Today we actually generally agree with our topic. We will look at how a group of Reddit users on WallStreetBets played against the hedge funds and won. Will the government bail them out, or will the hedgies lose out. What are our thoughts?


Today we talk about unity, division, and why our country cannot come together. We will look at how people hold such a disdain and think their actions are noble while they may not be.


Today we tackle the debate on the $15 minimum wage. Tom takes the approach that there are too many concerns with the government getting in behind business owners and employees while Tim says that the wage must go up to pay people a wage that is close to livable. Let us know in the comments what you think.

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Today we will talk about the controversy involved in the 2020 Election. Was there cheating or not? Why is there such a debate?

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This is our first show! We didn't talk about an article today, just so you can get to know who we are. In this video, we talked about why the nature verses nurture argument is bunk, and we talked about similarities and differences.


Today we tackle Legalization and Decriminalization looking at the history of substance abuse and some recent votes to overturn classic laws. We will have a debate about our positions and thoughts on the topic.

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Today we debate about Trickle Down Economics, where it all began. We talk about the wealth and poverty crisis, and how things seemed to get bad and how they may be getting worse because of government restrictions.

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