What you're seeing is the evolution of scientific fame. The size of the scientists' names are determined by the frequency of their appearance in books published each year between 1850 and 2000. The names are color-coded by the year of their first appearance.

The data comes from Adrian Veres (Harvard) and John Bohannon (Science), the animation is by Jonathan Feinberg (Google).

Full story at:

A series of interviews featuring linguist, philosopher and activist Noam Chomsky done in hand-drawn animation.

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In October 1974 the UK saw the second general election of that year, and resulted in the Labour Party led by Harold Wilson winning an overall majority of just 3 seats.

First shown: 16/10/1974
#GrubStreetJournal #ConquestofDough #CuratingNarratives #ConquestofDough

On the day Spain goes to the polls - and may elect the first socialist government since the civil war
- TV Eye looks at the resistance to democracy within the Spanish Army.
This is a slightly shortened version of the original programme.
First shown: TX 28/10/1982

If you would like to license a clip from this video please e mail:
[email protected]
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In this extract from Thames Televisions 'Crime inc' Racket Prosecutor Victor Herwitz explains how corruption in public office in the 1920's and 30's reached new heights and how vast sums of money originating from organised crime were exchanged in order to buy favour, influence and also to keep their allies in public office.

First shown: 01/08/1984

Exegesis Hermeneutic FLux Capacitor. Eustace Mullens , The Curse of Cannan
Tilbrook starting to hit the news..... after four months.
The Road to Serfdom, Directions from a Blind Man. ( I would not start from here?) Krugman, De-Long, Keen , Varafoukis.) Lietaer and Kreutz, Who He?

Alexandria, Here is the News Grub Street Journal @7.29mins
Still Have faith in the system, Vinnie Doesn't Be Like Vinnie
Facebook’s Libra Consortium is Coming
one is vying to be in the GNU. What Gina Miller started Boris can finish by borrowing The English Democrats Clothes. Judicial review, The remainers first own goal. #Grub Street Journal
Brexit Unentangled.
Honest Government Ad | 2019 Election (Season 1 Finale

With the Common Market and EEC membership referendum looming that asked the electorate - Do you think the United Kingdom should stay in the European Community (the Common Market)?
we hear from Enoch Powell and Labour's Michael Foot who have opposing views on the matter.
First shown: 22/05/1975

Four years ago, a military junta led by General Pinochet overthrew Chile’s democracy and its elected President, Salvador Allende. The coup was followed by mass arrests, torture, murder, imprisonment, exile. Now, four years later, the first filmed report of the scale of Chile’s misery has been smuggled out by ‘THIS WEEK’ reporter Jonathan Dimbleby. Using a tourist camera, he has recorded life in the city and the countryside, for the starving slum—dwellers and for the expropriated peasants.

First shown: 17/11/77
The Slaying of TINA , "She Who must be obeyed". Election 2017 UK.
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Maybe this time

Gruby Smalls Miniaturized frustration flux capacitor

Short for Story App AMP files

For AMP app embed Flux Capacitor fun for the purposes of Hermeneutic exegesis of the Main Stream media lie machine.

Markus Meechan is a criminal. Guilty of posting a YouTube video judged “grossly offensive” and containing menacing, anti-Semitic and racist material. He claims the video was a joke. Others claim, Markus is a Nazi. But what does the prosecution of a YouTube comedian mean for freedom of expression – is a censorious state overstepping the mark? Or are there some things you just shouldn’t joke about?
This BBC Write up for this programme ant the programmes narration is for me Incredibly Biased almost to the point of Parody. The Funny thing is its perfectly serious including the Segment from Alistair McLean ( pronounce McCLean.

BAFTA-nominated filmmaker Dan Murdoch (Britain’s Forgotten Men; KKK: The Fight for White Supremacy) returns with this documentary following Markus as he explores London’s comedy scene, to see what stand-ups can get away with, and why there’s a backlash against ‘edgy’ humour. But along the way Markus’ own motivations and associations are called into question: is his campaign for freedom of speech really genuine?

