Not sure who the gentleman is in the forest here but my contact who showed it to me said it's the best explanation for Mandela effect/Retrocausality he's seen and to pay particular attention to the description of Ripples. If new to this subject, it can be mind-boggling and leave you incredulous. But persevere, it's interesting and worth the effort.

Music by Adolph Adam arranged by Denis Agay, from his book The Joy of Christmas. Yorktown Music Press ref YK21194. Electric piano Roland RP501R set to choral accompaniment with bonus cat chorus 😽

Roland RP501R. A couple of two note chords that shrill quite badly.

Three chords in the second half of Schubert waltz in Bflat major that have shrill echo. And scale runs to show the top A that sounds overly loud and echoey.

Roland piano shrill echoing on certain notes and chords. E.g. Bflat below middle C. Deliberate slow and loud playing of start of Schubert Waltz in BFlat major.

This is the second video in the series of three about constructing a raised bed planter box. Using the "lasagne" method, alternating layers of pea straw, garden soil, manure and compost from my own composting bin. A look inside the bin and how it works to produce "black gold!" Hope you find this interesting and instructive if you are new to gardening. You can use single fruit boxes on a deck or balcony if you don't cut out the bases, just make some drainage holes and elevate them a little. Flowers and veg in a small space or where soil is poor.

In three short videos, I will show you how I made an insulated raised garden bed for free. Of course, the materials and plans had to be inspected and approved first by the feline planter box inspectorate. Here is Video 1.

This is the third video in the series of three about constructing a raised bed planter box, filling it and preparing for planting. The cover picture shows the Banksia rose planted with an English lavender (Munstead) in front. I've never been successful growing lavender and I do love it, so fingers crossed this time.

I have a brush-tailed possum living in the roof cavity of the studio outbuilding in my garden. No access to actual roof of studio so that's OK. Previous owners built a little landing shelf and access strip to the finial, so it's been a den for many years. At nightfall, possum emerges, runs along access strip, clambers up the finial, scampers across the studio roof and away into the trees. It's a female, I call her Precious, cos she is! She had a little baby, a real little Poppet (guess what his name was...) who poked his head out trying to get round her for the fruit trimmings I feed each evening. He grew and grew into a hungry teenager and was assertive in coming out first, Mum was struggling to get a look in. So funny to see the roles reversed. I knew he was male because of the copper colouring over his chest and shoulders. He's gone now, hopefully safely to set up home elsewhere, don't like to think of the alternative... Here's Precious having a light breakfast before she sets off; she was waiting for me...

Feeding time for king parrots, sulphur crested cockatoos, wattle birds and rosellas - unfortunately the latter two went AWOL when they saw the camera. Sunflower seeds and rolled oats seem to go down well, along with a small proportion of well-ground wholemeal breadcrumbs. Warning: Flapping birds overhead reminiscent of a certain Alfred Hitchcock movie. Suggest view from behind glass under an open umbrella ☂️.

A Christian hymn dating to 1931, has words by author Eleanor Farjeon inspired by the east Sussex village of Alfriston and set to the traditional Scottish Gaelic melody "Bunessan". Most pianists' performances leave audiences thinking,."They make playing piano look so easy". I don't. It isn't. It's work, repetition, repetition, repetition. Day after day. As you can see, it takes supreme effort and focus to get it right in one take.
Piano: Roland RP 501R set to 7 (strings)
I'll try recording it with choral later, see which sounds better.

My page-turner appears to be following along with the music but proves somewhat of a distraction during recording. Then I completely lost my place. (Cut out that bit! ) Take 2 to follow.

Traditional Christmas carol. Words by Phillips Brooks. There are two melodies for this carol, this is the lesser known and I think more gentle version by Lewis H. Redner. This score is in B flat major from book The Joy of Christmas, arranged for piano by Denes Agay.
Piano: Roland digital RP501R
Settings: Piano 1 Concert Grand /7 choral accompaniment. Ambience Off.
Pianist: TopCat3 Intermediate level (ABRSM/AMEB approx Grade 3-4)

Here we go on a walk outside to see the lights around Radiance's rose garden and running water feature, neither of which you can see's dark now! See the pageant scenes in the upstairs windows and the stable with Baby Jesus a-asleep on the hayy...ğŸŽ¼ğŸŽ¶ğŸŽ¶

Just a short clip to round off the visit. A most beautiful and prized part of Radiance's collection is this mechanical musical organ wall ornament, a 30-year vintage piece that Ted gave to Radiance for her collection on their first Christmas in Australia. He continues to buy her a new piece every year. This year it was the inflatable Santa on a motorcycle (I'm guessing it's a Harley 😉) seen near the rose garden lights at the start of Video 2.

Here I take you on a walk outside to the lights around Radiances's rose garden and running water feature, see the pageant scenes in the upstairs windows and the stable with Baby Jesus a-asleep on the hayyy.

Radiance and Ted put up a Christmas Lights and toy display every year, indoors and out. People come from all over Sydney to their home in North Richmond to view. They have been collecting these working models and lights since they married over 60 years ago in South Africa and have continued their collection since coming to Australia in the mid 1980s and love to share their joy of Christmas with all who visit.

A large, greedy and highly destructive bird found in urban and country areas. Body about the size of my little Siamese cat! A flock of these will strip a farmer's field in minutes. Lemons and oranges are stolen from garden trees and left on the ground with one neat bite missing. Word seems to have got around the "cocky" community that there is a new bird-feeder in town and my king parrots and wattle birds are looking on folornly as this cocky contorts himself acrobatically to reach the sunflower seeds and oats.

King parrots are found on the east coast of Australia. They are friendly and respond well to being fed suitable seed and fruits, porridge oats etc. This one is sheltering from the rain in the birdfeeder as he nibbles his lunch. Males have red heads and chests and females and juveniles are green with red abdomen. They have a piping call.


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