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Look at the sky. Chemtrails and the sun doesn't look like the sun.

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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Chemtrails. They are at it again.

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What’s there. Cloudy day. Solstice says hi and amazing video

Quiet Escape

A Cold Day.

Grey Day.

Halloween Night 2019.

Chemical smell and possible gas leak. Everything ok after fire dept checked the building.


Food Review Applebee's

Dogfest 2019 A great event for the dogs and lots of cool vendors too.

It’s been awhile

Food Review Squisito Pizza

Food Review Floyd’s Crossroads Pub

Morning Walk. It was a nice one even though the temps where in the mid 90's.

Lightning Strikes.

News Roundup

Blizzard 2016. We haven't had a storm like this since then. Enjoy.

Beach Walk.

Broadway at the Beach.

Food Review Red Buggy Pizza.

Glorious Day.


Goose Pond. A really cool area.


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Welcome to my channel. I make fun adventure videos and also videos of my daily life. My videos are positive and fun and even educational too.

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