He is the best mouser cat we have ever had.

Only two of the seedlings survived being in the ground. The wind was too much for the weaker ones. I call them seedlings; however, nutlings is a funnier term.

First part of this upload shows Puna rainforest before recent lava flows. Then a little more of new lava.

This was a boat ramp direct into the ocean and now just a small pool. Beyond the pool, that big ridge is new land that would have been deep ocean water before. The second part of this upload shows us walking on that same ridge that would be the newest beach in the world. We get excited with anything and everything Madame Pele shows us even when sometimes it is a little frightening.

Dec 2019. We drove up and over several new lava flows. In at least one area the lava piled up to at least 40 feet where the old road was. Places that we remember are now gone. We passed new steam vents in a few places.

Making rich worm casting to add to soil.

US Coast Guard looking for lost fishermen. US Navy aircraft carrier.

Maui white pineapple, cacao seeds and date palm starts.

I think these are white Maui variety.

We have been over 99% successful with the feral eggs. If they sink in cold water they have always been good. Of the floaters, we crack them into a separate container before adding to a recipe just to be sure.

We freeze the fruit and use for smoothies.

Pipinola grow as a vine similar to squash. We use them the same as a potato. I think they are very tasty.

Our neighbors gave us these star fruit. I wish we would have a tree of our own, so I will plant the seeds.

It does seem difficult to keep the jungle slightly under control. This is Ka’u Desert where there is deep soil and (usually) plenty of rain.

Hen and three chicks. We usually have a few turkeys living in or around our yard.

Normally there is a lot more activity here.

First time it has flowered.

These are easy to grow and they produce all year.

Hawai’i island has plenty of feral pigs.

This small avocado tree seems to always have fruit. I feel truly blessed.

Our silver oak lost some branches.

I moved this chameleon before cutting the tree back. When he returned he seemed a bit confused.

Hen showing off her family.

Talking story and picking coffee cherry.

We have yellow and red. If we want to have a large harvest we need to assist with pollination. I think they flower at night so we’ll need to learn pollen collection and storage. I guess they have male and female plants but maybe they are hermaphrodite.


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