our True Independence Day as believers


Trump unexpectantly meeting Kim jun Ung

second part in the series on Trump and Iran


Trump meeting Moon in S Korea and Kim jung Ung next, today.

Bildebergs, Trump, LBGTQ, and the pagan Babylonian Mystery Religion, by Todd Kallenbach.


Memorial Day 2019 study, and a review of the importance of Passover, by Todd Kallenbach.


Mother's Day and the Jerusalem from above, the mother of us all....the point of John 3.

Daniel 9, prophecy completed


Trump is the antichrist in the flesh

New moon crescent observed in VA

receiving some of the "hidden manna" as promised by the Messiah, last day of Unleavened Bread 2019


wave sheaf offering 2019 by Todd Kallenbach.


A simple bread offering for Passover 2019

Youl Hebrew Israel nonsense

pops identifying Trump as the antichrist.

The new moon crescent was seen earlier today in Israel and by me and my dad tonight in VA....making today the first day of the first biblical month....Passover will be here in two weeks.

redo edit of part 4 with pops

Dan 9 part 3 032319

a study on Dan 9 part 2, and a discussion by Pops on the Babylonian Mystery Religion.


facebook: /toddkallenbach

Flying the mighty Pilatus 22 out to KMTV

rapture 1

the barley in Israel was NOT found to be in the proper stage of maturity, therefor another intecalary (13th) month will be added this year, moving the Passover into April.

Yoel Halevi video on barley:


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John 6:63