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Leave your nominations below for the two awards for the first ever super awesome Larp of the Year Award Show!

Larper of the Year - Awarded to the individual who has larped the hardest online in the year of 2019. Please leave a larper and your reasons why.

Larp of the Year Award - What was the biggest bullshit pushed in one single larpidty scam? Was it Qanon? Was it the flamethrowing drone at Port Neches? Was it the Douma attack? Was it MSM using a gun range video? Please answer a larp below and why.

We will do a livestream soon on the main channel and for sure on dlive to sort out the nominations. Then next week on my show #STWT we will decide tournament style who wins. Facing each larp and larper off against each other until the audience votes the final winner live on air. It is going to be epic.

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This is the intro video for the 116th #STWT Show!

The song and part of the video is from "Oliver Tree - Cash Machine": https://youtu.be/U1vGosMScjM

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Epstein did not kill himself.

This is dedicated to International Playboy Prince Andrew who can't remember a damn thing.

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