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The ferritin to iron ratio is an under-appreciated but important biomarker for inflammatory diseases of aging. Every biomarker must be viewed as how it represents your health on a continuum. The ferritin to iron ratio is no exception.
High ferritin and low iron is classified as anemia of chronic disease (or inflammation or infection). Your brain and body is brilliant. It knows that iron is critical for cell replication and is particularly important in rapidly dividing / growing cells like viruses, bacteria, and cancer. Thus, your body tosses as much iron as it can into storage - as ferritin - when your body is under attack by infection or cancer (in some ways, cancer is the same as infection).
Knowing where you are on the anemia of chronic disease continuum is IMPORTANT. More importantly, it is very possible to modify your values - once you know them - and become optimal.
I believe that people with an optimal ferritin to iron ratio are less susceptible to: Most chronic diseases, cancer, acute infections, and chronic infectious diseases.

Iodine is a critical nutrient for energy production - through the T4 and T3 hormones from the thyroid. But iodine plays a role in detoxification and as an anti-infective agent. Iodine plays a role at reducing breast cancer, for example, probably due to both actions.

The RDA for iodine intake is quite low. Many functional doctors also recommend low intake of iodine. The reason is a concern about Hashimoto's Thyroiditis.

Basing iodine intake on Hashimoto's that impacts between 1-2% of the population is the tail wagging the dog. That is why we have developed a protocol to help people optimize iodine intake at levels often much higher than dictated by Hashimoto's.

This video explores long-lived cultures and their habits and behaviors that contribute to their long lives. Japanese women, for example, outlive their U.S. counterparts by 7 years. And, U.S. women outlive the men by 6 years. How are the Japanese living so long and so well.

We also explore how to measure your potential for a long and healthy life with biomarkers.


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