In this episode of TishTalk, I speak with Pastor Henry Hildebrandt, affectionately called the Rebellious Pastor. We discuss his runs ins and fines during Covid for the crime of keeping his church open along with his message about the importance of speaking out and standing up against government overreach by being good instead of nice. He describes his weeks in Ottawa to support the Freedom Trucker Convoy and the incredible feeling of harmony, love and unity and God that was there each day. We discuss the systematic break-down of society that is being lured down dark destructive paths, the attack on the family, spiritual lessons during this time, the certainty of healing and miracles and a path forward for reconciliation and forgiveness.


In this episode of TishTalk, I speak with former teacher Darryl Mackie to review how the book "Animal Farm" by George Orwell acts as a warning for what is being carried out under the guise of "The Great Reset". Whether you have read the book or not, this deep dive into the common themes of tyranny is not to be missed. We compare the false promises made to the farm animals by the power-hungry corrupt pig Napoleon to the promises made by so called "leaders" during the Covid narrative and reveal startling similarities including lies, twisting false narratives, creating suspicion and using compliance and loyalty rewards to create increasingly dystopic realities. At the end we review the lessons and discuss how to avoid going further down the slippery slope of tyranny. We discuss how and why the animals never took action to stop conditions from becoming worse and what might have changed if they questioned the narrative.
Is the world we live in today actually a "Human Farm" is the obvious question? And if so, who is running our "Human Farm" and are their intentions as sinister as the dictator pig Napoleon in this book? Hope you enjoy this book review. Please comment and share your thoughts.
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In this episode of TishTalk, I return to a previous conversation with financial commentator David Ward. We review recent banking history starting with the creation of the Federal Reserve System. We discuss the relevance of the Glass Steagall Act in 1933 and the creations of 4 Pillars to protect individuals from speculators and why it was ended. . David reviews Bretton Woods, the gold standard and how Nixon created the petro dollar in response to the OPEC oil crisis. David goes over how inflation has continued to rise, discusses the derivative fueled sub-prime mortgage collapse in 2007/2008 and speculate whether a bail-in scenario is possible with our current looming banking crisis. (for those who want to fact check a bail-in, please watch Chairman Martin Gruenberg of FDIC discuss it in a meeting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjN2l4PtcG0 . Finally, we discuss whether NESARA is real, why we must stop CDBCs and review critical banking reforms needed for our future and the importance of working to be money sovereign and debt lean in times ahead.

In this episode of TishTalk, I interview Maxime Bernier, leader of PPC. We discuss why PPC is critical to saving Canada from the radical left communist agenda. We talk about the meltdown of the banks, inflation, taxes and how he would stop this and soaring foods prices. We talk about how Canada used to be a leader in innovation, energy and engineering and how he would reinvest in industry and small business. We discuss the breakdown of our healthcare system, alarming suicide rates among our youth and how PPC is the only federal party that opposed Agenda 2030 and the climate fraud plus more. Great interview.
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In this episode of TishTalk, I speak to Liz Galvin, the mother of a 20 year old who took her own life while at University of Guelph in 2022. We discuss the catastrophic results of the provincial and federal mandates and lockdowns during Covid on kids' mental health. We review the gross mishandling of the situation by Universities and the harm done to our youth who were never at risk. Liz tells the story of her daughter's mental health breakdown in 2020, the lack of care in the healthcare system and the total stonewalling she received from the University when she was trying to get her daughter help for depression after the first lockdowns. We then discuss the alarming trend in suicides in Canada especially for the 15-24 age group and how the Government, University and healthcare system totally failed her daughter Danielle. We review the outrageous salaries being paid to University administrators who enforce only woke policies that actually help no one along with the incredibly high tuition fees being charged for low quality indoctrination not education. We end off with some suggestions to parents who see signs of depression in their children and how to help them avoid any forms of self-harm.
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In this episode of TishTalk, I speak with fellow podcaster Shaun Newman about what has happened in Canada over the past 3 years. We discuss the break-down the political climate in Canada, the many massive serious issues that are calling us to speak out or take action along with and the painful breakdown of relationships and families during the great Covid divide. Shaun and I explore simple practical ways to overcome the feelings of fear or overwhelm to help rebuild communities starting one courageous conversation at a time. We talk about setting goals, getting involved and being part of the solution instead of the problem.