Nazi Pug is a watershed in UK Freedom of Speech in my own opinion, Also watch this.
writer and comedian Andrew Doyle, formerly co-writer of the spoof TV reporter Jonathan Pie.
Andrew Doyle Hosts a COmedy evening in London which Count Duncula apåpears on and Is I think very funny.
Secret History (TV Series)
The Porn King, the Stripper and the Bent Coppers (1998)
Full Cast & Crew

On the contrary, if anyone had exercised improper influence over the case it had been Moody who had been so keen to protect Frankie the Barber! Even worse, I had heard whispers about the Assistant DPP who had a reputation as a paedophile and regular visitor to a dirty book shop in Spring Street, Paddington, and certainly had attended several of the regular, Friday night film shows screened by the Dirty Squad in their second floor offices at the Yard. p.52 Romeo Spy

See agents for this cast & crew
Directed by
Simon Berthon
Daniel Korn Cast (in credits order)
Nigel Anthony Nigel Anthony ... Himself - Narrator (voice)
Jim Humphreys Jim Humphreys ... Himself
Rusty Gaynor Rusty Gaynor ... Herself (as Rusty Gaynor) (as Rusty Humphreys)
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Paul Condon Paul Condon ... Himself (as Sir Paul Condon)
Derek Cox Derek Cox ... Himself - Former Porn Shop Manager
John Hoddinott John Hoddinott ... Himself - Inspector, Obscene Publications Squad 1972
Anthony Killkerr Anthony Killkerr ... Himself - Detective Sergeant, Obscene Publications Squad 1971
Garry Lloyd Garry Lloyd ... Himself - Times Journalist 1969
Laurie Manifold Laurie Manifold ... Himself - Assistant Editor, Sunday People 1972
John Matthew John Matthew ... Himself - Prosecuting Counsel (as John Matthew QC)
Matt Oliver Matt Oliver ... Himself - Private Investigator (as Major Matt Oliver)
John Smith John Smith ... Himself - Head of Obscene Publications Squad 1972-1976 (as Sir John Smith)
John Symonds John Symonds ... Himself - Ex-Detective Sergeant

On the contrary, if anyone had exercised improper influence over the case it had been Moody who had been so keen to protect Frankie the Barber! Even worse, I had heard whispers about the Assistant DPP who had a reputation as a paedophile and regular visitor to a dirty book shop in Spring Street, Paddington, and certainly had attended several of the regular, Friday night film shows screened by the Dirty Squad in their second-floor offices at the Yard. p.52 Romeo Spy

Don Williams Don Williams ... Himself - Chief Inspector 1972 / Chief Superintendent of A10 1974-1977
Frank Williamson Frank Williamson ... Himself - H.M. Inspector of Constabulary 1967-1972
Produced by
Simon Berthon ... producer
Daniel Korn ... producer Cinematography by
Mike Coles Sound Department
Keith Rodgerson ... sound recordist
In On The Trolley, Wood played a waitress in a restaurant, responding to any order of food with the repetitive phrases "Is it on the trolley?" and "Can you point at it?" This was Wood's personal favourite sketch in the series.

Very Powerful Today Ian, an exceptional discourse on the Issues. #GrubStreetTags
Download here Between Two Ages : America's Role in the Technetronic Era

You mention D Tube, I have found it to be less than worthwhile Bitchute seems better there is also Bittube and I am working on a new platform Grub Street.
Episode 339 – Meet Paul Ehrlich, Pseudoscience Charlatan

“Next plung’d a feeble, but a desp’rate pack,
With each a sickly brother at his back:
Sons of a Day! just buoyant on the flood,
Then number’d with the puppies in the mud.
Ask ye their names? I could as soon disclose
The names of these blind puppies as of those.”(B 305–310)
Pope The Dunciad.

Here is the News, Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) No Ownership of the track ( Buy It here.
Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment

Here Is the News · Electric Light Orchestra


℗ 1981 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

Released on: 1981-08-01

Acoustic Guitar, Background Vocal, Electric Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer, Vocal, Composer, Lyricist, Producer: Jeff Lynne
Background Vocal, Bass Guitar: Kelly Groucutt
Conductor: Rainer Pietsch
Guitar, Piano, Synthesizer: Richard Tandy
Drums, Percussion: Bev Bevan
Mastering Engineer: Joe Gastwirt
Mastering Engineer: Joseph M. Palmaccio

“Next plung’d a feeble, but a desp’rate pack,
With each a sickly brother at his back:
Sons of a Day! just buoyant on the flood,
Then number’d with the puppies in the mud.
Ask ye their names? I could as soon disclose
The names of these blind puppies as of those.”(B 305–310)
Pope The Dunciad.

The Original Chartist Movement

The original Chartists became a mass movement to make 'government' more transparent and accountable to the people. Started in 1836, Chartism lasted until around 1848. The movement got its name from the formal petition, or People’s Charter, it drew up which listed six main Requirements. These were:

1. A vote for all men over 21

2. The secret ballot

3. No property qualification to become an MP

4. Payment for MPs

5. Electoral districts of equal numerical size

6. Annual elections for Parliament

By the imposed ‘democratic’ standards of the day, these were indeed radical proposals and it’s hardly surprising that the powerful and vested interests of the Establishment eventually overcame and dispersed the Chartists and so maintained the status quo.

