children a better education.

In this episode of TishTalk, I speak with brilliant Canadian historian and Author, Matt Ehret (www.canadianpatriot.org) about the forces at play both within Russia and around the world over the past few centuries. We cover Russia's role in the America civil war 1861-1865, the Russian sale of Alaska to USA, how the Russians courage saved many from the Nazis in WWII, Russian leaders who helped fight imperialism and many of the deep state operatives who have tried to weaken and destroy Russia over the centuries. We talk about the Russian spirit and soul along with the depth of writers, scientists who have endured massive struggle and tragedy to preserve Mother Russia. Matt just finished a documentary on the next country we will cover in detail in August-China- and I encourage you to watch and share this with as many people as possible: Chinese Election Interference: Five Eyes, NATO & the Ugly Truth of CSIS

In this episode of TishTalk, I speak with Kelly Anne Wolfe, CEO of The Canadian Democratic Defence Association. We cover a range of controversial topics including her story of repeated police brutality in 2020, her contribution to the freedom movement, her background in civil rights and why Canada today isn't a sovereign nation under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. She discusses her First Nations ancestry and their position on the current tyranny along with her court case and projects to reinstate Canadian Sovereignty.

In this episode of TishTalk, I speak with Canadian Freedom Fighter Steve Jovanovic. We discuss the intense emotional ups and downs of being awake and alone in Canada. We discuss his background before Covid, his experience with helping stop the agenda in schools and the many broken lives and stories we both have heard over the past few years. I give an update of news worldwide as well as some positive developments in getting people to be aware of what is happening.

In this episode of TishTalk, I speak with Constitutional lawyer and President of Natural Health Products Association (NHPPA.org) Shawn Buckley. We discuss how draconian Bill C-47 will negatively impact all holistic health professionals as well as consumers of any supplements or natural products. Shawn, who was also a founding member of the National Citizen's Inquiry (NCI) looking into horrific government overreach and neglect during Covid, has significant experience fighting Health Canada and knowledge in this sector. We discuss the significance of this Bill in creating a complete medical and Big Pharma tyranny along with the WHO pandemic treaty, International Health Regulation changes and the Digital ID/Digital Passport.

In this episode of TishTalk, I speak with one of the world's top electroculture experts from France, Yannick Van Doorne (www.electrocultureandmagnetoculture.com) along with Canadian Angela Durante (www.homesteadhaven.ca). Angela and I speak about her homestead property and how she has grown all her own food on 2 acres for the past few years. Yannick joins us later and reviews different electroculture techniques and designs that he is teaching to farmers in Europe and around the world. We discuss the potential of electroculture to massively increase food abundance.

In this episode of TishTalk, I speak with Peter Merrick, a Canadian Expat living in San Diego, California who is a Trust, Tax and Estate Practitioner and Author of three business textbooks. Peter and I discuss what prompted his decision to leave Canada with his wife and move to San Diego, the draconian changes to income tax that came into effect in Canada in 2017, his observations on Canadian apathy that have created a society of virtue signaling and obedience that are creating massive societal harm. We explore Peter's own spiritual awakening and discuss the recent documentary we both attended by Vera Sharav called "Never Again goes Global" with the implications for what is unfolding today.


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