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Hello there. My name is Tornad0 and I am the founder of the American Monarchist Movement.

What's that you ask?

A nationalist movement which also believes the best form of government to be monarchy. The movement is new, and will become polished and refined with time, but we believe in the values of tradition, ethnic and national pride, service to your fellow man, and loyalty to King and Country. We seek nothing less than complete reform of the current system in favor of a righteous and just Kingdom which serves its citizens and the higher powers guiding the nation. In short, we want to change America from a faceless, multicultural mob of squabbling, angry people with no loyalties into a strong, healthy nation with leaders worth looking up to and things to be proud of besides "diversity and muh freedoms" as many would tell you. We want this to be a real country, not a company, a cabal, or a mob as it's often been compared to.

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