A large, greedy and highly destructive bird found in urban and country areas. Body about the size of my little Siamese cat! A flock of these will strip a farmer's field in minutes. Lemons and oranges are stolen from garden trees and left on the ground with one neat bite missing. Word seems to have got around the "cocky" community that there is a new bird-feeder in town and my king parrots and wattle birds are looking on folornly as this cocky contorts himself acrobatically to reach the sunflower seeds and oats.

King parrots are found on the east coast of Australia. They are friendly and respond well to being fed suitable seed and fruits, porridge oats etc. This one is sheltering from the rain in the birdfeeder as he nibbles his lunch. Males have red heads and chests and females and juveniles are green with red abdomen. They have a piping call.


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Tales of the parrots, possums and pussycats in my life, with maybe some piano, plants and politics.