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Here you will find some of Tommy's Original Music , * Mostly Music that has Influenced him and a few Animals....Tommy Loves All Animals, Enjoy the Music & Say Hi !

Tommy Gallagher is not your run of the mill "Dude with a guitar." Left & Right of center, sarcastic, and a bit pissed off, Gallagher breaks the mold of the stereotypical singer/songwriter and instead revels in pushing the envelope by blending the rawness of a Blues Rocker and the softness of a balladeer with the edginess of rock and roll.

Tommy was an original member of Second Generation from 1987 till the bands Last Show in December of '95 & Tribute music night to Jerry Garcia.

Tommy Gallagher's Incredible Friends 2008 -2010 Included all the Personnel listed below

"A New Brain For Arnie" is 100% Improv

5 X Grammy Nominee & Former Bassist for, Spyro Gyra, The Rippingtons, Firefall
Kim Stones Project, { A New Brain For Arnie }

Member from 2009 til Tommy left August 2011 Completely improvised Freeform start to finish.
A Wonderful Band that could take you all over the Universe.

"Nobody Ever Wins The Giant Panda" is our CD if you can find it.
Produced & Mixed By Tommy Gallagher, Kim Stone & Michael Reese.


Kim Stone Bass -> See above
Michael Reese Guitar -> L.A.Music Award Winner
Wayne Hammerstadt -> Guitar Virtuoso Classical & Electric
Bryant Jones Keyboards -> Shakedown Street
Dewey Steele Drums -> Capital Records Sessions
Jimmy Lange B3 -> Wendy Woo BlueRiddum Band
Lenny Campanaro Drums -> Iron Butterfly BadFinger
Tommy Gallagher -> SingerSongWriter Guitar