The Sovereign People's Charter
Today, as the New Chartists – the ‘Chartist’ part now refers to the 1215 Great Charter (Magna Carta) – we, too, have a list of Requirements, and because we are exposing proven and current High Treason and appalling financial fraud within Parliament, the Judiciary and the City of London – not to mention the small matter that we also represent 99% of the people - we will not be overcome or dispersed until the job is done. We are going nowhere until all the injustice, hardship and suffering stops!

Our Seven Requirements in the form of the SovereignPeoplesCharter:

Truth and Common-sense to end tyranny and harm
The Seven Requirements needed for a safe, sovereign, peaceful and prosperous United Kingdom

The Great Charter of 1215 (Magna Carta), protects in perpetuity all our nation’s ancient and unalienable rights, laws and freedoms. However, in recent decades, the absolute supremacy of this Charter has come under unlawful and treasonous attack as never before by a powerful and corporate system of false governance – an outright attack on the very freedoms, security, health and happiness of all of us.

Our elected servants in Parliament – the political class – have effectively created a ‘Government of Occupation’… that is a government which seeks only to serve the vested and corporate interests of the City of London rather than the interests of us, the Sovereign People of the United Kingdom.

The truth and the common-sense solutions needed to fully restore the protection of The Great Charter have now been uncovered. We, the Sovereign People of the United Kingdom, are now pledged to lawfully take back control from those who seek to govern us by use of deception, entrapment, tyranny and outright harm. This can only be achieved by the immediate implementation of the Seven Requirements of the Sovereign People’s Charter.

They are...

The Full Restoration of our ancient and proven Common Law Trial by Jury and Annulment by Jury Constitution that puts us, the people, firmly back in authority over our agenda-driven and self-serving politicians, judges, lawyers and bankers by lawfully removing from them their powers to punish and deceive.
The Creation of Prosperity for all by bringing back debt-free and interest-free Treasury money that’s based on the wealth and labour of our nation – exactly as we did in 1914 with the enormously successful 'Bradbury Pound'.
The Ending of abuse and harm of all children whilst protecting the Common Law rights of parents so as to strengthen the family unit.
The Assurance that we have the Armed Services needed to fully protect the sovereignty of our country from all those wishing us harm, whilst also guaranteeing the operational resources needed for effective and nationwide Community Policing to keep our streets safe.
The Exposure and Removal of the hidden and alien system of 'legalese' governance that controls our judges and court system whilst using outright fraud, deception and entrapment to unlawfully impoverish and constrain the ordinary people of our country.
The Call for a new and democratic Europe of Sovereign Countries to replace the planned European Union Superstate – a fresh European initiative that’s free from the unelected and unaccountable European Commission and the privately-run, debt-creating European Central Bank. Such a Europe would work in harmony on strategic issues such as trade, transport and the environment.
The Guarantee that science is always used for the well-being and advancement of all and not for the profit and greed of the few. This includes the immediate termination of the extremely harmful and dangerous 5G roll-out, Fracking, Geo-engineering and Compulsory Vaccinations.

It’s time to heal and unite our country with truth and common sense – please get involved and alert all your family, friends, and local community to this Charter and what’s behind it. Thank you.

Gatekeepers , Foundations and Democracy.Usefull Idiot School.
rogerglewis Uncategorized February 1, 2019 3 Minutes

Justin Walker
8 hours ago
What a wasted opportunity! I actually talked to Simon on the phone last Friday and told him to ask Carney about the 1914 Bradbury Pound and why Sovereign National Credit should be restored – that is the proven ability of HM Treasury to create, issue and control all the money needed for Britain’s sovereignty, prosperity and happiness. Called M0 at 100%, this is debt-free and interest-free money that is created by the government that is based on our nation’s wealth and labour potential…and it doesn’t lead to inflation. It was a retired Director of the Bank of England who tipped me off back in 2012 about this proven fiscal measure and that it would solve all of Britain’s economic woes. Positive Money knows all about this but has done absolutely nothing. And why does Positive Money never discuss the machinations of the secretive Bank for International Settlements which controls sixty of the world’s central banks including the Bank of England? Sorry, but this meeting was a completely wasted opportunity…especially as the hidden Deep State created the appalling science of Man-made Global Warming. I know this because Aurelio Peccei, the co-founder of the Club of Rome, told me personally back in 1982 that his organisation WAS CREATING A GLOBAL PROBLEM TO FRIGHTEN THE WORLD INTO ACCEPTING GLOBAL GOVERNANCE! And if you don’t believe me, ask Jeremy Corbyn’s brother Piers, a highly respected climatologist. Or Professor David Bellamy who told me bluntly, “it’s all bad science!”. Come on people, please wake up to the scam that the central banking system is and what the hidden and corporate Deep State is doing to all of us to take away our prosperity and ancient freedoms as they head us towards a debt-slavery Orwellian future. Please go to

