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I've had a Dewalt angle grinder with a paddle switch for over 8 years - it's been great. I decided to save a few dollars and purchase the DWE4011 - as soon as I plugged it in it kicked on and damaged my cart because the switch was locked in the on position. After using it a few minutes I repeatedly found I couldn't simply let go of the switch and set it down when I was done (like I do with the paddle switch model) because the grinder was still running - the switch was again locked "on" though I hadn't intended to lock it. The damage an unexpectedly running angle grinder can do in 1 second can cost more than the money saved by buying this less expensive model. Because of the value I put on safety, I can't recommend this model.

Fixing the rusty body mounts Part 1 - 1979 cj5 jeep

Fixing the rusty frame Part 1 - 1979 cj5 jeep

1979 cj5 jeep project intro


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