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It's a long one but will give you a true idea of who I am not what the Fake news media say I am.

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Secret recording of British Army bullying and shutting down free speech within its ranks. This is Major Farley of the British Army passing on the message from the Head of the Army. All this to appease Islam! Political correctness is even destroying our Armed forces.

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Protest yesterday against extremism in London. Similar to the policing on the demonstrations to free me, the Met Police tried to provoke trouble. Yesterday this THUG in uniform crossed the line. I have witnessed Far Left and Muslim demonstrations that are violent or where they set fire to poppies with lighter fuel screaming obscenities through the minutes silence and in all instances the Met police did nothing. For some reason the police feel that working-class protests can be met with unprovoked police violence. Did anyone get his number? He should be sacked and prosecuted. #TwoTierPolicing

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We cannot let the Army hang these guys out to dry. They send them away to far off lands to fight and die to give others freedom whilst removing all of their own freedoms back home. How can someone not be allowed to take a photo with another person!

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A moment like this makes it all worth while. Respect lads.

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Still can't get over the support I had when I left the court. All you could hear in the court was the chanting, It was insane. Hope to see you all there again on 23rd October. They will not keep us silent.

We recorded the entire interview on an iPhone so we could wait for them to edit it and lie like they have done for years to show you the true face of the main stream media.

you can complain to Ofcom about this lying journalist and Sky's propaganda here:

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Sky news edited my 1 hour 15 minute interview into an 8 minutes hatchet job.
In the first 61 seconds of that footage Jason Farrell the home editor for Sky News LIED 6 times!! 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥
That means he actually LIED every 10 seconds! Share this and watch the full interview on my Youtube chanel. The media LIE and show you what they want you to see. #EnemyOfThePeople #FakeNews

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Watch this and then watch the 8 minute edit that Jason Farrell and Sky News did of this interview. You will see the media agenda. They show you what they want you to see.

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Maybe I'll see you there ;)

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This week all I've been able to hear is this massive debate on whether I should be allowed in to UKIP or not, and now the party's National Executive Committee are going to take a vote on whether to do the democratic thing and let the members choose if they want to let me in. I love UKIP and I would vote for Gerard Batten who I've interviewed for this channel before. He is the only strong voice on Islam in UK politics right now and I'd love to help anyone else who wants to tackle the same problems I talk about - but the question is, will UKIP do the democratic thing?

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While on my family holiday in Tenerife I was followed by Daily Mail "journalists" who were taking pictures of my family, including my children. So I decided to confront this so called journalist and ask him exactly what made me far right, as always he couldn't answer any of my questions and just kept lying straight to my face!

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Thanks for your support!

Thank you everyone who has supported me, stood by me and believed in me. Today I came home to my children for the first time in two and a half months and I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you.

Thank you to everyone who came and to everyone who supported this event! Links to speakers below.

0:10 Raheem Kassam
4:45 Lord Pearson
10:05 Gerard Batten (UKIP)
29:42 Kevin Carroll
44:08 Joy Villa
53:02 Filip Dewinter (Vlaams Belang)
1:02:43 Geert Wilders (Freedom Party)
1:11:54 Jerome Riviere (Rassemblement National)
1:21:37 Kent Ekeroth (Sweden Democrats)
1:34:46 Congressman Paul Gosar
1:44:49 Donald Trump

Thank you everyone for your support! Tommy is safe and well, in large part thanks to pressure from his friends, international political support and the mass outpouring of voices demanding he be kept safe. But Tommy is still in prison, wrongly convicted and locked away with a too harsh sentence. So we're coming back to London, to the heart of our shambolic, useless government to demand Tommy is freed. And this time we won't be alone. Geert Wilders will be joining us again, and this time he is bringing a host of international friends from America, Sweden, Belgium and others to demand this government Free Tommy Robinson!

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Thank you to Geert Wilders, founder and leader of the Freedom Party in the Netherlands - who headlined the #FreeTommy protest in London and gave an earth shattering speech right at the gates of Downing Street.

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