BC Van Dwelling Groyper is parked in an alley in the City of Champions ready to continue with the updates. Casual observations & some light hearted banter about the recent provincial election among other things

BCVD is on a road trip! This leg has stopped briefly in Southern Alberta, in the city of Lethbridge. I talk briefly about the Okanagan Active Club, about our communitybuilding, the Duhkovors & the Alberta provincial election. I'll be on the move after this video, so stay tuned!

BCVD welcomes you to FREN TALK. The Canadian anarcho tyranny regime is trying to get you to kill yourself by any means necessary. Don't do it, they are faggots. The world is beautiful. Your host is about to embark on another adventure, don't miss it!

BC Van Dwelling Groyper is giving a run down on the shenanigans of a trio of choice personalities, some of which of I covered before, like Frank Walker from the Silver Report Uncut, T-Pain himself (The Donald) & Evgeny Prigozin of the Wagner PMC

Henlo Kings. There's lot of things habbening rn. Coach Red Pill got pinched in Ukraine by the SBU. I also want to touch on Ukraine's connection to the Aryans of old. I also do a comedy channel on Telegram;

BCVD is back! Talking about May Day, Podcasting & the consequences of Operation Giga Chad, a year later. Also, Steigl brewing, please sponsor my videos. I like your beer & Hitler

BCVD has a case of the whimsy whamsies. Some news updates & a stroll down millennial memory lane

BC Van Dweller has a smoke & a pint while ranting about the fate of Facebook in particular and social media platforms in general. Thumbnail by Bear

Hey! Its BCVD. I'm on the road again. I've been busy IRL, so my uploads will be a little sporadic. This video was recorded on the passed Thursday. The video is about some YouTube gold & the ins & outs of generic E grifting

Join BC Van Dwelling Groyper for an impromptu van tour & update on the week gone by. Bantz pertaining to the Han Dong Chinese interference in Canada aswell!

Bank runs! Military Escalation, & Political Intrigue covered in this update. Also, I will prove I am not capping frfr. Thumbnail stolen from Judge Frog S'mores Cult on Telegram

BC Van Dwelling Groyper is back from a family visit & ready to recap just some of the news headlines that have come to pass

Join BC Van Dwelling Groyper for an update in the going's ons with regard to the property market in BC as well as Chinese interference in the Canadian political system

BCVD talks about how the President of Russia's speech to the nation is both important , unimportant & why

It's Sunday, Laundry Day & BC Van Dwelling Groyper has some time to unload before tonight's episode of the Air Raid Bombshelter Show at 6EST/9PST

We're back! BCVD is in the front of the Groypmobile with a cozy smoke, ready to lay it all out for you. On it goes, this Cozy Thing of Ours

BCVD is back in the van on site in another corner of the Okanagan Valley. I'm tired and sleep deprived but still able to bant. This video was recorded on Wednesday. I had to get back to town to upload it and I will have another video up for tonight. Cheers

BC is headed back out on the road. Time for some habbenin's, time for some bantz. It could be the conclusion to the bluest month of the year

BCVD gives a quick run down of what looks like a Ukrainian shuffle of globalist fuck pigs from various positions around the world.

BC Van Dwelling Groyper is back from the road for a brief news update & some bantz for a week gone by

BCVD talks about the importance of the Brazilian habbening of Jan.8th in the context of the previous similiar habbenings of J6th & the Ottawa Trucker Convoy.

BCVD talks about everybody's favourite Geo Political commentator, Peter Zeihan and the importance of information dissemination. Hope everyone is having a good year so far!

It's recap time for a year gone by. BC Van Dwelling Groyper shares his thoughts about the most memorable events of 2022 and his wishes for the New Year. Stay Cozy & have a great New Year!

BC Van Dwelling Groyper is back! It's the video before the big one, the New Years Eve recap of a year gone by. Stay tuned & see you tomorrow!

BC Van Dwelling Groyper gives a rundown of some of the recent habbenings going on around the world. Hoping you're all having a wonderful Saturday!


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