I had to make a video about talking about the waves of felting going around the interwebs. Take a load off

There's more to life than work. Join the Dweller for another episode of FREN TALK in the cab of the Groypmobile. Updates on special operation Gigachad. Thumbnail courtesy of BlueChickenMan

This video was recorded last Saturday! I've been a busy Groyper. Just another glimpse into the grind that BCVANDWELLINGGROYPER is into

More scenery & the town of Pentiction to the Lower Bench

First Vidya shot on GroPro! Still fucking around with formating. BC Van talks to an old man. Some news, some music & a bit of scenery

Join BC Van Dweller at the Outpost as he explains the opening of Special Operation Giga Chad

BC Van Dwellering Groyper talks about the mis/disinformation game that has been going on for decades. It's a fever dream. Buckle Up

Catch up with the Van Dweller in a motel room by the US border. All about the week that was, and some of the narratives that have come out of it

BC Van Dwelling Groyper makes a relatively sober reflection on the regime's move to institute martial law in order to quell the trucker uprising

Listen to BC Van Dwelling Groyper talk about old crustpunk fags as he sips coconut water & recovers from a nagging cold

Join BCVD as he goes on assignment, talking about the Freedom Convoy Developments & the feels that mark an early spring

BC Van Dwelling Groyper Salutes the Freedom Convoy as it arrives in the capitol of Leafland. Photo by the One & Only, TruckerFren

BC Van Dwelling Groyper talks about a world on the edge of war and what it means to a world in the throes of civil unrest

BCVD is in the cozy chair at the Outpost to talk about some of the pitfalls of modern society & its effects. Sit down and take a load off

Meet up with the Dweller himself in the back of the Groypmobile for the Bluest day of the year. Bantz about Fren Report & the Day

Meet up with the Dweller in the cab of the Groypmobile for a brief recap of a week gone by & a little pep talk

Listen to the cacophony that is BC Van Dwelling Groyper's inner dialogue as he surfs 4chan for lewds & other material inorder to keep the bad thoughts away from his mind

Join BC Van Dwelling Groyper as he drives to work. Commentary & some music for the morning commute

BCVD is rowdy & buzzed off outrage. it's short & sweet

BCVD expands on part 1

BC Van Dwelling Groyper talks about the future & the way life is going for an Internet Bad Man

Just a happy vidya with some updates & some light hearted dunking on femoids

BC Van Dweller recaps Ep.67 with head phones to fix the sound fuckery. All apologies & many thanks to my patient listeners 😎👊🐸💚

BCVD ties the threads together on the Redpill Psyop. The whole affair fuggin’ glows

BC Van Dwelling Groyper talks about the pitfalls of the Redpill MGTOW ‘Manosphere’ & the fallout from the Colorado Shooting related to


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Just a channel dedicated to all things FREN related. Proudly hosted by BC VAN DWELLING GROYPER. All Adventures are come by honestly. There is no filter for cozy stories and other renderings 😎👊🐸💚