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BCVD talks about the discovery of secret tunnels under Chabad Lubavitcher HQ in Brooklyn NYC
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Join BC Van Dwelling Groyper for New Years Eve! Theres a tour of the apartment at Fort Frenly as well as the Groyper cocktail of the Day. Catch up with whats been going on and where its going! Sorry for the delay but there were some issues with the edits and the uploading. Thumbnail courtesy of Judge Frog.

BC Van Dwelling Groyper is back! Join the Dweller as he begins a new season of FREN TALK! News & Milkers! Pictures courtesy of BCVD, AI Abby Milkers by , Jap Milkers by

Join the Dweller, formerly known as, BC Van Dwelling Groyper for a post bath rant about the current state of the Israeli Gazan conflict

Join BC for a look at the new set & a glimpse into modernity. Photo of me & Walrus Fren in the River valley. Sorry for the radio silence. Hope your all doing well

BCVD is back for a cozy smoke & some recapping of the weeks news. Stay to the end of the video to see something neat. Thumbnail background stolen from /pol/ 4Chan

Join the Dweller for a brisk walk. Today I’m talking about the Canada/India political dumpster fire & how it’s going, living in the big city east of the Rockies. Let’s Go!

Join BCVD & his coworker for a scenic walk along Edmonton’s Ada Boulevard for a talk about weather related habbenin’s in BC

BC Van Dweller talks about the state of the Canadian housing market bubble & the crisis of 2008. It’s good to be back

Let’s take a W amidst all the chaos in this troubled clown world. The myth of residential schools’ role in native genocide has been debunked in the mainstream media of all places

Listen to BCVD rant about the retarded state of the world in which he is residing in at the moment. Hopefully you all get some lulz

Sorry for the lack of content as of late. BCVD has been extremely busy while dealing with an ear infection. Its just me & my cohost streaming from the back of the Groypmobile. This just is a taste of what I do every Sunday with the one and only Raid Siren! I decided to post the Telegram Show to Bitchute!

Gonzalo Lira is in the news again! BCVD is still at the Lake but feels the need to tell a good story. Let me know what you think actually happened in the comments. Cheers

BCVD has escaped the ghetto & temporarily relocated to a more cozy local to do your FYF update! Nothing fancy just a cozy walk by Pigeon Lake

I’ve been saving up all my pent up vitriol for after pride month. I’m also getting ready to head off to the countryside for some much needed rest. I hope you enjoy the video.

Shout out to Joe The Shropeshire Lad for the news links & video

BC Van Dweller is experimenting with 2 way radios & video editing. Pardon the production value. This update deals with the goings on around Fort Frenly

Join BC Van Dweller for a walk around Edmonton’s glass pyramid conservatory. Talks about the recent arrest of an activist under Ottawa’s new anti terrorism law & other bantz.

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Join BC Van Dweller for a walk around the Brooks Alberta Aqueduct for a chat about the nature of the race riots in France 🇫🇷 & some bantz about Canada Day

Join us for the Sunday Show on Telegram

Join BC Van Dweller as he takes a sunny Saturday afternoon walk down the Avenue of Champions as he explains the batshit crazy happenings that happened in Russia 🇷🇺 over the last 24hours

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Join BC Van Dwelling Groyper on a hike in the rain. News on the Canadian by elections, bantz about Mikey P’s Holocaust debate & other topics

BCVD is taking a stroll through a Globohomo consumer centre in Edmonton Alberta. Check it out!

BC Van Dwelling Groyper gives an update in East End Edmonton on a new device. Hopefully 🤞 the audio quality is poppin’

BC Van Dwelling Groyper is parked in an alley in the City of Champions ready to continue with the updates. Casual observations & some light hearted banter about the recent provincial election among other things

BCVD is on a road trip! This leg has stopped briefly in Southern Alberta, in the city of Lethbridge. I talk briefly about the Okanagan Active Club, about our communitybuilding, the Duhkovors & the Alberta provincial election. I'll be on the move after this video, so stay tuned!

BCVD welcomes you to FREN TALK. The Canadian anarcho tyranny regime is trying to get you to kill yourself by any means necessary. Don't do it, they are faggots. The world is beautiful. Your host is about to embark on another adventure, don't miss it!


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