In this episode of TishTalk, I talk to Lori Krajewski about the complexity of true, root-cause healing. Lori hung onto a sense of humor as she stumbled her way through 3 decades of "mystery illness", trauma and personal challenges to find healing and joy again. Through her search for healing, she had to abandon the allopathic mainstream healthcare system which had no answers except pills to make her feel worse. She certified in Biopratique, Mediation, Reiki, and holistic health and has joined forces with health practitioners to promote real healing with her work at The Roots Brand which is a sponsor of this podcast this month. To get 10% off any orders for detox, GI or neurological support, click https://therootbrands.com/TishTalk until February 10, 2023.

In this episode of TishTalk, I speak with Kevin Johnston, host of the Kevin J Johnston show (www.kevinjjohnston.me) who is no stranger to controversy. Kevin ran for Mayor in Mississuaga in 2018 and spent 7 months in a maximum security prison just for having a politically incorrect opinion. He subsequently moved to Alberta and ran for Mayor in Calgary only to face the woke mob again for speaking uncomfortable truths. Kevin has an IN YOUR FACE style that some might not like but gives everyone the straight goods with no sugar coatings. This is a must listen to podcast for anyone who can see the rapid destruction of liberty, health and prosperity in Canada. Kevin delivers an especially powerful message to all those who are doing nothing to stop the train wreck ahead and staying silent as others burn out from all the heavy lifting by a small minority to stop the carnage.

In this episode of TishTalk, I speak with Andrew Lawton. Andrew is a journalist for True North and also hosts The Andrew Lawton show. He recently wrote the bestselling book "The Freedom Convoy-The Inside story of three weeks that shook the world". We discuss the state of affairs in Canada today where many families cannot afford food or the cost of rising gas and energy payments. We cover his visit to Davos recently to cover the WEF meeting and his opinions on how they influence Canadian MPs, the bigger threats to democracy with censorship and why most Conservative MPs are not speaking out against Agenda 2030 and the 17 sustainability goals which largely mirror the Marxist Manifesto in Klaus Swabb's Great Reset book. We cover the Chinese Belt and Road initiative and how Canada can fuel economic growth with similar "national building" infrastructure projects along with many other topics.

In this episode of TishTalk, I speak with a former Police Officer and Co-founder of Police on Guard, Chris Vandenbos. Chris was called to speak out in late 2020 when he saw shameful police brutality during the covid lockdowns. He formed Police on Guard which now has thousands of active members and is a powerful force in ensuring officers serve and protect the people. Chris discusses the importance of educating offers to to honour their Oath to uphold the Constitution of Canada and, to the best of their abilities, preserve the peace, prevent offenses and to discharge other duties as Police Officers faithfully, impartially, and according to law. We discuss the pros and cons of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms put forth by Pierre Elliot Trudeau in 1982 and the article by Will Gairdner which has very valid criticisms of the document to hold government accountable for overreach versus the common law system that is still being used today in Britain. Chris reviews the current legal challenges especially ones by doctors to fight the corrupt College of Physicians and Surgeons. He puts forth a powerful call to action to both every day citizens and to those who are still enforcing vaccine mandates and other totalitarian measures to do the right thing. He offers practical ideas for every Canadian to become educated in the law, take civic and legal action to educate others and stop further assaults on our God given freedoms.

In this episode of TishTalk, I speak with financial commentator and former bond trader, David Ward. We discuss the current debt load of the private banks, the growing issues with the derivative fraud where banks are currently allowed to have 0% or close to it as a reserve system instead of the full reserve where they can only lend what they have assets for on hand. We talk about the threat of the CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) for citizens of every country as this will be implemented with a digital ID, digital health passport and ESG (environmental, social, governance aka social compliance). We review David's list of 10 critical banking reforms that will stop or slow the destruction of the banks and stem the transfer of personal wealth from the majority to a elite group of super wealthy. We close with a short discussion on the legitimacy of the GESARA (Global Economic Security and Recovery Act) which we will debate in our next podcast in January. Feel free to post your questions and comments to ask David in that upcoming podcast.


