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This is life is not a rehearsal, you only have one chance. Take your golden ticket to the best life.

The necessity of the new testament says more about humanity than it does religion

I admit, this is just a few minutes of gloating over the Democrats horrible recent bout of losing and stupidity.

We have chosen a philosophy of death, so it stands to reason we have internal deadness.

Humor gives us an instant snapshot of our deepest inner values.

Art, music, literature and other forms of human expression, why is it lifeless and ugly?

I describe the pivotal issue of our generation, the one that will determine the future of human success and freedom.

How did Hitler take tens of millions of good Christians and turn them into a killing machine?

So many voices on the right are on the wrong side of the Kurd issue. Trump has it exactly right.

Big Tech present western civilization and human freedom with its biggest threat.

Greta and the "Eat The Babies" girl have given us cause to ask, Have We Reached Peak Crazy? I'm afraid to report the answer is NO.

For 60 years the big dog laid quietly in the corner, rarely making itself known. Meanwhile the yippy loser pint-sized dogs have been screwing up society. Now, the big dog is up and everything is changing. #mgtow #mensrights #endfeminism #traditionalfamilies

What is the most powerful emotion... really? I explain so the mystery is lifted. With love understood, you'll be able to make and enjoy more of it. #love #purpose #meaning

Women are under the spell of the Woman Hoax, so they've abandoned ship and left our children to the socialist indoctrination camps. We see the results in today's youth. Only men can save us, I explain how.

I have often mentioned the Mind/Body Connection. I take a few minutes here to flesh out the concept.

Radio used to be great, but now it's a shadow of its former self. Radio didn't die because of a change in the culture or technology, it committed suicide, and it can happen to any business, company or industry.

The leadership role and our two prime values have been destroyed by the woman hoax. I describe it and a pathway to fix the situation in our homes an society.

The Woman Hoax


The old big social media is our enemy. They'll never change. I discuss my new found freedom and what I'm doing to screw with them.

Drugs are bad, but there are many ways to warp the mind and destroy our judgement. With this said, should the government be trusted to step in and stop drugs?

Some questions can get us out in the weeds and this is one of them. I tackle one of the toughest questions facing humanity.

Many questions, some comments and things that will make you go hmmmm

How did Hitler take great, good people and turn them into an evil killing machine? The same ethical flaws in Germany then are in us now. Beware!

How did we get to the point where we destroyed it all, especially our children? This has been a long time coming, and there's been plenty of warning.

Full sensuality is an expansion of what we generally consider to be the usual definition and scope of sex. Values are required for full sexuality, and promiscuity decreases out sexual capacity, deadens emotions and undermines our happiness and ability to love.

Few people go through life without facing the pain and confusion of a breakup. There's no way to avoid all the pain but one can minimize it and move on more quickly with this knowledge.


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Conservative and Patriot philosophy discussed. Some programs are general philosophy, others look at basic concepts as they relate to the news of the day.