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Bubble Guppies-Big Bad Wolf-We Totally Rock-Fishketball-Legend of Pinkfoot

Play School, 21st April 1964 (the first one ever)

Pop Go The Wiggles

Play School With Benita And John (1987)

Play School - (1991) with Benita Collings and George Spartels

Sesame Street - Telly Monster moves to Sesame Street

Sesame Street - Oscar's grandmother visits

The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland

Big Bird in Japan

Unknown Sesame Street

Play School LIVE educational program

Play School Buses And Trains Thursday educational program

Smurf Fun 02

Smurf Fun 01

Benjamin Bear-A couple of these don't end right, but I know you'll forgive me kids :-)

Smurfs - St Smurf and the Dragon and The Magic Meanie

Smurfs - Astrosmurf and Jokey's Medecine

Bubble Guppies - The Moon Rocks

Bubble Guppies - Grumpfish Special

Pop Go Wiggles

Blinky Saves Grannys Glasses

Little Bear and Father Bear are camping when Little Bear meets a new friend named Cub.

Bear in the Blue House- And to all a Good Night

Blue's Clues-Blue's Favorite Song

Blue's Clues-What Does Blue Need


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Classic educational shows to help a young persons mind grow, and a mothers calmer :-)