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Today I provide proof that Jews did sacrifice Christian Children in rituals known as blood libeling.


Today I talk about another lie that the government uses to divide the races of people.

Today I talk about how Barack Obamas presidency was the biggest fraud in history.


Atheist nuts respond to me.

Today I read Bible Verses about Wisdom.



Today I talk about how Hollywood celebrities have sold their souls to the devil and how they signify it.

Today we will talk about if Donald Trump is a Zionist Puppet.

Today I talk about the Mark of the Beast and how he symbolizes himself through everyday things.

Today I talk about Medical vs Recreational Weed

Today I talk about a shooting that happens after Donald Trump declares a national emergency.

Today I talk about how NASA will shoot an asteroid to avoid it hitting earth and how this is part of the deception.

Today I talk about a video made by the Vatican which pushes for a one world religion.

Today we talk about false flags and shooting hoaxes and how gun control is being pushed for a new world order.

Today I read Bible verses about Love.

Today I do a little biography on Saint Valentine.

Today I talk about the origins of St Valentine's day.

Today I talk about who wrote and gave us the Bible.

Today I talk about Capitalism and Socialism.

Today we will talk about what the elite covers up during the 2019 Superbowl.


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