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In 2013 Obama was president and going Galt made sense. This was the first video I made for my YouTube Channel. - PS... The thumbnail is the original too!

REWIND PRESENTATION - Understanding the difference between change and growth will make the difference between your life being fulfilling and worth it, or your life is filled with despair.

There are many aspects of life that are important, but none more than this; what does it mean to know thyself?

The destruction of our happiness, personal power and self-esteem are slow and incremental, so we hardly notice it.

The power class destroys love and admiration as a top priority. I discuss why and how they do it. This is a section of my book (audio) with commentary. I think this is one of the most crucial philosophical lessons.

The left is doing all it can to cozy up to the Christians. If you're a Christian, and if you're concerned about the direction our culture is going, this is for you.

Everything is up for grabs. We're in a dangerous time - so dangerous, in fact, that it is the number one factor shaping your life and the lives of all who follow. Yet, most people are unaware of the gravity of the situation. Like all other generations, we're shaped most by when we are... but, do we know when we are?

I first officially rang the bell in October of 2017 after months of warning. Then, in July of 2018 I announced the death of The Drudge Report. Now, I'm seeing my fellow commentators, including Rush, come to the party... two years late. We should have thrown him out of our lives years ago.

I saw where Drudge was going two years ago. I welcome everyone, including Rush to the party, but I saw Drudge losing his way when it first started happening. Remember, Philosophers are usually ahead of the curve because they view events and individuals through the lens of first principles.

The techniques that once gave the spiritual mystics power have been transferred to the new mystics of muscle. When an individual escapes reality they become destructive, incompetent and unhappy - same for societies. The God concept, although a shadow of its former self, remains a caustic, dangerous force militating against human happiness and success.

We live in a world where the line between government and powerful corporations is blurred beyond recognition. Even though most people avoid thinking about this fact, it's crucial we recognize how it hurts everyone, including you!

So many choices in life, but only five options. How your life and this world turns out completely depends on which of these options you, and our society, chooses.

The table is set for a colossal event and you're right in the middle of it. The world can go two ways and the battle will not leave anything unscathed, including you. What's happening, and what can you do?

Soon, this centuries old experiment in human freedom will end with a whimper. I urge you to stand up and that starts with sharing this video.... and for the Republic for which it stands...

Loss of free speech, credit cards and now health care. It's a brave new and very scary world that the liberals are fixing to unleash on conservatives.

History is replete with lefties promising utopia and impossible schemes, but they fail every time. I explain why they do it, why people buy their crap and why their nonsense fails.

Life is a series of stages and that which motivated and animated me toward this work of teaching philosophy is no different. I speak here about how my work and my life is entering a new phase.

Part 2 of 2

In this amazing presentation of history and facts, it's clear that the more one knows about bureaucrats the more one desires to shrink government. PART 1 of 2

Our society is making irresponsibility the norm. This is weakening the individual and will destroy society. Here is how to best protect and strengthen yourself for success and happiness.

So much sadness and despair must end for North American Indians and other indigenous people. For hope, certain things must change and other facts must be faced. I point a way to happiness, love and prosperity for Indians and all struggling populations on the earth today.

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George Washington said, "Government is force". Regardless of how noble the goals may be, a government will grow into a tyrannical monster if it's not kept small and tightly contained.

I have sharpened my focus on the core issue of this culture war.

The news in the last two weeks has been extraordinary, more extraordinary than you could imagine.

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Is it necessary that all empires fall? If the west falls we will have a nuclear, disastrous end. But is it possible that we change our consciousness to one where we succeed and create an upward spiral of endless possibilities?


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