In this episode of TishTalk, I speak with Lynda Harlos, a mother of a rape and sex trafficking victim. Lynda tells the horrible of story of how her daughter was drugged and then gang raped at a party which led to her becoming pregnant. The stigma of teen pregnancy caused her friends to reject her and she feel into a deep depression. From there a kind person who was at school, starting courting her and eventually became her boyfriend. This person used progressively abusive techniques to cut her off from family and then started to use threats to coerce her into being used by others. She didn't realize she was being sex trafficked until years later after she had escaped and been able to process the physical and emotional trauma. Having been raised in a family of faith, Lynda's daughter broke free of the abuse and has had the incredible courage and strength to come forward with her helped her Mom launch a book and program to educate parents and teens on how easy it is to fall victim to sex traffickers tricks. Lynda has written a book and has a website (www.parentwithpurpose.ca) where she offers parents practical tools and video training to help them parent teens and stay connected so their children do not turn to untrustworthy strangers when they are in distress.

This is a short video of my speech in Peterborough recently highlighting the many areas where people in our country are being harmed by government policies.

• Record suicide rates
• Euthanasia for young old but people cant get safe drugs or get much needed surgeries.
• Doctors who are upholding their Hippocratic oath have their licenses removed for speaking out.
•A government that spends large sums of money as wastefully as possible-Think Arrivecan app-
• Higher taxes and a useless carbon tax
• Wild inflation and food security issues from outrageous fertilizer quotas and other attempts to force buy-outs on productive farmland
• Censorship of dissenting voices-OURS
• bankers promoting a dangerous Digital IDs and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) which have the potential to enslave Canadians and lock them into ESG compliance
• policies that continue to turn our industrial nation with manufacturing and energy jobs to a low paying service economy
• greatly increased government centralized socialistic control over every activity
• federal policies that indoctrinate our youth with woke ideologies and identity politics
• Fraud is being sold as truth with the climate agenda to enforce Agenda 2030

In this episode of TishTalk, I speak with Dr. Akbar Khan, an integrated medical doctor who had his license to practice taken away by a Canadian organization called COPS. This organization is operating above the law and has been acting as government police to enforce strict adherence to government guidelines around all treatments for decades. During covid, Dr. Khan explains how the corruption was brought to light as honest doctors have lost their licenses for speaking out against the covid jabs. Dr. Khan explains how his experience with COPS has proved to be a blessing in disguise as many people are now waking up to the systemic corruption in Big Pharma and many regulatory bodies which is creating a massive increase in demand for holistic treatments and integrated medicine. We discuss the future of integrated medicine and some of the successful therapies he uses in his Wellness clinic including ozone therapy. We also discuss the crisis of ethics and morality, not only in medicine but across Western society which is extending the harm being perpetrated along with ways to take action help stop the medical tyranny especially with the move to implement global health passports.

In this episode of TishTalk, I speak with Sean Kaufman from Georgia US. Sean has multiple degrees and certifications in Public Health and is the CEO of Safer Behaviors, a company that trains scientists in biolab safety protocols. Sean discusses how he woke up to the massive health corruption in 2020, his take on what happened during Covid and why organizations like CDC, NIH, FDA are totally compromised and beyond repair. He reviews the alarming safety data on the covid shots and why so few insiders are speaking out right now. We cover his knowledge of gain of function research being done in the US and other biolabs around the world. Finally, we discuss some very unsafe practices going on under the guise of human health and cover the attempt by WHO to implement a global health passport.

In this episode of TishTalk, I speak with teacher and Christian Darryl Mackie about events unfolding today. We review the book "Return of the gods" by Jonathan Cahn and how important his message is for society today. We go over how throughout history, as society's turn away from God and adopt false gods of worship, they end up suffering and destroying themselves, their families and sacrificing their children. Today, we see comparisons to this book at every turn with companies like Balenciaga, Disney and many others who are pushing a dark woke agenda that included complete annihilation of family, gender and life itself. We review the significance of Moses Ten Commandments and how they like everything else are being subverted by dark forces like the UN and the Climate fanatics who preached the climate commandments on Mount Sinai recently for their new NWO religion. We finish by discussing the belief that returning to God is the only answer and how we can an all make changes in our lives to follow God's law instead of this evil agenda.

In this podcast I speak with Donald Lee about the massive frauds that have been perpetrated on humanity for many many years. We discuss how revealing the truth will impact each person's spiritual journey. We discuss biblical references to guide us all in understanding why such an evil has been allowed to exist on earth and why we need to confront it to grow both individually and for the future of humanity. We discuss important topics including the deception of materialism without love and current events along with practical ideas to stay resilient in this spiritual and real war no matter how long it takes to win.

