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Was America ever great and if not, what would make it so today? What does God define as greatness?
A great video By Bill Watson of The Church of God International


I recently made a trip to Jekyll Island, GA and while I was there I shot video of the buoy system that leads into St Andrews sound. It's interesting that I was able to capture video and images of almost all of the buoys from about 4' elevation from the water.

Can we prove globe earth with a simple scale model? or is the earth a basically flat plane? Simple observations and simple geometry tell the tale.

This is a scale model of Globe Earth in CAD. JTOLAN'S 1000 MILE VISUAL OF LAKE HURON.. It is very interesting to note that NASA and other groups tell us the diameter/radius of the earth. This model is to 1" = 1 mile scale. You decide for yourself whether he should have been able to see the Lake?

I created a scale model of Earth in my CAD/Drafting program to evaluate JTOLAN'S 760 MILE BAJA FROM TEXAS video. It's a simple model that is mathematically accurate. You can decide for yourself what it actually indicates?

Most People have heard of Pentecost and "Pentecostal" but what is Pentecost and what is it's origins? Informal Bible Study.

Jesus(Yeshua) gave only one sign to the People of his time that he was the Messiah. Why is this sign is ignored by Modern Christianity?

Jacob(Israel) bestowed prophetic blessings on each of his 12 sons as to their place in the "Last Days". He bestowed special blessings to Joseph's 2 sons Ephraim & Manasseh. These incredible prophesies are being fulfilled at this moment. Where is U.S., UK, in End Time Bible Prophesy? Why is Gen 48-49 not preached in the mainstream churches?


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