Tom's Adventures

Food Review. EC Diner in Ellicott City, Md.

Dog Pool Fun

All the pretty flowers.

Strange chemtrrails in the sky.

What's Happening Ahead.

Storms Roll Through

Big Storms

Home Sweet Home


Night Shoot

Majestic Sunrise

Night Shoot at beach

Heading South

A nice brisk afternoon in the woods.

There Back. Check that sky.

Pool day.

Snow in Slo-Motion

Snowy Night

What’s Falling out of the Sky? Snow!

Christmas Lights. Another cool home decorated for Christmas

Christmas Spectacular

Where: 4802 Red Hill Way, Ellicott City
Hours: 5:30–10 p.m. nightly through Dec. 31

Christmas Lights

Christmas Tree Adventure
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Welcome to my channel. I make fun adventure videos and also videos of my daily life. My videos are positive and fun and even educational too.

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