In this episode of TishTalk, I speak again with historian Matthew Ehret (www.canadianpatriot.org) about the historical influences of the Khazarians with the silk road commerce and the Venetians with maritime commerce. We discuss the secret family empires that have controlled world events throughout the ages and end by a brief discussion into the current influences of China and Russia with the Belt and Road initiative and the BRICS monetary alliance.

In this podcast, I speak with Lisa Eden, an opera singer (www.lisaeden.com) who was severely vaccine injured in the 1990s. She goes over her journey through the medical system after she was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome after receiving travel vaccines. We discuss the horrific treatment she endured when she questioned the safety of the vaccines she received. In time, Lisa found treatments that helped her recover after years of debilitating pain and fatigue from the toxins in the vaccines which damaged her immune system. We discuss how declining the covid jab effectively ended her singing career and why so many artists followed the narrative instead of “safe and effective” without questioning it to preserve their career. We then discuss what she is doing now, her work for Children's Health Defense and to end Lisa sings a powerful song (watch it with the video if you can) to hearten everyone who sees the dark agenda being implemented and is fighting to stop it.

In this podcast, I speak with a young teenage conservative Aiden Mackie (host of the Conservative Roundup Podcast) about a recent event we both attended hosted by Rebel News. We cover the speakers messages including Maxime Bernier, Artur Pawlowski, Tamara Lich, Andrew Lawton and others and discuss the real threats to independent and conservative media in Canada. We cover how teenagers are struggling right now with the woke school agenda and talk about rising levels of teenage despair and suicide. We discuss recently renewed school board efforts to bring back harmful mask mandates while still pushing unsafe shots despite clear warnings, the current strike action and a growing youth conservative movement. We discuss the Canadian political scene and the results of the US election with Trump's reinstatement at Twitter and his announcement to run in 2024.

In this TishTalk Podcast, I speak again with Guy Crittenden who is a writer, truth researcher and freedom fighter. We cover world events including the US election results, Biden investigation, G20 on WHO facilitated global health passports, one world region delivering their NWO ten commandments on Mount Sinai, Canada's MAID and continued injecting of innocent children, Alberta's leadership in pushing back, economy news and recommendations for documentaries, books and actions to stop the agenda.

In this TishTalk episode, I speak with Joseph Bourgault from Saskatchewan. Joseph is a prominent business man who has created hundreds of local jobs. He was also been passionate about helping his community and won numerous awards for his good works including the Order of Merit. Joseph stepped up to run in the Conservative Leadership race but was eliminated for unjustified petty reasons. We discuss Canada's crisis, how to regain our Sovereignty from corrupt organizations like WEF, UN, Davos, WHO and others, the importance of speaking and living the truth, God's will for Canada and more. We also talk about how the West fits into Canada and the role Alberta and Saskatchewan will play in helping lead Canada in a better direction. Finally we discuss Joseph's non-profit www.canadiansfortruth.ca and his future political goals.

In this podcast, I speak with Mark Friesen who is a Canadian Patriot, former Corrections Officer, Small Business Owner and PPC Candidate for Saskatoon. We discuss how to oppose Agenda 2030 and why we all must all contribute fearlessly. We review some recent wins for freedom in New York and the EU and cover the new Premier of Alberta's recent announcements which are inspiring other political leaders. We discuss how to avoid being gripped by fear or obsessed with prepping and taking a balanced approach to avoid burning out or becoming too isolated. We talk about how a focus on maintaining community and strong friendships and how intelligent and persistent resistance will win the fight.

In this podcast of TishTalk, I speak again with incredible historian and patriot Matthew Ehret. Matthew discusses the Imperial and Anti-God influences in both Canada and the US over the past hundred years. We discuss the best of the pro-national leaders in Canada and the US along with the pro-globalist puppets. We review the forces that influenced many of the current political and medical freedom issues that are apparent today for those with eyes to see clearly and touch on the bloodline families that having been running the show for hundreds of years and longer.

In this episode of TishTalk, I speak with Spencer Bautz. Spencer and I met in Ottawa during the Freedom Convoy protest. He and I discuss the atmosphere of joy and unity in Ottawa during the trucker convoy along with the many sad and heart-breaking stories shared by freedom loving people across Canada. We talk about Spencer's work now on his family farm in Saskatchewan along with his new entrepreneurial ventures delivering vitally needed nitrogen to farmers. We dive into the repressive and unfair regulations that are being discussed to impoverish farmers and buy their land and how important it is to ensure all independent farmers are able to survive and prosper for future food security issues.


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