Tom's Adventures


Night Shoot

Majestic Sunrise

Heading South

A nice brisk afternoon in the woods.

There Back. Check that sky.

Pool day.

Snow in Slo-Motion

Snowy Night

What’s Falling out of the Sky? Snow!

Christmas Lights. Another cool home decorated for Christmas

Christmas Spectacular

Where: 4802 Red Hill Way, Ellicott City
Hours: 5:30–10 p.m. nightly through Dec. 31

Christmas Lights

Christmas Tree Adventure
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We're off to see.

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Dog Bath Day. We took Solstice and Thorton for a bath.
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Look at the sky. Chemtrails and the sun doesn't look like the sun.

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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Chemtrails. They are at it again.

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What’s there. Cloudy day. Solstice says hi and amazing video

Quiet Escape

A Cold Day.

Grey Day.

Halloween Night 2019.


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Welcome to my channel. I make fun adventure videos and also videos of my daily life. My videos are positive and fun and even educational too.

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