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Richard Dagenais - auteur vedette - Salon du Livre d'Ottawa 2022

Lisa Anna Palmer - Featured Author - Ottawa Book Expo 2022. It's still not too late to apply to become an exhibitor.

Fritzlande Legrande is an amazing Canadian Haitian chef at Ottawa Book Expo / Ottawa Tastes 2022 on August 26 - 28.

You're invited to come to Ottawa Book Expo / Ottawa Tastes 2022 for an amazing celebration of books and food.

Les Pâtés Mademoiselle L qui sont en transition pour devenir Créolement Vôtre:

Nous sommes un prêt-à-manger caribéen spécialisé dans la cuisine haïtienne. Nous offrons des pâtés de qualité supérieure et des boîtes de dégustation gastronomiques.

We are a Caribbean ready-to-eat specializing in Haitian cuisine. We offer high quality patties and gourmet tasting boxes.

Les Pédales Fruitées

Réalisez votre propre smoothie en pédalant tout en vous amusant de manière saine et éco-responsable. Équipé d'un blender, le vélo permet de broyer des fruits en pédalant seulement 30 secondes et de déguster un savoureux smoothie frais.

Make your own pedal powererd smoothie while having fun in a healthy way and being eco-responsible. Equipped with a blender, our bike blender allows you to grind fruits by pedaling only 30 seconds and enjoy a tasty fresh smoothie.

Join our celebration of amazing authors, chefs, artisans and other innovators at the Canadian National Book Exhibition / Ottawa Book Expo 2022 centrally located in Lansdowne Park in downtown Ottawa.

It's not too late to become an exhibitor -

Madame Andrée Décarie a écrit des livres incroyables et est l'une de nos auteurs vedettes au Salon du Livre d'Ottawa 2022, du 26 au 28 août.

Le Salon du Livre est le plus grand salon du livre bilingue au Canada qui réunit des auteurs, des éditeurs, des chefs et des artisans exceptionnels lors d'un fantastique festival de trois jours dans le magnifique parc Lansdowne.

Il n'est pas trop tard pour postuler pour devenir exposant.

Would you like to apply to be one of 40 top restaurants, caterers and other food related establishments at Ottawa Tastes 2022 in the Horticulture Building at Lansdowne Park on Friday, August 26th?

Apply online here today while there are still booth spaces available -

Explore the real cause of global warming and climate change with Elana Freeland on Toronto Business Journal.

Geoengineered Transhumanism by Elana Freeland: -

Chapters and Indigo ebook (Kobo) -

The COLOUR EDITION of Geoengineered Transhumanism is available at

Are you concerned about Global Warming and Climate Change and regard the Green Party as offering a sincere alternative to redressing this issue? Ontario People's Front leader Raymond Samuels challenges the "mainstream" media's presentation of the Green Party as environmental saviours.

Ontario People's Front leader Raymond Samuels criticizes Joel Harden NDP for hypocrisy on social justice issues. Find out what CBC propagandist moderators censored from all-candidates debates.

Ontario People's Front supports the decriminalization of cannabis and not the organized legalization oligopolies of proliferating cannabis store fronts which undermine the quality of urban social spaces.

In this presentation, Ontario People's Front Leader Raymond Samuels discusses 2022 Ontario Election corruption through the manipulation of all-candidates debates in urban ridings using Ottawa-Centre as an example of this practice in action.

Raymond Samuels, leader of the Ontario People's Front presents the speech that ex CBC's Lucy van Oldenbarneveld, who was the moderator, censored at the Glebe Community Centre All-Candidates Debate because it didn't complement a fascist objective.

Dr. J Marvin Herndon discusses the real cause of Global Warming and Climate Change and the related real cause of honey bee depopulation.

In the above video, a Toronto Business Journal journalist provides a tour of Kherson in Russian-occupied Ukraine.

Help support not-for-profit investigative journalism in the Ukraine during the war. Please make a donation here -

In the above video, a Toronto Business Journal journalist provides a tour of Kherson in Russian-occupied Ukraine.

Help support not-for-profit investigative journalism in the Ukraine during the war. Please make a donation here -

Had enough of propaganda pretending to be news?

Toronto Business Journal takes you on a journey into Russian-occupied Ukraine where you'll find no other Canadian journalists. See what's really going on in Russian-occupied Ukraine beyond the front lines.

This video features the Central market and its vicinity in Kherson, the Southern Ukraine. It shows food and household products currently available to the citizens of the city, as well as the way people do their daily chores under the wartime conditions.

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The western "mainstream" media leads us to believe that the whole of the Ukraine is under relentless bombing and siege by Russians.

This restaurant is run by the mayor of Uzhgorod, Ukraine. He organizes a lot of things for refugees.

Uzhgorod is in the western Ukraine.

The restaurant is only for those people who come from cities where hostilities are taking place, this is almost the whole of Ukraine. Products come to us from different countries. From Germany, Poland, France, Austria, Italy and so on. The budget of Ukraine also allocates money for this. People can eat as much as they need.

It's important to know what's really going on beyond a western "mainstream" media narrative.

#Ukraine #Uzhgorod #Ukrainewar

Help support not-for-profit investigative journalism in the Ukraine during the war. Please make a donation here -

Why are supposedly "our leaders" around the globe using coercion tactics to forcibly get us to inject ourselves with a pharmaceutical product called a "vaccine" which is verifiably resulting in mounting destruction of human lives including those of our children?

Dr. Carrie Madej discusses an apparent satanic-inspired non-human / alien agenda to assimilate humankind into control by artificial intelligence and her discovery of apparent alien life forms in the jab.

Explore an apparent transhumanism agenda which entails the introduction of mRNA technology to facilitate the genetic modification of human bodies through DNA for the use of an apparent "alien-cyborg" collective.

Recommended "Human 2.0" references:

PLEASE NOTE - Don't copy this video without our authorized permission. Copyright 2022 by Agora Media.

Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) lawyer Samuel Bachand discusses the unconstitutional activities of the Québec Premier François Legault government during the pandemic and how the JCCF is leading the way to helping to facilitate the affirmation of the integrity of our Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Dr Julie Ponesse provides a revealing look on the pandemic and discusses her bestselling book entitled "My Choice: The Ethical Case Against COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates."

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Explore with Rabbi Michoel Green how vaccine mandates bring back memories of The Holocaust and also violate principles of Jewish ethics and law.

Rabbi Green offers his assistance to people of all religious faiths who are seeking to pursue religious exemptions on the COVID-19 jab.

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It's apparent that the same ultra insiders who seek to cover-up the true intent of so-called COVID-19 "vaccine" have sought to cover-up the 'Mandela Effect'. The idea that the 'Mandela Effect' is about groups of people "mis-remembering" is complete propaganda.

The prevailing pandemic is an orchestrated event in this Controlled "New Earth" which is a product of matrix / simulation designed by various entities.

The humans who experience the Mandela Effect remember the Old / Free Earth and the discrepancies which are observed in this "New Earth" is the Mandela Effect.

Our very special guest Byron provides his insights on the Mandela Effect. He's a QHHT practitioner and his website is


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