The front plates from the Groypmobile got lifted! Dumpster fire bomber update & the importance of locality

Join BC Van Dwelling Groyper in the shop for a bit of news & advice in dealing with normies

BC explains Nietzsche's eternal day concept while having a cozy smoke in the cab of the Groypmobile

BC & T film making Manlet Emperor vintage white grape Groypzo at Ft. Frenly with bantz & instructions

Join BC Van Dwelling Groyper in the back of the Groypmobile to hear about a spate of dumpster fires & his views on mind altering substances

Gm Kings! BCVD gives some updates on current events on this FY Friday Mornin’. Have a great one 😎👊🐸💚

BCVD breaks down relationships in the second instalment of How not to be a millennial

Your host, BC Van Dwelling Groyper, relates his experiences as a millennial in order to help Zoomers not be one 😎👊🐸💚

BCVANDWELLINGGROYPER Broadcasts from the Walmart parking lot of Brooks AB & talks about his day

Wake up with BC Van Dwelling Groyper as he heads out on epic road trip

BCVD warms up the Groypmobile & keeps it light with some impromptu impersonations. It’s Wednesday, BAZOOOOO

BC talks about anecdotal stories pertaining to the Balkan wars of the early 90ies in relation to the simmering conflict, which is the New American Revolution

Your Host BC Van Dwelling Groyper talks about crypto currency & investments in general

BC Van Dwelling Groyper talks about Lester B Pearson, Pierre Elliot Trudeau & his relationship with Fidel ‘Fiel’ Castro

Just a little debrief about last night, and some Honkin’

BC gives legal advice, along with some breaking news & a 4chan update

In honour of Jogger American History Month BC Van Dwelling Groyper regales you with stories about James Brown. Also artwork acknowledgements

The best view of the trip, crossing the north Saskatchewan river via the Highlevel bridge on the LRT

BC Van Dwelling Groyper talks about the aftermath of an eventful Monday & that teamwork makes the dream work

Getting on the Coliseum Station Platform at o’dark thirty

The Great Reset Commute Continues. Churchill Station to Bay Station (Edmonton AB)

The battery in the Groypmobile has died, leaving BC Van Dweller to commute to work on post Covid public transit. Join FREN TALK on this dystopic trip

Ride the LRT from Coliseum on the FREN TALK Great Reset Commute

Join T & myself for Groypzo Cocktail Hour at Ft. Frenly. Take a load off & Cheers

BC Van Dweller talks about the big picture of faith


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Just a channel dedicated to all things FREN related. Proudly hosted by BC VAN DWELLING GROYPER. All Adventures are come by honestly. There is no filter for cozy stories and other renderings 😎👊🐸💚