California Governor Gavin Newsom says that more than 90% of California fires are man-made. He also says they are due to climate change.

The FBI says there is no Democrat election fraud. It didn't take James O'Keefe long to show that the FBI is not doing its job.

The UK Government is quite openly undermining their civilization.

Newspapers have always used the term "science says" to justify their hatred, censorship and bigotry. In this video i discuss the LA Times crocodile tears.

Experts say that we all died in the year 1980 and 2000 and 2013 and 2014 and 2020 and ....

The current news cycle shows how desperate the press and Twitter are becoming about the election.

Dr. Scott Atlas got Fauci to admit there are differences of opinion, and made Fauci squirm to try to keep his indefensible position alive.

Humans did a pretty impressive job polluting the skies in southeast Wyoming today. When arsonists start fires, the California governor calls it "climate change."

At least they aren't burning anything down in this video.

The CDC director claims that masks protect you from viruses, when the CDC's own research shows that they don't. It is apparent that he has another agenda.

CNN doesn't like mostly peaceful protests.

Telling the truth about COVID-19 is a crime under the fascist regime of Boris Johnson. Video from @BreesAnna

Boris Johnson sends his violent thugs in again to attack peaceful protesters who reject UK tyranny.

Tens of thousands of people were gathering to protest tyranny in London today, before the tyrants sent their police thugs in to attack them.

50,000 Christians at the Lincoln Memorial today. No hatred. No violence. No fires. No property destroyed. No police shot. And almost no masks. The difference between Republicans and Democrats.

Kamala believes that the riots, looting and police getting shot are a sign of a healthy democracy.

In Japan, people are required to remain at least six atomic units away from strangers. And crowd size is limited by how hard the police can push.

Joe Biden has a long history of plagiarism. This is one example from the 1988 presidential campaign.

There is something seriously wrong with this person, whoever it is.

The press always says "listen to the science" - but when they have the opportunity, they refuse to listen. What they want are authority figures who will push their agenda.

Toto and Kirye are two tough little dogs, who go places few people have ever seen.

The 2012 London Olympic Games opening ceremony had some familiar imagery, including the stadium dressed up as a virus cell, dancing nurses, a viral epidemic, a Greta Thunberg clone, and a caricature which looks an awful lot like Boris Johnson.

Boulder Colorado did not want to be outdone by Dictator Dan in Melbourne, and has now banned friendship and love for college students.

Life In Democratic American cities,

Seven miles of climate terror, seen in fifteen minutes.


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