Using an old glass bowl to finish a lamp.

I'm going to cut a key using files for my 08 Ford Escape. I got it on Amazon for 20 bucks. Ford dealer told me that they were garbage and wouldn't work. Going to try and program it myself.

Adding a backrest to my motorcycle.

making and adding lowers to my motorcycle.

Changing my dryer door actuator. If your dryer doesn't run when you shut the door this may be why. easy fix.

quick DIY tool or project container.

Testing out Evapo-rust on an old wrench.

timer medication cap battery change.

Two hornets fighting for their space. PLACE YOUR BETS!

My daughter's Dog Balto.

Removing and replacing the seal on my garage door.

My fix for my helmet buffeting.

Changing the shaft drive gear oil on my 07 Suzuki Boulevard c90

Changing the motorcycle grips on my Vulcan 900 classic lt


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