#OnlyTwoGendersSpecial #DasFeel
As it is rumored that one of the sons of the Maharajah of Bharatpah is planning to murder his father, the concert party are sent to the Maharajah's palace to protect him. It is decided that 'Lofty' the shortest but tubbiest member of the group, will jump out in front of the Maharajah to save him from attack. He does this several times but each is a false scare. Meanwhile the Maharajah thrashes Williams at snooker by cheating.

Presented by Michael Cockerall. A focus on 4 colourful personalities that played various roles in the decade.
The Lost World of the Seventies, part of BBC Two’s current season on the decade, was undeniably focused on the Seventies, but there was little about it that seemed to have been lost.

Michael Cockerell, the veteran BBC documentary-maker who has profiled leaders from Edward Heath to Tony Blair, dug out old film from programmes he’d made 40 years earlier, and added some new interviews, to profile four characters from that era: businessman Sir James Goldsmith, police chief Sir Robert Mark, anti-pornography campaigner Lord Longford and General Walter Walker – a brilliantly “old school” character who recruited a private army to combat an anticipated Marxist coup.

“The Communist Trojan Horse is in our midst with its fellow travellers wriggling their maggoty way inside its belly,” he wrote splendidly in a letter to this newspaper, prompting thousands to support him, including Lord Mountbatten, no less.

The programme had some wonderful old footage to enjoy but little explanation as to why these men’s stories were being retold at this point.

“All four of them lived their lives in primary colours, unlike today’s public figures, who are pastel shaded,” was Cockerill’s rather strained conclusion.

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The power behind Cameron's throne 15 Mar 2011
Dipping back to the Seventies 27 Apr 2012
It was an oddball documentary, best summed up with this pithy phrase: I was totally prepared to be lukewarm about this documentary. Well, the good news was … I was prepared.

You see, we can all do that self-referencing, postmodern thing.
Pre-capture production of Positive money, before the capture, of the organisation by the NGO Green Fascist complex.

George Osborne says that we all must pay more taxes and receive fewer public services. According to the chancellor there is no Plan B for the UK economy - but he's utterly wrong.

We could make one simple spending cut that could make all others unnecessary.

Here's Plan B: cut the benefits to bankers!

Banks are the most heavily subsidised businesses in the world, specially protected by governments. While the money runs out for the rest of us, the largest private banks still thrive. This is because they get the biggest subsidy of them all - the licence to print money.

Hard to believe? Martin Wolf, the Chief Economics Editor at the Financial Times, said it recently: "The essence of the contemporary monetary system is the creation of money, out of nothing, by private banks' often foolish lending..."

You heard that right. Private banks create money out of nothing! Then they loan it to us and ask for interest on top!

If you've ever wondered why the bank buildings around the world soar higher than any palace or spire ever did, you now have the answer.

But the banks don't simply print money using secret printing presses in their basements. They don't have to. Like so many other things these days, printing money has now gone digital. With the popular use of debit cards, electronic fund transfers, and internet banking, only 3% of the money in the UK is now made of paper and metal coins. The other 97% is entirely in computers. Electronic money is convenient for everyone, but it's especially convenient for the private banks, since they own, run, and control the entire digital money system.

And what do they do with this special privilege? Do they channel new money, the blood supply of the nation, towards the things we need like hospitals, schools, universities and public transport?

Not if it doesn't make a profit for them. Instead they use their licence to print money to gamble on the financial markets and pushing house prices out of reach of ordinary people by pumping hundreds of billions of pounds into risky mortgages. This is exactly how the banks caused the financial crisis, and now the rest of us are being asked to pay for it.

George Osborne is essentially asking us to protect the gambling habits of a gang of overpaid paper pushers by raising taxes and slashing public services, both of which hurt the poor more than the rich. If we can't afford to run hospitals and build schools, can we really afford to subsidise the financial industry? Should we have to live with less so the bankers can have more?

This is ludicrous, and it's time to put a stop to it. The private banks can't be trusted to hold the reins to our entire economy.

Instead of cutting vital public services so that bankers can continue to enjoy the high life, we need to take away the bank's power to create money out of nothing. This will stop them from causing yet another financial meltdown and allow us to afford the crucial services that we as a society need.

So join us in sending this message straight to Mr. Osborne: there is a Plan B for the UK economy. Cut the benefits to bankers out, not the things we care about!

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