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I visited the Danish Parliament, I was invited there by the Danish Free Press Society which is a huge privilege and an honour for me personally. A select few in the Danish Parliament got to see my documentary SILENC£D.

This is the reaction of one of those in the audience, a good man, also fighting for freedom of speech, a unique western value.

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Lauren is a survivor of a brutal rape after she had been drugged by a man impersonating a taxi driver.

Lauren, apart from being courageous enough to speak to us (and feature in our latest documentary Plantation 2 - Rise Of The Celts), she's a devoted mother to a wonderful little man, Spencer.

Spencer is severely autistic, and has had hardly any help in his short few years of life.

Tommy and all of us at Urban Scoop have helped her family set up a Give Send Go account, so that good and willing people can help financially towards getting Spencer some much needed help.

As with any survivor we speak to, we are left in awe at their bravery, and their ability to crack on in life despite all of the horrendous things that have happened to them.

Lauren we hope this goes some way to making your life and Spencers life that little bit easier.

God bless you both.

Love Team Urban Scoop!!!! xxxx

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My brand new documentary investigating the migrant crisis in Ireland and its effect on Irish locals, especially women and children who are now living in absolute fear, in the communities they have lived in all of their lives. Mainstream media in Ireland have labelled Irish people daring to question the governments migration and asylum/refugee policies as 'far right', when there has been a sharp increase in sexual violence across the nation.

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Plantation 2 - Rise Of The Celts


Please support our work here -
Plantation 2 - Rise Of The Celts


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Our first promo for our upcoming documentary on the massive influx of migrants which has now become a hot button issue for the women of Ireland, who want to preserve their culture and live in safety with their children, without the constant threat of attack.

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Two years ago I carried out an investigation into allegations of a child rape gang operating in Barrow-In-Furness. A young woman (Ellie Williams) posted horrifying and threatening messages online, allegedly sent to her by abusers, as well as pictures of horrendous injuries, again, allegedly caused by her abusers.

I quickly found out that Ellie Williams was not a reliable source of information as she had accused other men of beating and raping her, accusations that I found to be totally false.

Mo Rammy and Jordan Trengrove were two of the men accused of trafficking her, raping her, and beating her.

The accusations she made were complete lies.

The damage these accusations have caused to these men, their families, and their businesses cannot be downplayed, I wish every one of them the very best for their future as they can finally start to heal and rebuild their lives.

The other worrying aspect of this case is the knock on effect this will have on genuine victims of child sexual exploitation.

The pursuit of truth and justice never stops.


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This is a promo trailer for my soon to be released documentary about allegations of a grooming gang operating in Barrow. As well as another expose of Hope Not Hate lies.

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This is a promo trailer for my soon to be released documentary about allegations of a grooming gang operating in Barrow.

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Tommy and a team of loyalists go into a Balenciaga store on London to expose satanic child abuse which Balenciaga seems to promote after an advertising campaign shown children pictured with sadomasochistic bondage bears and inferences to child pornography and child sacrifice.

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Undoubtedly one of the reasons why there is Jew hatred out there. Here is Barbara Spectre

This despicable video is from The Cut, and anti-white online publication that has no issues at all posting racist anti-white crap like this. Imagine, just for a second if you replaced the word "white" with "black" or "brown", what would the reaction be then? Racism in all of its forms is unacceptable, anti white sentiment is racist!!!

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#TommyRobinson Twitter account @TRobinsonNewEra has been serving time in Twitters anti free speech/anti facts Siberian gulag doing hard labour since 2018, it’s a miracle it’s still alive.

Today I’m asking @elonmusk to #FreeTommysTwitter account.

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Please help me if you can, I know times are really hard right now.

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Candace gives her opinion on what is believed to be an anti-Semitic tweet (according to mainstream media) by Kanye West.

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Telford 3rd of September from 12pm - we will be airing episode 4 of The Rape of Britain, but to do that we need to crowdfund stage, security and screen costs (roughly 10,000 pounds). We need your help for us to get this done, not just for you, but for all the survivors of child sexual exploitation. Please help if you can, a small or large one off donation or a monthly subscription at Urban Scoop.

Thanks to every single one of you who support us, without you we couldn't do this.

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We bring you exposé documentaries that nobody else will.

Because nobody else has the mental fortitude or courage to do it.


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We will be visiting Telford again to air episode 4 of The rape of Britain
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Hope Not Hate, a far left wing organisation (and a registered charity) has destroyed countless lives, repeatedly lied, slandered and defamed anyone who doesn't conform to their world view.

Hope Not Hate manufacture their 'sources' through bribery, blackmail and intimidation.

Hope Not Hate do not care about any 'collateral damage' along the way as long as they get their target.

They have endangered innocent lives and will continue to do so unless you make sure EVERYONE knows about them and their methods.

So, download this video, SHARE IT EVERYWHERE!!!



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