Man with a Camera (1958) "The Warning"
This was the 2nd episode rated 7.2 on 28 votes.

This is from Charles Bronson's Man with a Camera rated 7.5 on 14 votes. Mike Kovac is hired to investigate police corruption.

It could be time to move on. I'm getting a "they need me more than I need them" sort of feeling. With Twitter for shallow morons and Youtube completely gamed, as is Bitchute, this is basically the start of an in the open authoritarian era. The state apparatus couldn't win fair and square. It's a good tell how much cheating they are into. They seem to be on full tilt. It's near impossible to find much of value anymore on the internet. It is truly dead. Fuck Bitchute. I can post shite to my blog. There's nothing here in which to build on. I feel dirty by kind of supporting this place by uploading when it so obviously sucks as bad as any website ever could.

Tonight's episode is actually on Grim Jim. I did a rudimentary search on him and it turns out he is an exposed troll.


I don't talk in this one because deep down I.D.G.A.F. and spoke enough in part one. I don't recall any of my professors apologising for speaking truth to student. I'm not going to either. I am more qualified than most to put into a nutshell wtf is going on and I pretty much did so. Nearly every website is a clown festival. Of course these fools are terrified of Sanders. It couldn't be more obvious. Of course Trump is incompetent. Of course everything is rigged and fake, but I do think we could elect Bernie and it will happen. I don't think things are that rigged and fake, if that makes sense?

This is a movie short in two parts running for 9 minutes 57 seconds. The producer is literally driving the zeitgeist bus predicting and explaining shite fools concede to months and years later. It's referred to as vindication.

It's what everyone wants. It's way too early to debate Bernie versus Donald. Sanders has basically already won the 2020 election. It's like one of those Judge Judy's when if you just keep your yapper shut, it's a cupcake.

This seems to be it for Bitchute. I think by design it is built to fail. It is the 8chan or wtf for video. Where are the other Bern Bots? This website is so dead considering how big it should have exploded. Reddit conspiracy is having a completely fake expansion. There are a million entries on Epstein and they are lightweight at best with a sentence or two. They repealed Smith-Mundt? That makes the Orwellian theory a reality?

My main goal has been to quit Youtube. They finally went too far.

It gets cringeworthy by the end in light of recent events. He crossed the line? I wonder if he got into any trouble for that. Burr was sounding like Hal Turner by the end. Somehow I dgaf about Epstein. It is being forced on society. The Smith-Mundt Act got repealed. This is pure constitutional crisis. Trump is so fucked now. He is acting retarded probably because he deep down doesn't want a second term. Bernie has always had the right attitude health wise to pull this off.

Bill Burr could never have gotten away with this today. He said some very bad things bordering on illegal. There's no need to be an asshole by design which seems to be his schtick or at least keep it classy like a Don Rickles or Letterman could get quite obnoxious. The medium used to mean something, but it's over. McLuhan predicted this mess. The seventies and perhaps up to early eighties was the end.

Everything has been done. It is impossible to be original for medium. The sheer weight of social reality crushes one's capacity to make a change. We seem powerless. I hope Bernie wins. He's the closest thing I've ever seen to a regular guy running. He seems much wiser than Carter. Bernie was on the right side of issues going back decades. He looks fit and ready to go. He'll be the Abe Lincoln in fricken 2250. Trump threw away a lot of votes today. His base is not enough to win it. It's not my fault I have scooped Bernie winning the presidency.

This is the intro with the actual footage starting in part two. There is about 15 minutes of Burr from Philadelphia 2006.

The biggest open secret is that most people on the internet are fake. I've been saying this for over ten years, but now the fakes do, too. That's called circumscribing. That was a phrase from C. Wright Mills. Everything important and true has been solved. Such truths are suppressed. I tried my best, but real authentic true regular guys are not allowed to succeed on so-called free internet. They are quarantined into backwater sewer pits such as Bitchute. Reddit conspiracy is obviously managed by Eglin Air Force Base, but that's not today's topic. Maybe another day I'll cover that.

If you are a teenager or very young in your twenties, think twice about continuing to participate on social media. Even something seemingly innocuous as posting on the NBA will fuck with your heads. The internet is a trap. The reason why you might seem clever at times is because real true people are not allowed. I'm not attacking you due to age and many of those kids posting are probably middle aged turds working out of GCHQ cubicles. This fucker is pure trap.

Correction: I misremembered (sp?) Thurston Howell III as Winston. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Moronic fake journalist claiming it's illegal to read Wikileaks threatened an attack on a regular guy civilian. .... <i>developing</i> <b>oh, the humanity</b>

Beatnik styled comedy/horror directed by Roger Corman rated 6.7

crime/drama rated 7.1 on 13 votes

drama/music rated 6.6 on 236 votes

I tried but wasn't able to squeeze this part into the last video. It's not my fault these people have zero credibility.

Tim Pool is not only easily linked to military-industrial complex asset Cassandra Fairbanks (and quite possibly Brandon Darby), he is also tied to Keith Raniere's cult and add David Icke to the batch through paid fake trash Luke Rudkowski.

It's they, as in them whom created Hal Turner and Alex Jones.

Hal Turner was the mere tip of the iceberg, yet the universe in itself for mind blowing hidden news. That story should have sparked new laws and disclosures. No, it led to repealing the Smith-Mundt Act legalising propaganda?

They won't let me have a sane comment section. I'm not allowed to block obvious Five Eyes Cointelpro in comments. It's either disable the whole section or it's a free for all. It's so fucking exactly what Hal Turner was up to. Vahey needs to get rid of Disqus and let channels have moderating power. This is a huge flaw in Bitchute. This channel will never grow by design. Ugh.

pre-code drama rated 6.2 on 86 votes
this is basically a television station but on the internet

This is my last East Side Kids movie. I always thought they were funny and still do except for Huntz Hall. I don't get how anyone could have thought he was anything other than pure ham; same with Arnold Horshack. It never made sense. Rerun on What's Happening was never funny. There was the guy who replaced Frank Burns. I guess make a top ten list, fake a British accent and ye've got yerself a viral video, laddies.


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